Institute of History of NAS fired Eugene Onishchenko

Scientific Secretary of the Institute for Marat Zhylinski to Onishchenko had a lot of claims, "Examination Board, which met on February 19, acknowledged that Evgeny Onishchenko does not meet a senior research fellow of the Institute. subsequent day he submitted his resignation on their own", — said Marat Žilina.According to the most Onishchenko, he filed an application due to the fact that the results of his evaluation was not offered a transfer to another position or fix bugs prescribed. Prerequisite for solving this Attestation Commission Onishchenko said his research, which do not meet state ideology and policy of eliminating the

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Film in honor of Yuri Khaschevatsky creators BNR

Opening the event Yuri Khaschevatsky said that the anniversary of the creation of the film "Space", dedicated to the events of spring 2006 in Minsk, he said the end of work on the latest documentary film. "Freedom Day" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR and presented during the week of Belarus in the European Union. Belarusian viewers are just beginning to get acquainted with him, he says:

"I would like to see this movie spread even more than the movie" Space. "Because it is based on facts that have occurred in history. I would like, that it looked

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Falsification of our history

Have often heard and read on the Internet about the massive and monstrous scale falsification of the facts of the history of Russia. Many of you have probably heard of the works of Fomenko and H. Nosovsky. These historians, for example, questioned the existence of the Tatar-Mongol yoke and argue that the history of ancient Russia is fundamentally wrong. Many sources confirm that they are right. Too many inconsistencies in the official textbooks. Of course, I followed with interest the likes of discussions, but it has no clear evidence, is doomed to failure. All these discussions are not

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Defense destroyed archives Head Missile and Artillery Directorate

The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation liquidated Head archive Missile and Artillery Directorate (Grau), where he kept the details of all Russian arsenals and weapons production for more than 500 years.

"Even the Bolsheviks in 1917 did not raise their hands to the fact, that address Head archive Royal Army Ordnance Department, as called by then Grau. But now the optimization of the central offices of the War Department, under the pretext that there is no excess space, decided to kill the most valuable archive Grau. Practically we are destroying the history of their own hands, "- said

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UFO myth or history

It is hard to imagine that there is a UFO, if he had never seen before. Despite all possible denial of the very existence of UFOs by the authorities, people believe that there are other civilizations and aliens arrive on earth. The earliest image of cylindrical objects resembling spacecraft, which could be aliens, it figures that were carved at the foot of the granite rocks on the island in Hunan Province in China.

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Tibetan cemetery aliens

The story began in the summer of 1962, when the pages of the German magazine «Das Vegetarishe Universum» («Vegetarian Universe") appeared an anonymous note about the discovery in 1937-1938 — the years in the mountains on the border of Tibet and China strange tablets with inscriptions. Plates were 716 and they resembled gramophone discs with a diameter of about 30 cm and a thickness of 8 mm (hole in the center and a double spiral groove with small characters going to the outer edge), carved out of solid granite. Note passed relatively unnoticed, but then it was reprinted several

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The Devil’s Trap

It was around 1753, Alberto Gordonii strolling through the garden, accompanied by his wife and a few friends. Alberto unexpectedly disappeared, vanished into thin air. People were shocked, his wife fainted. Alberto Gordonii was not an illusionist, how could he do such a focus, it remains a mystery.

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It took 22

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Prince Michael

EVENTS past, particularly weighty public, over time characteristic to take mythology. And more than a historical event moves away from us, the more legends and hypotheses it accompanies. In part, this will inevitably, after leaving the participants in the events of life, and their descendants, the modified language, lost documents … Because the historical memory of the people uniformly erased.

According to the views of the majority of historians, we can more or less reliably judge the history of Russia since the reign of Peter I, although our knowledge of the time and there are many gaps. What's all

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Escape / Breakout watch online

Desperate and insecure offenders. The strategy, determination and focus — the main ingredients for planning his escape from jail. Cameras and watchmen are kept under control every movement, and virtually impossible to break, but for some, it's all about what they might think. This is a story about real shoots from prison, told the words of the participants also reported the news, and disk imaging from public sources. To escape offenders are willing to do everything in their power. They begin to think about escape plans, as fall within the jail. At least some have already feeble places. We

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Crocodiles: The Last Dragon / Crocodiles: The Last Dragon watch online

They live on the Earth more than 80 million years. Strong, agile, strong and very brutal. These animals are hunted dinosaurs and survived them, and over time have occupied four of the continent. Survived the time mass extinctions, ice ages and geological disasters, but now they face the most feared predator in the history of the earth — the people. It crocodiles. And their history…

Snakes, reptiles, amphibians, reptiles

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