HONEY & TAR analysis

Confident Test Winners were two happy families: German (but for some reason the English name) Rainbow and French Focal. Apart from the general advantages, define their triumph, they also have individual characteristics. Set Focal perhaps the only one that we can unreservedly recommend the use of «as is», ie with the staff in the regular inclusion of a crossover — so well here all agreed. A few benefits of passive filters for active — account of the specific features of the heads, here realized the best possible way. The second winner, Rainbow, initially marked by polupokanalnuyu scheme. And the

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October 2nd, 2008 the General Director of JSC «SCHLZ» MA Waxman turned 76 years

Dear Max Aizikovich!

The team Scherbinsky Elevator Plant congratulates you on your 76th anniversary!

We sincerely welcome the opportunity to evaluate the significance of this day of your contribution to the achievement of the elevator industry. We say thank you for having spared no effort, time, health and all the best years you have dedicated work to the benefit of our factory.

We are proud of you and love you.

History Scherbinsky Elevator Plant — the flagship of the Russian lift business — is inextricably linked with your name since the mid ’70s, when you come here to work as

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You can have dominion without Parliament

Head of pro-regime analytical center EcooM Sergei Musienko has initiated a real punish those candidates who withdraw their candidacy in the election process."It is necessary to introduce a rule that candidates Presidents must either enter a specific pledge that they will not vorachivatsya in case of premature failure of the election campaign, "- he said in an interview to" Interfax-West "."It is very democratic rule, it is used in a number of states. If such a rule was at this point, there would be no way out of these obscure political struggle. Then the candidates would be put forward only

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The new head of Beltransgaz — Gomel

As saidand now the press service of the Belarusian head of the country, the new CEO of "Beltransgaz" appointed Vladimir Mayorov.Our disk imaging, it will come to this place with the deputy manager of the Gomel regional executive committee, where he was responsible for economic issues.Earlier Vladimir Mayorov some time engaged in the executive committee with the economy and external trade. After kutsee time worked in the Council of Ministers in Minsk, where he returned to Gomel in rank Deputy Chairman Executive Committee. In Gomel Mayorov often referred to as a "man Sidorsky."New human destiny concern first economic sphere, 23.07.2007

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Gazeta Wyborcza: Lukashenko conducts clean

"Signal to start cleaning it Lukashenko was June 11, during which he promised to fight corruption will not have mercy (…) After 10 days, the Minister Interior Naumov already has reported — 10 people already are sitting for bribery (…) sits in principle last chapter of the municipal enterprise "Belneftekhim", several high-ranking officers of the KGB and the police, director of municipal companies, "- wrote a diary.Gazeta Wyborcza quoted bureaucrat Grodno Regional Executive Committee, who asked not to call his name and said that "bureaucrats live on nerves, listening NIGHT MODE, not stay in the yard and not someone else’s

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Lithuania for alleviating the isolation of Belarus

"The position of the EU towards Belarus could change, because we have seen the new evidence, for example, the release political prisoners"- Said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Petras Vaitiekūnas."Lithuania and other EU member states, too, it is time to respond to these signals from Belarus", — said the emperor Vaitiekūnas.Speaker of the Seimas of Lithuania Česlovas Jursenas will offer the European Union to soften the policy of isolating Belarus."At the next meeting of heads of parliaments of the eight Nordic and Baltic countries in Jurmala (Latvia) I would suggest to think whether to continue

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Lukashenka: I do not consider it necessary to go into conflict

"Time ordinary actions and decisions completed," — said the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting in Sochi with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. "I wish to thank you for the wisdom you have shown during anger adjacent country — said Alexander Lukashenko. — I do not think it is necessary here somehow intermeddle in this conflict and read on, see that what the Russians are either sos … All was manufactured excellent, very relaxed, wisely and well. " According to Lukashenko, the West has failed to act in conflict resolution because our homeland, and "would do anything so that

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Undercover offspring: politics as a Mexican soap

Yet in the past year at a press conference, Alexander Lukashenko said that the president would be his youngest son is very professional. Then all wondered about whom we are talking, it seems, Dmitry — youngest son of the head of state of marriage with his wife Galina, no special abilities is not defined and, unlike his older brother Victor, who became an adviser to the president, the policy does not climb.But This year became the head of the country appear everywhere with small whitish little boy: at a volunteer at the contest of beauty, at a hockey game boy

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Berlin and Brussels hope for final release Kozulin

German Foreign Minister endorsed the decision Belarusian authorities "On a three-day release" political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin on condition that "he could be at the funeral of the wife."According to the minister, "the decision — not only the human norm. It is located in the same chain with the release of other political prisoners, the first thing in including tried and the German government. I hope that the Belarusian management at all, immediately and without sovereign criterion release Kozulin, "said the German minister."The release of all political prisoners in Belarus would be a fundamental prerequisite step in the restoration of relations

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Lukashenko denies Sidorsky

"In accordance with the agreement for 2007 price of gas was at $ 100 per 1,000 cubic meters, with this year added 19%, and we have confidence that by the end of the year the cost will not increase ", — quotes the learned words of the head of government. He added that "the heads of government Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin agreed on a fixed price Belarus on 2008 — 119 bucks. "It is worth recalling that this week Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview to "Russia Today" and the news agency RIA "Announcements" that "Gazprom" threatens the course

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