Supreme Tribunal verdict Polish spy

The process began on September 4. Military Collegium Supreme Court began to consider criminal case against 4 people of Belarus. All the blame of treason and espionage. According to investigators, they are collected and transferred to a foreign country information on foreign intelligence task.This is the last major armed forces Vladimir Ruskin, the last Major Viktor Bogdan, military radio brigade-Defense Forces of Belarus Pavel and Sergei Pyatkevich Korneliouk.The process takes place behind closed doors. Lawyers accused refuses to comment.About detention so called "Group of Polish spies" KGB said in July. • Lawyers "Polish spies" shall be removed from comments, 6:09:07

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The Tribunal rejected the claim Yuri Oleynik

Past student of Academy of Management Yuri Oleynik tried through tribunal to recover the academy, where he was expelled for truancy Tipo. Meanwhile Yuri Oleynik says that he was expelled for political reasons.Yuri Oleynik said it would appeal the decision.An administration official said the academy Alexander Voronkov, which is quite satisfied with the decision.Decision was made referee Vera radial.• Past Student Academy of Management sue universities, 05.09.2007

1 week of pregnancy


Even before you've learned that you are pregnant, your organism began to prepare for a new life. This work does not begin at conception, but much earlier, during the the last menstrual period. It is from this period (the first day the last menstrual period) And starts the pregnancy calendar.

Your organism preparing one of the eggs to fertilize. This work he does every month, and it takes about two weeks, after which ovulation occurs (yield mature egg to the uterus).


Destabilization of money terrible opposition

Lukashenko recalled the Russian economic crisis at the end of the last century: "Remember the 1998 default in Russia, and as we came out of it seriously. God forbid prevent it our country. And we have this, we can say, walked into the end of the last — the beginning this year, when there were not enough resources and when we threw our homeland known difficulties, "- said Lukashenko.Head of State once again claimed the government and control areas ensure a positive balance of foreign trade. During the first four months of the year trade deficit amounted to 1 billion

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Vasil Bykov. Last days

Starting from 1998, Vasil Bykov was obliged to live in exile — first in Sweden and Finland, and later in Germany. Past six months, he together with his wife Ira Mihajlovnoj held in Prague, where his health rapidly worsened had to do a complicated operation. But the return to Minsk was even more dramatic … In the movie "Vasil Bykov. Last Days" (director — Galina Navumchyk, script writer Sergei Navumchyk) divided his memoirs policy Ivonka Survila, Vaclav Havel, Zenon Pozniak, poet Gennady Buraukin, employees of Radio Liberty Sergei Ablameyko Alexander Lukashuk, Sergei Navumchyk. Bykov also say about the staff of

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Inflation in August — 0.2%

According to the Ministry of Economy, the actual increase in prices 2008 14%, compared to the planned 8.6% per year, Interfax reported.Inflation in Belarus over the last few months of 2008:

    Inflation in Belarus in recent years:

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Belarus is a brand new Singapore?

"Significant steps made by the Government of Belarus in the past year toward improving business criterion, have been recognized in the last, the second yearly report "Doing Business 2009". Belarus is one of the four leading reformers in the legal field, "- told Interfax Group Managing Global Bank in Belarus Craig Bell."From June 2007 to June 2008 Belarus introduced reforms in 6 of the 10 areas that are investigated in the report," — said the Tsar Bell.In general, the world ranking rose from 115 Belarus 85 place."This is the highest result, which suggests purposeful work of the government to improve

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Kwasniewski again unleash Ukrainian crisis?

Yesterday in the Polish media reported that Aleksander Kwasniewski officially invited to Kiev as a mediator, but last evening, the president said that has not yet decided to perform in such role or not.But last NIGHT MODE plane with the former president landed in Kiev.Earlier today President Lech Kaczynski said he was willing to act as a mediator, but if asked Ukrainian authorities.Kaczynski: "I am ready todo it, but only if the respective request from the Ukrainian side will appeal, especially President Yushchenko. I wish to highlight any — we do not wish to interfere in the internal politics of

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Charhinest: Not to say that Karadzic was inclined to ruthlessness

Yet in 1995, from the beginning of the search Radovan Karadzic, Serbia began to act on his behalf, the Committee headed by the writer Costa Chavashkim. The fact that Karadzic — quite recognizable as in Bosnia and Serbia, poet (education he — a psychiatrist). Even after going underground small circulations Karadzic appeared books, there are translations of his selected works in the Russian language. Writer and politician Nikolai Cherginets recalls that during his own frequent trips to Yugoslavia met with Karadzic. What memories from those on your own?

"I’m in Yugoslavia many times happened a long time ago and really

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8 years ago disappeared Zavadsky

For the abduction of Dmitry Zavadsky in 2002 wasand convicted former officers of Special Forces "Almaz" Valery Ignatovich and Maxim Malik (on indefinite detention), the last police academy cadet Alex Goose (25 years in prison) And Sergei Savushkin (12 years in prison).Zavadsky consequence body was found. Savushkin already is on the loose.

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