Radical means

Review of achievements and problem analysis

MORE THAN 375 THOUSAND invention, a Soviet inventor for the tenth five-year plan. OF THEM IN THE NATIONAL ECONOMY uses about 100 thousand. INVENTORS save for the five countries, more than eight billion rubles.

What results have completed tenth five-year Soviet inventors?

Several figures. Since 1976 in the Soviet Union there are more than 312 000 inventions. that is 98 thousand more «than the previous five-year period (preliminary figures). In VNIIGPE received 729,000 applications; It flies in comparison with the five-year period — 21 percent. Invention recognizes 53 per cent of applications; in the

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Oil may disappear from the stores?

Rising prices for oil Ministry of Economy explains the increase in raw material prices up to 40 percent or more.In September, the shops did oil, which cost over 30 percent. To curb prices, the Ministry of Economy ordered reduce trade gain from 30 to 15-20. But the price tags in stores practically not changed.In Minsk store "General Market" Oil prices reached 4980 rubles per liter. Lena met store manager explained:"It was an order, so. But we were getting oil before disposal — got 10 boxes. And like oil we old. With 30 percent. Revaluations we did not spend. Later it

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The Ministry does not wish to accept money with BHC

The decision to consider the complaint now adopted referee Supreme Economic Court of Catherine Karatkevich.Defenders of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee are very pleased with this. They say they are, and that they could reject a complaint, citing the fact that earlier the same Tribunal found the Belarusian Helsinki Committee guilty of tax evasion with technical assistance programs from the band TACIS.BHC chairman commented Tatiana Protko decision:"Maybe we are already on the path of law and rule of the Constitution of the country will become a reality — at least for one public organizations?"Let me remind you, human rights activists demand

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Department of Energy: tomorrow Gazprom debt is paid absolutely

By him, Belarus tomorrow translated to the "Gazprom" remaining debt — about 60 millions of dollars. "Whereupon the entire amount of debt — 456 000 000 160 thousands of dollars — will be repaid "- said the representative of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus. • Until Friday "Gazprom" will not comment on disk imaging payment for gas, 07.08.2007 • «Prague accent": trophy "gas war", 06.08.2007 • «Gazprom» Belarus gave a reprieve for a week, 03.08.2007 • Ministry of Energy of Belarus "Gazprom" has violated the contract, 03.08.2007 • "Beltransgaz" listed "Gazprom" 190 millions of dollars , 03.08.2007 • Sergei

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Full privatization is still the long term

Thus, it was argued: according to the instructions of the government prepared a draft document, whereby for 2007 is a large-scale privatization in order to stabilize the domestic money market. It was announced that the scheduled contests in the sale of shares of strategic oil refineries and petrochemical companies, state bit of the big banks, industry and automakers, manufacturers of sugar, beer, etc.But the Council of Ministers term "full privatization" is not confirmed. Press secretary of the Council of Ministers Alexander Timoshenko said that beheld appropriate messages, but no document before him did not fall. Besides, due to the fact

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Minister Vladimir Naumov going to the UN conference in New-york?

Information that Minister Vladimir Naumov going to New-york, appeared on the official website of the State Legal Internet Portal of Belarus, where are all the government regulations.The resolution number 218 dated February 20, signed by Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky said: "To put a 4 to 7 March in New-york (USA) Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov for the role of a conference on the fight against human trafficking."The Ministry Foreign Affairs been explained that this conference organized by the United Nations, on the proposal of Belarus.Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov is in the list of top Belarusian officials suspected of involvement in the

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RUSSIA not able to create a fifth generation fighter with the desired characteristics — Air India

Air India strongly criticized the Indo-Russian fighter creation program from fifth generation FGFA, writes military journalist Ajay Shukla (Ajai Shukla, known for his articles in favor of the purchase of American F-35 fighters to replace FGFA — approx. «VP») in the newspaper Business Standard January 21. Even in the run-up to sign the agreement in the amount of 6 billion U.S. dollars (parity bit of India) for the implementation of full-scale development FGFA Air Force representatives say that Our homeland does the data it promises. Yet, Indian Defence Minister AK Antony (AK Antony) said that the country will not

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In Belarus more expensive beef

He explained to why the ministry insists on more expensive beef. Fact, that chicken and pork in Belarus are about the same as their neighbors. Because, that beef is not exported from Belarus, the Ministry proposes government to increase her prices. Subsequent what prices could rise — dairy products. But this increase, according to the minister, will be held no earlier than illumine. Tags: prices, beef

Turkey increases spending on defense and security

TSAMTO, October 31. The amount of funds allocated by the Turkish government on defense, security and intelligence to grow in 2013 by 16.3% compared with 2012, reported «Jane’s Defence Weekly,» referring to the Ministry of the country money. The total budget for these items in 2013 will amount to 45.3 billion lire (25.1 billion dollars) compared with 39 billion lire in 2012. Increased funding is largely explained worsening confrontation with the PKK and the possibility of armed conflict with Syria. Budget of the Ministry of Defence in 2013 will increase from 18.2 to 20.3 billion liras (an increase of

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The Russian Defense Ministry has concluded with the Czech aircraft manufacturer Aircraft Industries (operates under the brand LET Kunovice) contract for the supply of 4 L-410 aircraft. On this, as reported by «Interfax», said Andrei Kozitsin, General Director of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, which controls 51 percent of the LET.   According Kozitsyna acquired military agency aircraft will be delivered in 2013. With all this agreement contains an option to purchase 4 more aircraft L-410. In what specific configuration will be delivered by aircraft of the Defence Ministry, Kozitsin did not elaborate. According of the International Institute for


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