Amnesty International: Belarus — the sole executioner

Amnesty International report on the situation in this area in the CIS bears the title "Commonwealth of independent states: Belarus — the sole executioner."Organization calls the death penalty "more fierce, merciless and degrading form of punishment that is irreversible and from which can affect innocent." Nobody has substantiated that the death penalty lowers crime.In recent two years abolished the death penalty in four countries: Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda and the Philippines. On present day the death penalty de jure or de facto abolished in 133 countries. In 64 countries this penalty is still preserved."Belarus is the last country in the CIS,

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Democrats produce social guarantees

Scientists believe: the government should provide social benefits to people who have suffered due to the fault of the country, and those who have either not yet have the energy to make himself. Real capacity for it. The presentation was held under the auspices of the State Executive Committee united democratic forces. His manager said Anatoly Lebedko Radio Liberty:"This document has drawbacks. And we will use it during campaign in House of Representatives. If Democratic candidates will go to the people, they will not only criticize the actions of the authorities, and show close to reality proposals possible solve the

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About Konopleva session read as language nekralog

Tsigankov: "The post of the chairman of the House of Representatives Vadim Popov was elected, a man without political influence, charisma and public ambitions. What should such a choice to tell the public? "Bykov: "On election could read in the Supreme Council and the House of Representatives is a marriage of convenience, when the government expects to whom, for what and for what reason is prescribed. This is a fascinating destination in the absence of Hall Vladimir Konopleva and that none of the deputies asked even, and where it is actually located. Moreover, the session began with a sturdy words,

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Figure a day or 1 billion euros

While Belarusian side did not respond to an offer. This was stated by Chairman of the "Prior-Bank" Sergey Kastsyuchenka. Austrian bank has a 60% stake in "Prior-bank." According to the chairman of the Austrian bank Kastsyuchenki Matryk John Sayers Butler in February this year suggested in an interview with the Prime Minister» er Belarus nezvyazany credit in billion euros. In today’s date — this is approximately the amount that the government hotsev would borrow from the Russian government.

Allied observers saw no violations

About this they said at a press conference. Namely, the Russian State Duma deputy Oleg Zholobov skaazv that he personally drove 25 polling stations and "everywhere all goes according to Belarusian law." State Duma deputy Alexei Razuvaev expressed the hope that Belarusians now elect worthy deputies, and they finish it, that didand their predecessors — construction Allied countries. Sovereign Razuvaev expressed hope that with all this specifically be Belarusian and Russian parliaments eventually held a referendum and allied building Allied countries is completed.

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End quote: 15.09.2007 — 21.09.2007

"What’s to think? If I was a spy, then sold the brand to the country. "Minsk guy — the question of "Liberty" "What more interested in Belarusian spy secrets?" "Minsk configured to do good works with Georgian brothers."Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in negotiations with Georgian Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili on normalization of relations 2-states. "He seemed suspicious. Employment me this — to detain all suspicious. During the inspection, I saw in his bag and suspicious printed materials — paper" Freedom. "Senior police Asker leytenat of patrol Gomel — about the detention of youth activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka. "I myself

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Before the heating season in the government are prepared to raise utility rates

In This year communal defaulters put almost 25 thousand lawsuits and has already sought 15 billion rubles. 152 families evicted and 406 waiting for the trial.The Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities shall be removed to say, as soon as rates rise, but it will not deny. Chief economist of the Ministry Vera Tomil’chik Never satisfied with the current pricing policy:"What we have here means paying for? Water — gratis — generally shame. We as employees industry, it is very sad. Take a bottle of water — two thousand pay — and a month for water two thousand. Must also

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The U.S. State Department condemned the recent crackdown in Belarus

The statement states that "the Belarusian authorities intensified campaign of intimidation against its own people.""At soon opposition politician Andrei Klimov was sentenced in a closed trial for publishing articles critical of the Lukashenko regime on the Web. Police arrested people who peacefully protested against political targets trials members of the "Young Front" were arrested actors and audience of the play, detained citizens who have tried to take part in the celebration of the anniversary of a medieval battle. Political parties, which plan take the role of in elections next year, appeared before the risk of losing reception.Lukashenko’s regime expressed a

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Miron offers opposition to boycott elections

The meeting was held at the private apartment, and the names of the participants were not disclosed. According to "People’s news Vitebsk", within an hour Miron open a discussion with the present political situation in the country.How should the content of the interview, the government today said Myron illegitimate, as he was elected by illegal. As for upcoming elections, he believes that "society, that does not degrade, just needs to send the signal power in the form of a boycott."During the meeting, the person which read on behalf of Myron, specially concealed from his buddies face. He talked to him,

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Heed official Minsk to the UN?

The Human Rights Center "Viasna" was eliminated in 2003. After closing of the center High Tribunal spring of 2004, the head of "Spring" Ales Bialiatski sent a complaint to the Human Rights Committee of the UN on the Elimination of lawlessness. Complaint undergone review in July 2007. The Belarusian government has recognized violator of Article 22 paragraph 2 of the International Covenant on civilians and Political Rights.Clarifies the consular officer in the UN Republic of Belarus: "From the country, which has also signed an international pact on municipal and Political Rights, are expected to implement the Covenant. UN Committee on

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