Plus — minus. March 9



Same with the OSCE. Conclusions evragastsey left unattended mass of our people, but their presence at many degrees to tone beteshnay propaganda. Snake's head in Panorama will be with erotic prydyham paste this made in Europe abbreviation in cloth texts sentences "enemies of the people." As if to ODIHR and only came to the Belarusian-Lithuanian Commonwealth rather believe in all this phantasmagoria of riots, on a bitter radish broken SWAT and cozy house arrest.

But tell me, why forcing Westerners should care about the health of the Belarusian mind? Some of them are green, have no

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Open Belarus in MMA (VIDEO)

Society Action of solidarity with the repressed in Belarus initiated fund "Open Belarus" in Poland. The action was supported by professional athletes in MMA (Mixed martial arts, or MMA).

"My profession is not for politics, but that does not stop me from being aware of the international situation, a fortiori Belarus — our closest neighbors, "- says one of the best Polish MMA fighters Michal 'Masakra' China (Michal 'Massacre' Kita).

"When you see how healthy men, policemen, young girls are hitting clubs across the face, the blood run cold. Poland has gone through these times.'s Been 20 years. Also beaten,

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Joseph Seredich slanderers and liars Kastuseva pull in court

Society Chief editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Joseph replied to the statement Seredich former presidential candidate Grigory Kastusiou that if Seredich extorted money for the publication.

At the conference, the Gomel oblast branch of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou said that before the election he tried to discredit, publish it lampoons, and not the power structure. Kastusyou said: "In the" People's Will "in the room alone there were two such articles in my address. We areAlexei Yanukevich were at Seredich, talked with him, but Seredich said openly that give money and we will post an article, you place the order. Is

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The most reliable scheme

Interview with the CEO of "Izhmash" Maxime Kuzyuk

Not so long ago, Russian Concern "Izhmash" graduated from the basic step of reorganization, receiving all of the operating profit. In preparation for the full completion of the restructuring, "Izhmash" is engaged and the creation of a new instrument. What is the new machine "Izhmash" and what was useful reorganization of the group, in an interview with "" the CEO of the company said Maxim Kuzyuk.

",": Let's start, for sure, with the everyday concerns: with defense contracts. There have been difficulties in 2011, and in that sort of outlines. As at

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Gasoline, which put out the flames.

Society President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting on economic issues. He ordered from tomorrow morning rewind prices for motor fuel.

Alexander Lukashenko ordered to reduce the morning on June 9 fuel prices. He said, "Let's agree: fuel by tomorrow morning will not 5200-5100, and a maximum 4,500 rubles. So you can go and announce to all: 4500 — this is the maximum, I am taking the most expensive gasoline. From this we assume and diesel. And cheaper gasoline — low-octane. "

According to Lukashenko, in the future the cost of gasoline will not rise dramatically and is pegged

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Russian ethnicity is an ancient reservoir in Europe purely Nordic population

Where have gone Russian Plot? Can the Russian people, whose folk ("national"), self-consciousness for centuries oppressed by all plausible ways to survive in an era when running global processes targeted systematic destruction of a snow-white race through the promotion of racial mixing, leading to the degeneration of the world population, increasing its maneuverability and ultimately, to its death?

Race to the study of issues in the world today is taboo. The forces that manipulate the population of the earth firmly compared the topic from the hateful ideology. And made it far chance. It is here that lies the spiritual

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Russian do not give up!

Russia will never rise up from his knees, as long as they do not have your legally legalized, an isolated border, some of the national Russian countryside. National place in the sun — it is the only stable for self-affirmation citadel of civilization, its historical continuity, development and preservation of cultural traditions, real maturity and progressiveness of national consciousness.

As you know, the historical reality of Russian civilization has deprived the ability to have a similar stronghold which has permitted them to build their own civilized society with their eternally relevant Russian mentality moral principles, close their natural spiritual state

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The Russian military secret

Light up, bro?

In every joke there is fraction of jokes.Our home planetka Land not once was under threat invading hordes of vicious aliens, armed with massive blasters. But every time the attack is canceled and intergalactic invaders unfurled their ships to other, less unsafe for their planet. Intelligent aliens are always for razvedmeropriyatiya previously performed, the result of which was always the same: Intergalactic intelligence and analytical Office (MRAC) gave exactly a negative opinion about the invasion force of success. What is still worse prognosis based extraterrestrial spies? The creator has at its disposal two completely reliable document

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In Lithuania, Belarus Bureau will open a public and political representation

Society In the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Seimas of Lithuania, a round table, the theme of which was a violation of human rights in Belarus and in cooperation with the democratic forces. The discussions included representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, heads of diplomatic missions of the EU and NATO. At this meeting, the Lithuanian Seimas declared creation of the "Office of the Belarusian public and political representation in Lithuania."

Belarus Bureau in Lithuania proposed the creation of social activists who have been outside of Belarus after the events of December 19 in Minsk — is

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Americans are asking Obama spaceship Enterprise

Americans have placed on the White House website petition to consider the possibility of creating current copy of the spaceship "Enterprise"From the series"Star Trek. " The proponents hope that the U.S. government will be most serious in the project, which will deliver the first group of earthlings on Mars within 20 years.

This proposal will be considered at the state level only in the event that the petition will subscribe to at least 25 thousand people. The deadline for receiving signatures — January 21. At the moment a petition signed

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