Influenza: Methods of protection

It is no secret that during the epidemic of influenza virus infection occurs mainly in urban transport. During rush hour, and healthy, who are hurrying to work and patients are very close to each other. Necessarily anyone will blow your nose near you, or even sneeze and cough onwhole salon. No wonder, if after a few days you will feel that flu and got to you.

Some people think that to avoid infection is almost impossible. But this is not the case. Here are some useful tips on how to reduce the risk of infection in public transport

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Toothpaste protects against colds

In recent years, dentists are increasingly focused on the problems of oral health and prevention of periodontal disease — the tissues surrounding the tooth and holding it in the gums. Periodontal disease — it does not decay, which will cure any dentist for a maximum of one or two visits, everything is much more complicated and serious. And, unfortunately, the disease Periodontal there are no less than the infamous tooth decay. According to the report of a WHO Scientific Group (1990), which were collected by a survey of the population in more than 50 countries, the high level of

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Shifting virus

In the world there are many laboratories are constantly replenished arsenal of vaccines and medicines. VirusInfluenza is among the most studied pathogens of infectious diseases. However, no year is complete without an epidemic of this infection, and once every few decades, as at present, the spread of flu is becoming a pandemic.

Virus Influenza is unique among infectious diseases because of its ability to rapidly and significantly change its structure. These changes affect the antigens — surface proteins that are recognized by the human immune system. Therefore, the immune system, drawn up after contact with another form of the

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