Farmer in a tailcoat

Universal machine no. Powerful oversized all-terrain vehicle that can compete on an equal footing with domestic off-road, there will be comfortable to drive on the highway or in the city, and vice versa, for the nimble machine with a small clearance, most of our Russian «road» is not available. Therefore, the upcoming trip to the tournament for the pickup truck, even one of my favorite brands, has caused some concern. That did not dispelled when I saw «it» live. Three thought was: «How beautiful!», «How do we go there?» And «How I will go on this?».

Dimensions I am not

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Globalization of Fespa

Fespa exhibition was an interesting metamorphosis. Once it was a rather modest exhibition, in general, for niche markets and printing technologies: screen, tampogayuy and so on. N. Their share in the entire printing and, as a consequence, the scale of the exhibition were small. Ubiquitous transition to digital technology a beneficial impact on the target markets Fespa and its popularity. It grows not only the main exhibition, but her daughter — Fespa Digital and regional shows.

Describing the results of the first and most striking trend, we still did not have official figures on visitors. Now they are —

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WAR without gaps

The problem of increasing cross was always relevant. But even a tank on the roads has a margin of safety: with numerous illustrations mired in mud fighting vehicles example. One of the favorite exercises negligent tank — tank solemn landing on its belly. To like this happened, the engineers have to go to various tricks

In May 1940 at the address of the People’s Commissar of Defense KE Voroshilov received a letter from the Novocherkassk Industrial Institute. Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Voroshilov were often letters with unusual ideas about the creation of various types of equipment. This time, Voroshilov wrote Associate Professor

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MiG-21 Lancer

Developer: IAI, MiG Country: Romania, Israel, Our homeland First flight: 1995 Type: Multi-purpose fighter Difficulties operation MiGs and the highest accident rate (for the same reasons as in India) encountered in other countries. For example, in 1994, Romania has lost four MiG-21. In the following years the situation has worsened. There was no higher than the MiG-21 weave different modifications with significant residual resource. Specifically, this event and the desire to maintain the desired level of combat readiness of the Romanian aviation and led to modernize its fleet of combat vehicles. In 1993, the Israeli company «Erkraft Industry» (IAI)

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Problems hypersonic

May 7 missile X-51A Waverider was dropped from the strategic bomber B-52 Stratofortress over the Pacific Ocean, south of the coast of California, with a height of a little more than 15 km. She successfully launched its hypersonic jet engines, accelerated to speeds of Mach 5 (about 6 thousand km / h), which stood 200 seconds. This is much longer prior record holder, the machine X-43, which has stood only 12 seconds. Despite the fact that the fate of the upcoming X-51A was formed not so successful South American military made completely victorious reports. Chapter respective applets Charles Brink

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Autukhovich works driver

It continues the tradition of his office cab, he had to enter into. Find a job he owed under the terms of leniency.Do Autukhovich configuration in the labor room: on the wall appeared artistic composition with white-red-white flag and emblem of "The Chase". He reports that the current time is the driver, however, does not carry passengers. Funds have not yet received, but will be three thousand rubles."Under the guise of" "Nika-taxi" at the moment goes 31 machine — more than was once his own. All machines his former phone number — "22222." However, steel cab save reads Avtukhovich.Avtukhovich"Now is

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The most expensive weapons system («Time», USA)

Major of the Marine Corps Arik Lieberman (Aric Liberman) unusually modest for the former «sea lion», which became a fighter pilot. He did not so long ago planted at the airport main operating base plane F-35 — one of the fighters in 2457, the Pentagon planned for the production. Total price of all cars will be 400 billion dollars, and it will be the most expensive programm arms procurement in the history of mankind. Standing among the solemn hype and commotion on this sunny day at the airfield in Yuma, Ariz., he refused the request of photographers in his

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The potentials of the drone Ray

Jubilee MAKS 2011 stock offers very latest Russian designers — the first unmanned model aircraft. This aircraft has the title of "Ray" and developed by the Russian company "Vega". Developers have at the moment they say that the presented model is unique and should cause the enthusiasm of the Russian Air Force and other countries.

What are all the same advantages of Russian "Ray"? To answer this question it is necessary to know the parametric properties of the model and the degree of its equipment with new means of detecting and signaling types.

So, the drone "Ray" is designed

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Post-war anti-tank artillery. 85-mm D-48 TAP

First Chechen War

PTP D-48 85 mm developed in the second half of the 40's team of designers under the control of Petrova. The design of the newest guns were used some elements of the division's 85-mm gun D-44, a 100-millimeter cannon standard 1944 BS-3. CA was adopted in 1953. Gun can affect not only the tanks, and armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery and other bronesredstva opponent. The gun can be used for shooting bronekolpakam, embrasures derevozemlyanyh and long-term points to defeat firepower and manpower, which are located behind the light shelters or out of shelters.

The structural assembly

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Underground boats

One of the numerous legends about hidden sverhtehnike Third Reich says there fighting underground development tools codenamed «Subterrine» (project Verne and H. von R. Trebeletskogo) and «Midgardschlange» («Midgard Serpent") (draft Ritter).

Large podzemohod on a second project consisted of several compartments, with dimensions of 6 meters in length, width and height of 6.8 — 3.5 with a total length of 400 to 524 meters. Weight — 60 thousand tons. There were 14 motors at 20 thousand horsepower. Speed — the water 30 km / h in the ground — of 2 to 10 km / h Managed means the

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