Grandma’s disease does not spare the young

Osteochondrosis — is zabolevanienie in which pathological changes are the intervertebral discs, vertebral cartilage nodes as well as in the intervertebral joints. The cause of osteoarthritis may be a spinal injury, disorders of blood circulation and lymph flow, inflammation of the vertebrae. Some modern scholars believe, not without reason, that low back pain — not a disease, and adaptive response of the spine to the wrong distribution of loads that occur during the movements.

The nature of our body is arranged so that the primary vertical load on thespine extends along the axis passing through the center of gravity

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Experimental aircraft IL-102

In the summer of 1991, the taxpayer is the first time I saw the experimental prototype aircraft Il-102 ("ECO"). Stormtrooper very much like IL-40, launched in the middle of a batch creation of the 1950s, but did not enter into a great life. Flight tests of IL-40 were successfully completed in January 1955, and began its implementation in a series on the Rostov Aviation Plant. But in 1956, all work was stopped because of the decision to abolish the attack aircraft. Almost 5 Tuning-Test series aircraft in autumn 1956 were scrapped.

In the late 1960s in aviation publications

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The load on the U.S. infantryman

The U.S. Army has unveiled the latest a more ergonomic and small personal first aid kit (Individual First Aid Kit, IFAK). This version is not very different from the past. But the brand new personal first aid kit, as issued during the last decade, first-aid kit, weighs 0.94 kg, its content has previously been used only by doctors. Doctors now have a lot of equipment, previously used only by physicians is a brand new category of so-called "light medic." This innovation is part of the applets "battle lifeguard "(Combat Lifesaver), which provides for increment more than three times the

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Angina — Is a form of ischemic heart disease. The immediate cause of the disease is atherosclerosis of the arteries of the heart, in which the lumen of the heart vessels narrowed by atherosclerotic plaque (cholesterol deposits in the artery wall), and the heart is not getting enough blood, that is in a state of oxygen deficiency, which is accompanied by bouts of pain in the heart.

Symptoms Stenokadiya manifested seizures that occur normally during exercise. Less often they appear in connection with the excitement can also be caused by leaving the warm room into the cold

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