New Legends and Jedi Knight — relatives or namesakes?

Working on board the Star Wars universe can kill anyone. Justin Chin (Justin Chin), the main designer of Dark Forces and Jedi Knight, received, apparently from someone from the Board of Directors a proposal to take part in the creation of new Dark Forces based on Episode 1, I realized that output two: shoot or withdraw from LucasArts . A little thought, and chose the latter.

Forget about the past

Apparently, in contrast SWars-category, the basis for the future of the game was not selected space. China, combining scientific progress

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Playing World of Tanks on the website, Military Review

Mega onlinegame «World of Tanks» Now come on "Military review. " Arcade tank simulator, developed as a client multiplayer games, has become a real breakthrough in the field of computer games, based on historical qualities of the second world war. An impressive number of 30 million registrations from users, who decided to dive into the world of virtual tank battles based on the use of actual historical vehicles, properties which attract more and more enthusiasm in the middle of the players.

It has become evident that the direction of the company resonates with the vector direction

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