Central Tibet — FIRST STEPS

Himself flight lasted just over an hour and passed without incident. We took off to the left on the board (try to sit on this side) passed shrouded in clouds of Everest (or, as it is called in Tibet Chomolungma, which means «Mother of the Snows»). Enjoy spectacular views of different mountains and lakes of the porthole, down along the valley of the Brahmaputra River, landed at the airport Gongar. Immediately felt the altitude — 3,600 meters above sea level, the thin air caused a slight feeling of weightlessness and vertigo. It took several careful and picky searches various Chinese

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Familiar and unfamiliar Turkey

Turkey resembles a luxurious oriental rug. Curlicue, playing on the carpet, it seems a long time friend. But here’s a bright ray of the sun slides on the pattern, and it is changing, creating new intricate pattern of vivid impressions.

Promised Heaven According to legend, in the I st. BC. e. Pergamon king Attalus ordered vassals to find the most beautiful place on earth. Poor souls vassals been looking for paradise, and finally found it. Delighted King arrived on the scene and said: «This must be heaven!»

He founded a wonderful city, which is named in honor of himself

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We humans tend to think that we are very smart, but our technology is just pathetic compared to what mother nature can give. Take, for example, the storage of information: We admire the ability to accommodate terabytes of data in a device the size of a book and a pound of weight. But the best natural repository of information, DNA is infinitely more effective than one gram of genetic material can store 455 million terabytes of thousands of years.

Similarly with the processing power: the fastest supercomputers is still decades behind the capacity of the human brain … and

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Palomar hair removal — the most honest hair removal

Unfading mini is back in fashion! This time, a woman's true desire to reduce the length of the skirt to nothing embodied in short, lacking waist dresses, decorated with geometric prints and constructivist extravagant costumes, painted in the style of Cubist paintings by artists. Yet one thing has remained constant: perfectly smooth, devoid of vegetation feet.

In the category of obligatory rituals of beauty hair removal entered in the 60-ies of the last century after the invention of the mini skirt. Held in 1965 in New York, showing mini-skirts from designer Mary Quant proclaimed "Brevity — the soul of

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Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. May 2

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with former the House of Representatives State Assembly Vladimir Parfyanovich• Poll: Should transfer oil and gas pipelines in the property Union countries?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." The "Bugs".2nd part:• What are the most prominent Belarusian invention?• Polling Novapolatsk: "What is the most excellent invented the world’s population?"• Chyndogu: the invention of unnecessary things• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes Sharov• Anthology "Night ABC." Poems of Faith Burlak

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Most old Belarusian authority — in Grodno

In Grodno preserved Franciscan church with a monastery — a monument of architecture of 17-18 centuries. As stipulated Polish experts, it is very old body in Belarus — 1750. True, he had deteriorated, and during worship enjoy elektrasyntezataram Casio. Old authority requests Polga repair, and the abbot Joseph Makarchik searches abilities.Reporter: "We vznimaemsya on the second floor, to the gallery to the organ."Priest: "And then you can look at" tummy "it."Reporter: "Tummy body?"Priest: "A better way — the stomach?"Reporter: "stomach? Maybe then true to say — the insides?"Priest: "You see: the column of electronic organ, and tubes — the real

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S.Bukchyn: There shameless openness

"This is — shameless power. Incidentally, it was shameless and Russian Times. And no need There is a huge difference. But then it’s shameless power somehow masked, doing something, so this rudeness in the main cover. And now this is not done, "- says Simon Bookchin."In fact, nothing in addition time not changed, the same power with power. After all, it the same people who have their same idiotic psychology, the same svetavsprymanne. Nothing has changed completely.Appeared only shameless openness, authorities act even though no desire to hide behind anything. But yesterday I watched "Panorama", conceived see a response. But

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Toys for the development of fine motor skills

The fact that the mind of a child is at their fingertips, a famous teacher once said Sukhomlinsky. And it's not just a pretty picture. Speech therapists and psychologists never tire of repeating how important to do fine motor skills — especially for the development of speech, well, for coordination, training hand to writing, drawing, handicrafts, etc.

Agile, skillful fingers — a pledge of the full intellectual development (attention, thinking, imagination, visual and motor memory). And in order for the process to be fun and interesting, invented many special games and toys.

For the little ones — from

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Cannon century. Best helicopters

Rating from the magazine "The popular mechanics"

The most high-spirited: Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne

Country: United StatesFirst flight: 1967Length: 16.66 mMain rotor diameter: 15.62 mHeight: 4.18 mThe engine: turboshaft GET64, 3925 hpMost speed: 393 km / hCeiling: 6100 mWeapons: Bow turret with 40 mm M129 grenade launcher or 7.62-mm machine gun XM196, the main turret with 30 mm gun XM140, rocket Mk4 (70 mm), homing missiles BGM-71

The helicopter can operate at low speeds and altitudes, to provide reliable support infantry and transport aircraft.

With the emergence of freighter Boeing-Vertol CH-47 "Iroquois" was powerless as unaccompanied: the mighty "Chinook" was much

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Cannon century. The best small gun for 100 years

Rating magazine "The popular mechanics"

A common rifle: M16

Country: United StatesDesigned: 1959Weight: 2,88-3,4 kg (depends on the version)Length: 986-1006mm Caliber: 5.56 mm Rate of fire: 700-900 rounds / min Initial velocity: 948 m / s

The rifle was developed by the American company Armalite, in 1959, Colt began its creation in 1961, the U.S. military bought an experimental batch of rifles, and in 1964 it entered service in the U.S. Army. Right up to the present day or the M16 remains the main armament of the American infantry. First severe baptism of fire it was in Vietnam, and later

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