The memory of the war cut out jointly with brains

When now the pretext of soul-whether in favor of the new owners, patrons, sponsors, curators to simply and defiantly spit and destroyed by the fact that yesterday there were a saint, it is called "nothing is sacred." Still not quite so long ago in our country, which was then the single, the memory of the Victory in the Majestic Russian war and warriors, dobyvshih this victory, the number of saint. Desecration and destruction of monuments of Russian warriors Lofty there were unimaginable thing, sacrilege.

Now, in the era of the triumph of freedom over again — freedom from moral self-restraint,

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Napoleon and Hitler

Hitler divided the "capital" to "build it" (German) and "rake in" (Hebrew). This allowed the expropriation of the property of others, but resulted in the complete ruin of the entire population. A healthy economy is incompatible with the ideological dogma of nationalism and socialism. Hitler was a National Socialist in the true sense of the word. He combined two forms of racism, destroying the people and by race, and class lines. This experience later, in 1948, Stalin took over, replenishing class racism Marx-Engels racial racism Hitler.

Napoleon never considered the

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Where to look for treasure Templar

Medieval Europe has left us no little secrets and mysteries. Especially a lot of them in connection with the stories of the fabulous treasures that were taken out of Syria, Jerusalem and other areas of Asia Minor during the Crusades. One such legend is intertwined with the history of the famous Knights Templar.

You are interested in mysticism? You want to read the real mystical stories and horror stories? Then, you can find them online

The Order, which arose in the era of the Crusades, and

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On the advantages of the Russian project of globalization

Many people in the West, staring down at the Russian, they are brought up on a standard set of images — bears, balalaika, vodka, caviar, krosotki. They are playing to the cosmopolitan Russian intelligentsia. This is a social disease since the Russian Empire and the Russian Union intellectuals love to engage in self-flagellation.

But the reality is that the Russian Federation and the Russian people have huge advantages in the global race for the title of "king of the mountain." It is clear that Russia and our people will not leave alone, globalization is inevitable, because the world needs

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On the fidelity of emphasis

If we can, "witnesses witnesses" to convey attitude and continue to win without distortion majestically to those who already do not have the capacity to behold the eyes of the participants and with great stateliness War Victory?Surprisingly, as with the change of generations changed the perception of history, its events, the main characters, there is a brand new assessment of the main points are placed more emphasis. They go out of its witnesses, leaving descendants freedom of sight, interpretations, seemingly immutable truths.

Getting something in the output day with his family in Solotcha, my inquisitive child, remarking on the central

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Even today, Aug. 24

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

The rains …

…but will continue to be warm: 16-24 C.

Do not pass:

In Minsk, is the Council of Europe rapporteur on Belarus Sinikka Hurskainen.

At 17.00 hours in the small hall of the Museum of Modern Art (Independence Avenue, 47) will open the exhibition graphics Igor Sukhorukov, "WATERCOLOR. Cityscapes."


The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Kloden Juncker meets with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Sochi.

In Bredstene in Denmark begins a two-day European conference on wind energy.

In London, opened to visitors former

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Visits unidentified guests

Parallel worlds — there or is it all fiction fiction? Scientists around the world are trying to answer this question. Almost a hundred years ago, the term 'teleportation place "means the place in which were seen moving objects in space. However, to create such a place alone has not yet been any scientist.

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The Great War. (All 18 episodes) watch online

The content of the Collector's Edition Lofty War. Series 1-18. The Collector's Edition (3 DVD) The movie 1st. Barbarossa Movie 2nd. Kiev 1941 Movie third. Defense of Sevastopol 4th movie. Battle for Moscow Movie 5th. The Siege of Leningrad Film 6th. Rzhev Film 7th. Stalingrad Film 8th. Battle for the Caucasus Film 9th. Kursk arc Movie 10th. From the Dnieper to the Oder Film of the 11th. Operation Bagration Film of the 12th. The battle for air Movie 13th. Naval warfare Film of the 14th. Guerrillas Film of the 15th. Human intelligence Movie 16 minutes. Battle for

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Ministry of Defense announced the revised data on losses in Lofty Russian war

Head of the Defense Ministry to perpetuate the memory of those killed in defense of the fatherland, Major General Alexander Kirilin May 5 told RIA announcements that common human loss USSR Russian majestically in the end of the war, according to updated data, amounted to 26.6 million people.

Including the loss sunk Russian armed forces, as stated Kirilin totaled about 8.6 million people. According to Major General, updated numbers will be reported to the Administration of the Russian Federation, in order that they be approved and officially released.

Meanwhile, earlier in the media appeared information that the Office of the

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Little-known Russian war the country: Russian-Swedish war of 1495-1497 years.

After the majestic Prince Ivan III of Capital in 1478, added to his possessions giant land of Novgorod, the Metropolitan Government inherited from the fallen veche republic long border with Sweden. The boundaries between majestically Novgorod and Sweden were established Orekhovskiy world from August 12, 1323. The border ran from the Gulf of Finland on the river's sister, in the north to Lake Saimaa and then north-west to the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia.

During the wars between Moscow and Novgorod Swedes tried to consolidate his power in Karelia, constantly provoking the clashes at the border. Once

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