Eighty million years on land or problems herbivores.

On the problem of power first tetrapods noticed Philip Anderson, an evolutionary paleobiologist from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst, USA). Together with his colleagues, Matthew Friedman of the University of Oxford and Marcello Ruta of the University of Lincoln (UK), he analyzed the jaw representatives of 89 genera of fossil vertebrates that lived on the Devonian (416 million years ago) to the Early Permian (295 million years ago). It was in this period were formed joints and limbs of tetrapods belt and separated from amphibians amniotes (reptiles, mammals and birds). Among the fossils studied the so-called four-legged fish Acanthostega,

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Destroyer savetskastsi ideologue and imperial

In Moscow, a 90-year life lost writer, Nobel laureate.Alexander SolzhenitsynPhoto GallerySolzhenitsyn reads ending story "One day of Ivan Denisovich": Compassion family of Alexander Solzhenitsyn The heads of the leading countries of the world, including the presidents of the U.S. and France — and George Bush. Nicolas Sarkozy Compassion widow and sons writer expressed prezdeynt of, Dmitry Medvedevmany well-known public figures. Solzhenitsyn will be buried on August 6 at the cemetery of the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow."Solzhenitsyn said first truth about the Russian system"Grodno say that reading of Solzhenitsyn and what they remember of the writer.

V.Neklyaev "Russian patriot, statesman,

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Last majestic Frenchman

He is called "the last stately French" on their own historical role in the XX century necessarily associate with Churchill and Roosevelt. Having lived a long life of eighty-year, and he deserved the truth these reviews. Charles de Gaulle was for the people of their own country emblem of patriotism and the struggle against Nazism, the revival of the Free French and the founding father of modern French country. And when, in 2005-2006, was conducted television competition "The Great Frenchman of all time ", no one hesitated in the final result: as expected, implicitly won Charles de Gaulle airport.


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First serial F-35 entered the United States Air Force

The American company Lockheed Martin gave the U.S. Air Force First serial fighter F-35 Lightning II. According to Flightglobal, plane numbered AF-7 will be based at Edwards AFB (CA). The aircraft was delivered 10 years after the signing of the contract with Lockheed Martin its creation and delivery of 1,763 units F-35 the Air Force. Fighter, is in development, the troops put up taking it on board. In accordance with the plans, the U.S. Air Force should adopt the first squadron of F-35 in the years 2017-2018. was planned to perform until the end of 2016

At Edwards

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First Russian strike UAV can join the army in 2014

First Russian impact unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus will be adopted by the army of the Russian Federation at the end of 2014, reports RIA announcements. This was stated by a senior military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

Earlier First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov said that tests the impact of the first Russian UAV will start first 2014.

"St. Petersburg group of companies" Transas "tasked to develop a test shock first drone 2014 year, so that this aircraft apparatus was adopted at the end of the same year, "- said the source.

He said that the mass of the

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First military Ka-226

Presumably, First helicopter Ka-226 built by JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise" under contract with the Ministry of Defense. Authorship, dating and a clear place (apparently Moscow) were not found. Clarifications are welcome.

First Soviet helicopter — Omega

For the first time the real preconditions for the transition from the earlier experimental modeling of helicopters to the construction of a reasoned purpose machines appeared in the late 30-ies of XX century. Develop similar technologies and Russian Union but at the barrier to the introduction of thoughts built helicopters stood majestic Russian war, which had brought adjustments not only in the social life of the country, and in the development of science and, namely, the helicopter industry. But still, despite the very difficult situation in the country, Dr. B.N.Yurev managed to organize the first special company, the main purpose

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1st Global. Funny inventions

Inventions are made at the front of a good life is not — or not yet forgotten rear inventors and designers to invent that or other useful thing before the war, we have to take up the case by the fighters. Well, in the rear of time hostilities engineering idea, too, pounding the — war engine of progress. In the end, the light appears numerous noteworthy devices and projects. Most of them are fully operational, some even ahead of their time, and some — refer to the level of curiosities. But they all fall to the pages of the military

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  First preparation step for coastal infrastructure based on Sevflote nuclear submarines of Project 955 strategic focus (code «Northwind») runs during the second week of January. This was said today ITAR-TASS official dealer of the Russian Navy.   «In real time Spetsstroy RF is the final phase of work on the creation of criterion-based submarines, which is given transmission infrastructure cooked-up» — he said.   Coupled with the fact the representative of the Navy at the end of the work area on the beautification (landscaping, construction paving walkways, etc.) and some seasonal work, does not affect the operation of infrastructure

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  Sergei Astafev. Congo purchase several lots of special vehicles «Tiger» production Arzamas Machine Building Plant (AMZ, Nizhny Novgorod region, comes in the Military Industrial Company, MIC) for its own Ministry of Interior, said the MIC.   «They signed the first contract and the first game,» Tigers » already preparing to send to the African continent. In line to sign a new contract with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of the Congo. This is the second African country, where they will carry their service Russian «Tigers» — said in a statement.   MIC is not representative referred

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