Night Siege — October 1

The forums portal discussions are preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Forum participants commented:"Congratulations Ukrainians On Actually alignment of political forces in Belarus practically such as in Ukraine, but through 1 person we all democratic processes and clamped there is no competition. If we draw parallels with Ukraine and a little dream, you can get a picture of the subsequent parliamentary elections in Belarus speak out so in 2012 … ""Some greet" with the victory. "What can be a victory if" blue "have 70 percent of the East," orange "- 80 in the West. Such criteria no"

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Z.Paznyaka: The coup was the nail in the coffin of the USSR and the CPSU

Anniversary of the coup in This year remained practically unnoticed both in Belarus and in Russia and other former Soviet states. As for Rf, the nedavneshnee poll conducted by sociologists metropolitan Levada Center indicates that 48 percent of Russians believe the coup just an episode in the struggle for power of the then ruling elite.Gennady Burbulis, which in 1991 was political adviser to Boris Yeltsin, in an interview with the Russian service of Liberty regretted that the coup was the result of the disintegration of the USSR:Burbulis: "With one side, rejoice that nothing like sixteen years with us is not

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