Significant inaccuracies

Survey monograph on the Law of Patents rarely Previous published such a book was published in 1967. The past 10 years have been a period of intense renovation of patent laws, but information about it scattered on journal articles. And the long-awaited monograph. Unfortunately, it contains a lot of false and contradictory statements. Contradictions notice is relatively simple. For example, on p. 9 reported that the new patent law has been adopted in England, and in the near future will probably be adopted in the UK. Or with. 161 read that in Argentina and Colombia, the patentee is not obliged

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The legislation creates problems.

Speech at the Conference of the workers lift Russian organizations — members of SRO November 17, 2009. Galina Khovanskaya — Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, President of the Association «Housing Strategy».

On November 5, the State Duma held a hearing — an extremely important event that gives information and food for thought, including in legislative activities. Manifest problems, which, in general, the legislation creates. The processes in the construction industry we regulate two documents: changes in the Urban Planning Code, relating to self-regulatory organizations and enshrined in law number 148-FZ, and

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Zenon Pozniak: Who raised his hand to the Cross of suffering will be punished

"What happened in Kurapaty NIGHT MODE on Sunday, it is a common sin, blasphemy, desecration, which is punishable by criminal law. But this sign unrealistic kill.The sign can only be destroyed in a similar, different, how he was created. Because all these acts of useless people break down and spoil this sneaky little crime. Sign of just stronger.Power and symbolism of the cross is so significant that it connects its own installation voedinyzhdy idea of the unity of all civilization, the idea of combining the memory of their own sufferings. And a big symbolism of the cross is so strong

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Tribunal decides a dispute with the government of human rights defenders

Three years reverse the Belarusian Helsinki Committee taxed on foreign assistance for the TACIS program there. Meanwhile, previously from this tax did not take care. The authorities explained to innovation changes in tax law that has brought Parliament. Why do defenders of BHC filed to the court on the government, and not to those who adjusted the law? Vice-chairman BHC Hulak says:"The government should take action to an international contract neabkladanni taxes foreign aid was included in the law. But the government did not. The law for a year and 10 months there was a hole. So we ask, so

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Lukashenko asks the House of Representatives to work faster

At the moment, some bills are in House of Representatives by a couple of years. For example, work on the latest edition of the Press Law Chamber started back prior convocation 5 years ago. This bill is not a day or agenda this session.Least 10 minutes in handy now deputies to accept the first reading additions and configuration in plain clothes and Procedure.• Chamber will manage the new old speaker, 2.10.2007 • "Do Popova beautiful hardware training — he perfectly understands its place", 2.10.2007 •

Another output is independent newspaper has been

Editor of "local time" Victor Yarashuk clarifies the situation:"The financial situation is such that you can not work. Newspaper suspended — it remains, but will not go out. We sit four months without a fee. A salary is 190 thousand rubles per month. What did it for the money? We soon time was not even the postman. themselves carried the newspaper. " Financial difficulties justified for many reasons: for example, in Pinsk Publishing refused to print edition. Because circulation needed once a week to bring from Baranovichi, for fifteen hundredths miles. The local branch of "Sayuzdruk" refused to sign a

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Deputies will Speaker, budget and language

In the preparatory order a day or about 40 questions. At least, meant to see new laws on gipatetsy, amnesty, the constitutional court proceedings, rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation. Deputies also wish to amend the laws on combating extremism, employment, pensions and others.Chairman of the Commission for Education, Culture, Science and technological progress Vladimir Zdanowicz of the most basic questions of all calls economical:"In this session, as in all the autumn, the most important and fundamental will be adopteds budget subsequent year. This applies to all fees. And we have long been working on this problem. And our commission

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Deputies want to withdraw? Sat in the dock

From June 27 to July 27 in the month of Novapolatsk held a mass protest against the abolition of privileges. The middle month of the other stocks was collecting signatures for a review of the MPs of Novopolotsk who supported the decision. There were collected 3020 signatures. They were brought to the presidential administration.In response, the authorities lured organizers to administrative responsibility. Lord Shevchenko Sukhorukov Yasinovich and were detained by police, taken to Novopolotsk City Council, where they were drawn up on the violation of Article 130-137 of the Electoral Code and, accordingly, Article 9.10 of the Code of Administrative

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Up to freedom: Give the award Salihorsk police!

Ms. Belkevych Soligorsk "Pochetaemaya" Freedom, "suggest the award instead Shushkevich highlight Salihorsk police chief Zakharchuk. At his command now his subordinates beat youth in building ships torn from the hands of national symbols, women dragged by the hair, men — head over feet on the asphalt. Here is a real reward to residents Saligorsk and throughout Belarus. Thank you. "Man: "The question fined opposition. Where you take millions of fines? You rich relatives, acquaintances or excellent generous strangers? Fined as the same individual. After all, it is suspected that many of you are in cahoots with the government. And such

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The Minister acknowledged that donors will lose part of benefits

In comments BelaPAN Vladimir Patupchyk noted that many misunderstandings occur through ignorance rights. The Minister said that he was ready to meet a donor and explain to them the principles of the law of ordering privileges.Oh, so commented in Mogilev expression minister one of the initiators of the strike donors Igor Kovalenko: "The fact that bureaucrats know about it (such rank bureaucrats) — it very badabout. We have not started the strike, but already they say about us. Maybe before the strikes will accept any decision.We their rights know. When we started this strike, we could not start without examining

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