MFA: OSCE is not fully appreciated the positive steps

Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to past reports of observers statement withstand moderate tone. It first draws attention positive developments recorded by observers:"The election was held, and as rightly pointed out in the conclusions of international observers and the OSCE and the CIS, they are one hundred percent compliance with national legislation is the most fundamental. Observers also note a significant improvement in cooperation between the authorities Republic of Belarus with international organizations in electoral matters. They also recognize that the Belarusian authorities have done much to improve the preparation and conduct of the electoral process in the country. "

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M.Grib: No thaw will not

"After a certain number of days after the announcement of the OSCE, we learn that will deliver about Belarusian election management EU and the U.S.. On this will depend on what will happen in Belarus. I personally do not see a decent here. No improvement, no thaw in democracy and Human Rights at the near horizon there. All is not earlier, but on the contrary. "Statements by the Belarusian authorities on transparency and democratic elections in the House of Representatives last speaker of the Supreme Council Mieczyslaw Mushroom considers zaavesyu smoke, fog, in which concealed the fact what happened really.

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Gomel searched the office of the regional offices of the UCP

In an interview with human rights activist and Chairman of the Gomel Regional Branch public organizations "Legal Initiative" Leonid Sudalenka noted that he connects with his search performance at the OSCE conference in Warsaw on 3-5 October."At the conference, I, as a human rights activist and public figure, twice served on the independence of arbitrators in Belarus and the freedom of mass events. OSCE conference was attended by representatives of the governments of 58 countries, including the official delegation of Belarus. Officials, of course, heard me speak," — L.Sudalenko said.According to human rights, the OSCE representatives prepared a special statement

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Kalyakin not expect a positive assessment of the OSCE election

"In almost all the places for the authorities for fraud is not enough even early voting."Prince Kalyakin gave the example of their own district, where observers at each site considered people who voted and almost everywhere the difference with official turnout fruits was 200 people."I do not think that the OSCE will give a positive assessment of these elections. Believe that the sovereign Ahrens cherishes his own reputation. Though some observers have arrived here with the installation of a positive finding. But the disappointment of many European politicians will be even stronger than we. Indeed we are accustomed to: Lukashenko

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900 foreign observers

They are 6 international organizations. The greatest Consulate in Belarus, OSCE observers have — 416 and the CIS Executive Committee — 325 people.Among those who are already in Belarus, vice president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, senators from Belgium Anne-Marie Lizin. She is the manager of the observer delegation from the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and Special Coordinator of the OSCE Chairmanship in the short observation. Some observers already have experience in Belarus. By As the last, David Godfrey, Jane Zhopling, Nick Paul England followed presidential elections 2006.

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OSCE criticized Poland for violating the rights of journalists

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Miklos Haraszti, condemned the verdict in the case of Jacek Bzhushkevicha and in a special letter to the Minister of Justice of Poland Zbigniew Zebra wrote that "at the moment Polish journalists excellent loaf before writing critical articles about the officials."Bzhushkevich 4 year reversed wrote about the case of dry cleaning in Lublin, which health services due to pollution were ordered to close, but the winner appealed this decision and the tribunal supported him. Whereupon journalist wrote an article which argued that the holder Dry met with the referee, who was this

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Spring tries to register again

Recall: Human Rights Center "Viasna" was registered in 1999. But Supreme Tribunal Belarus on the proposal of the Ministry of Justice, in 2003 eliminated the "Spring". Chapter closed center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski believes that political authorities’ decision:"It was a political order for the liquidation of the human rights organization in the context of prosecution of hundreds and hundreds of non-governmental organizations.OSCE conference in Vienna representative Oleg Slizhevsky Justice said: who are you to interfere apply for registration again!We use these words with sovereign Slizheuski. A copy of the registration documents we passed yesterday in the OSCE office in Minsk to

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OSCE will assist Belarus in energy

Seminar participants discussed how through the adoption of new and adjustment of existing laws can ensure the development of renewable energy sources in Belarus.Sovereign Petersen added that considering ussvetnaga experience and technology office of the OSCE stands ready to assist Belarus in the field of renewable energy.

A.Iskandar» yang: We — not Switzerland, but, sorry, not Belarus

The Republican Party, led by Prime Minister Serzh Sarkisian, won a third of the votes. Second place was taken by "Prosperous Armenia" — 15% of the vote, which is also supported by the government. On the 3rd place with 13% of the vote was "Dashnaktsutyun" party, which also comes in a coalition government. Able to overcome the five percent barrier and two opposition parties — the "Rule of Law" — 7% and "Inheritance" — 6%. In voting assumed the role of 60% of voters for seats in parliament fought 22 parties and one bloc. Deputies on the 90 seats elected

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Vladimir Putin: Do not only find fleas in the post-

He accused the partners that they have not ratified the adapted Contract, referring to all this at the Istanbul Agreements providing for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Georgia and Transdniestria. According to Putin, the Contract in no way associated with the Istanbul agreements:"Partners behave incorrectly, achieving one-sided advantages. NOT ratyfikuyuchy under imaginary pretexts Contract, they use the situation to build systems around our borders military bases. Moreover, they plan to locate missile defense elements in the Czech Republic and Poland. A new countries such as Slovakia and the Baltic states, for example, despite the preliminary agreement with NATO, have

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