Doctor Zhivago

RS met with actor Vadim Tsallati to know as heir to the family castle in the mountains of North Ossetia and the veterinarian profession found his calling in acting and was in the company of one of the greatest masters of Russian theater school — Yuri Lyubimov.

Katerina text STAFRINA

Vadim, tell you from a small village in South Ossetia came to Moscow? We decided to become an actor and go to the Shchukin School? Not the most common occupations for the region.

By tradition, all solves the case! In this sense, I am no exception, as I originally

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World outraged forcible suppression of protests in M» yanme

Military Administration M» yanmy tool compresses peaceful protests going on the second week. Closed center naikrupneyshgo country town Yangon (last name — Rangoon) and blocked all roads in the city. Local inhabitants of one hundred percent do not have access to the web. Security forces took five major Buddhist monasteries in the town, hundreds of monks arrested. Specifically Buddhist monks took the lead daily demonstrations against the military junta and its economic policies.Now troops again opened fire against demonstrators in the streets of Yangon. But it did not stop the action — now out on the street about 2 Yangon

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South American military will remain in Iraq

Congressional hearings on the situation in Iraq has not only to decide the fate of the upcoming fund military forces in Iraq, and for the U.S. presidential campaign in November 2008The main issue concerning the Yankees most of the Iraq war — when the troops return home? Gen. David Petreus, supreme control of the U.S. Army in Iraq, said:"I think that the subsequent summer we will be able to reduce our forces to the level as long as it was before the increase in military forces. I think that we can do and not lose volume work produced breakthroughs in

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Liquidator-Chernobylets V.Siliverst continues hunger strike

This decision took Siliverstov after, as scientific and medical consultation Center announced that he could not qualify his illness and disability as a consequence of Chernobyl without additional inquiries from the military unit to which the 1988 Senior Lieutenant supplies Siliverstov served and worked on decontamination and military ammunition.Siliverstov "consultation of the National Center for Radiation Medicine gave my opinion on the diseases. Because I was here encompassing study of health. Eventually council recommended: the origin of my disease (radiation they are justified or not) must be installed at the National advisory council, which is so engaged in the examination

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Lukashenko: Belarus threatens the NATO missile defense system and a South American

Listen:Lukashenka: "The number and scale of challenges and threats to international security is not reduced … promotion of the military infrastructure of NATO to the east and parts of the planned deployment of U.S. missile defense system in adjacent states with Belarus sur» seriously complicates the military-political situation at our borders … And all this in silence, our democratically developed European countries. We can not consider these reasons when building your own system of government and military security. " Listen:Lukashenka: "I wish to assure Belarusian people, that the system is ready to national security firmly defend the constitutional order, sovereignty

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NUMBER 13 lucky for the F-35 — American military experts

Number 13 looks like a happy applets for the F-35, after 10 years of hard work this programm shows the long-awaited success, writes recognizable military analyst Loren Thompson (Loren Tompson, pictured) on the website of Forbes December 23. Technical danger removed, flight tests conducted successfully, the price of the 1st aircraft continues to drop. Years of doubt passed, and the F-35 is no longer suspended. Success applets has tremendous value for the U.S. and its allies. Three kinds of troops the U.S. Armed Forces adopted perceive these fighters that will form the basis of tactical aircraft to mid-XXI century. Will

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Belarusian peacekeepers leave for the future

Belarusian military do not participate in UN peacekeeping. But as said Defense Ministry spokesman Vyacheslav Ramenchyk in the future role of the Belarusian mission "blue helmets" at the theoretical level is not excluded:"Now we do not take part in peacekeeping operations. Yet, Belarusian legislation allows it, because we are trained for the role of the military in peacekeeping operations. But at the moment we do not in any humanitarian actions are not involved. "Belarusians peacekeepers until the "pull"Alexander, the last soldier of the Belarusian army, shows, first in Africa, many Belarusian professionals who help develop the technical basics of local

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Upcoming Events: Thursday, May 24

Who will be judged in Minsk youth activists detained the other day when trying to perform at the Independence Square protest against the abolition of benefits. "They arrested Yang and Nikolai Mikhailov Korshunov, — said the human rights activist Ira Toustsik. — They were accused of participating in an unauthorized demonstration in the student town near Independence Square. Drawn up under Article 23 and 34 of the Code of Administrative Violations. Tribunal now held at the courthouse of the Metropolitan Area Minsk ".Now *** BPF office in Minsk in 15 hours will be a presentation of the yearly publication "Violations

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U.S. President will assist the Syrian rebels

U.S. President Barack Obama has decided to provide military assistance to the Syrian opposition, said the deputy president of the South American adviser on national security Ben Rhodes, reports «Interfax». «The president has decided to provide more meaningful assistance to the opposition. It will be a direct aid to the High Military Council (the opposition Syrian Free Army — approx.). It will include military aid «, — he said. B.Rods together so did not specify what will become of themselves represent this assistance. He said: «Our intelligence community has caused that the Assad regime used chemical weapon, including nerve gas

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Mozyr: Tribunal ruled Markevich and Kashevicha liquidators

In Last year expert commission appointed 58-year-old Vladimir Markevich group 1 disability.But the Commission is not bound to the role of the sovereign disability Markiewicz in the aftermath of Chernobyl. Stated that the military part, which supplies the senior sergeant called in 1986 on charges for decontamination of uniforms and military ammunition, just was not in the 30-kilometer zone of Chernobyl.Mozyr tribunal on the basis of documents and witnesses established that the sovereign Markevich really took military training in a tent city for 14 km from the nuclear power plant."I am going to contact the expert commission and oblvoenkomat want

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