Strangers do not go here

Based on the story Anatoly Roma «Collateral» scenario writers — Vladimir Valutskiy, Pavel Finn directors — Mr. VEHOTKO, Roman Ershov operator — Alexander Chechulina artist — composer Vladimir Kostin — EFREM PODGAITS soundman — Galina LUKINA

Roles performed:

Kosirev — Vladimir Basov (Jr.)

Natasha — LARISSA Guzeeva

Chumakov Yuri Belyaev


Lancers — Sergey Kozyrev

Kolupaev — Sergei Bekhterev

«Lenfilm», 1985

Widescreen, Color. 8 pieces of 2080 m.

…Committed a crime — from the safe fishing farm stolen ninety thousand. In one version of the offender — a repeat offender nicknamed «The Plague» — disappeared into the

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The Zero Theorem.

"This is a mess!" Terry Gilliam so hello. Last EMPIRE met him 15 months ago. Then the director was sitting in London, he directed his still abundant energy to create short films and hoping to revive the body trembling, «Don Quixote.» Now, on a cold morning in November 2012, we found a 72-year-old director in a large Baroque house in the center of Bucharest (the building sold for $ 4 million, although obviously in need of repair). Gilliam is the monitor, which is raised on an old ceramic oven in a small office. Behind his back, staring at us from

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Last order

Dear visitors, will soon end. Pay your bills! For Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright is not a joke, and the plot of the new comedy «The World’s End,» in which the race of pubs suddenly turns into a war with aliens. Getting ready for the premiere of the last part of the trilogy «Three taste cornetto», Pegg, Frost and Wright told us about her life from «dolbanutyh» to «armageddtsa»

In 1993, Wright was a freshman art college in his hometown pool. One morning he woke up after a night of drinking. Keith Moon of The Who beat

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a documentary film




Soviet documentary pay attention to a lot of coverage of economic development and cooperation among the countries of socialism. However, generally, the tape is short. Because, of course, a significant event was the release of the big screen full-length documentary «The powerful force of the Commonwealth» (Scenario E. Kozyrev, director A. Opryshko operators V. Baikov and Nikonov, CSDF). He tells about the activities of the CMEA.

It is noteworthy that the film created in the year of the 35th anniversary of the organization after the meeting of the Economic — CMEA summit in Moscow. This is

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SEPTEMBER 19 release of the film in theaters Claire Denis «Glorious Bastards» With Chiara Mastroianni in the lead role. THEREFORE Chiara talk to GQ about male hands. Shy and violence.

1. Claire Denis

Claire Denis amazing. It’s a little blond angel, which is hidden inside the bulldozer, Robocop. I’ve always been a fan of it. When in 1990 I saw her film «To hell with death» with Alex Deskasom he completely shook me. And becoming an actress, I always hoped that someday I could work with her. But when we finally met in 2001, I was ashamed and did

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Vincenzo Natali.

Were there any special reason to put the protagonists in the 80s but not understood the need to give them a look, «Groundhog Day»?

I grew up in the 80s. We are the same age with the heroine. It was great to go back in time, at least within the film.

That is, all these details robe like Siouxsie and the Banshees and Ankh in the ear, you can say private?

Have you noticed the ankh? Great! Well, in general, yes, it was a fun time.

Are there any examples of the genre that you review before the shooting?


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Opened the third International Festival of Christian movies

"Magnificat" — the first and perhaps the only festival in Belarus, which begins vigil in the presence of all the participants.So it was now in the village on Udzieła Glybochchyne, which has become the informal capital of the Film Forum. This year it involved 43 papers from 14 countries. This is three times more than the first, said the chairman of the festival, filmmaker Yuri Hurulyou:"So much of how many have applied this year, we have to This time was not. And the most important thing — I’m responsible for it as the creator — we did not have such

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Gallery Ada defeated at the festival in France

Our reporter phoned Sovereign Kolas France almost few minutes after the announcement of the results: "It superperamoga just fantastic. Could not yet fully withdraw from the announcements, but it is Actually simply indescribable — so much of so many very decent opponents … Initially, 10 of the best I entered and eventually won the main prize … It again I say, just fantastic … "Correspondent"The prize has some special title?"Kolos: "No, there are no nominations no, just the main prize …"In September Ribbon "Gallery Ada" has already won in the category of "national character" during the TV festival "Golden Tambourine"

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First Stinger

President Reagan thought: now that Russia got bogged down in Afghanistan — it is necessary. United States began intensively to help the Mujahideen. Our soldiers in the Afghan mountains had to take the first call.

Meltanayskoe Gorge

"In January 1987 the first major Evgeny Sergeev was deputy commander for combat training 186 th of a separate group of special purpose GRU. But in Afghanistan squad was called to mask simple: the 7th Battalion. Engaged interception dushman caravans. A senior lieutenant Vladimir Kovtun — Commander of the most effective. Sergeyev has long planned to ambush the reach Meltanayskom Gorge, a

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Cold quarter. Online

This film tells about the secrets of the Tibetan monks and yogis Petersburg. Physiologist Rinad Minvaleev from St. Petersburg, enthusiastic yoga, made cold object of his research. Another researcher, cold, Colonel Vladimir Grebyonkin — tanker, the athlete skydiver and a great skier — for 39 years was in a military hospital with a severe diagnosis. In desperation, reached into the hole …

Having cured himself was meticulously delve into the mysteries of the body, so much so that soon the material already accumulated for her doctoral thesis in biology.

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