Yusup Bakhshiyev of «mediator» and other science fiction television series.

Domestic kinodela rarely turn to fiction. And even more rarely take 3a basis of literary works of Russian or Soviet authors. One of those who decided to go against this trend — producer of «Antikiller», «gesture» and «Paragraph 78» (Yucyp G. Bakhshiyev. He is now completing work on the series «intermediaries» — an adaptation of the famous novel by Alexander Mirer «Fom wanderers» and plans to continue to move on the screen a few brilliant works of Soviet science fiction.

The format of the series is better suited for the movies

The first question is obvious: why did you take

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UFO Aliens in Scotland watch online

In Scotland there is Folkirksky triangle. There's no UFO is so small that there is nowhere else. But this movie is not so much about how the UFO beheld, and more about another. Inside this triangle is Roslin church — maps, see the screenshots. )) Its built Templars, who knew the Da Vinci Code. In fact it is the portal to seep into another place. UFO fly up and fall. Type of transplant on the subway with Lenin Library to the ends. But we need to know Extraterrestrial username and password, and then, of course, will not get. In

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Lavon Volsky: The situation in Belarus nationwide more»

Society There are artists who have so many ideas that they can not be implemented within the same group. Therefore, they periodically have numerous side projects and a variety of creative Cooperative with other musicians.

A striking example of such a multi-faceted personality in the Belarusian music — regular guest of the "White List of Liberty." With 15 years his name was associated exclusively with the group "Mroya" and then NRM But by the end of 90th parallel to this artist moved on to other projects. Suffice it here to recall the "People's album" mysterious project Zet and "Krambambulya."

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Here come Putin …

Similarly, the Company's coming. Even in the two economic meeting. This way the first visit of a tandemakratav after last year's information and economic war, more precisely, after a sudden the December reconciliation.

And after the Russian dimension case of December 19 seems quite exhausted. Artem Brevs and Ivan Gapon received a lot of penalties, but were released in the courtroom, the Russian public and secret diplomacy can celebrate a victory, the embassy statement, the Foreign Ministry and the president of Russia in this symbolic issue brought some fruit. It should be noted that the expected guest — Russian

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As well be Russian

Read here trusting children's post about the prerequisites adore Russian and thought, and what I love about your own good people. Even Moldavian will find 100 of circumstances in which Moldovans best people on Earth, means and Russian have such prerequisites. What are we, the Russian, like us, Russian? (Other than the charming modesty contained in this issue).

For an incredible mixture of pride and introspection. Russia can rob up the thread, beaten, smeared in mud — and still it will look at offenders with ill-concealed pity advantages. The confidence of our people in its greatness and in no way

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Eastern Partnership: the state and civil society — apart

Society Last week was held in Berlin s Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership. This is one of the building blocks euroallied initiative bringing together civil society representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and the 27-nation European Union. Today Belarusian participants of the event spoke about the benefits of such meetings.

Sergei Mackiewicz

According to the speaker the Berlin forum Sergei Mackiewicz, in the working groups discussed the issues most relevant to the development of the Eastern Partnership: administrative reform, economic integration and visa liberalization, human rights, alternative energy, environment, etc. Almost across the board the Belarusian

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