Two thousand nine hundred and forty ninth time about the flu, its treatment and prevention

The simple truth is that any disease prevention is better than cure, is known to all. But no one treats it with due seriousness share. Seasonal outbreaks of influenza and other viral respiratory infections — encyclopedic example of carelessness. Thus, according to Epidemiology, in the first half of September, a significant increase in the number of cases ARD. In some regions, the increase ranges from 1 to 88 percent. And this is only the beginning of the "cold" season! The World Health Organization also a constant reminder of the need for prevention of acute respiratory disease. After all,

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How to overclock the crocodiles

Here it should be recalled that the very idea of trade appeared in the midst of the Belarusian-Russian winter 2006-2007, the oil and gas "war. Pragmatics And that decision was entirely clear: Our homeland reduction preferences broke the Belarusian economy giant hole, it must be something close, and especially in the long term, a Europe — natural source of resources for this. For nearly a year courtship, in 1-x, determine the value below which one side of the well, I can not give in, and in-2 proved to be that the Belarusian is not ready to pay so much and.

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Night Siege — January 16

The forums portal discuss that according to international organization "Freedom House" Belarus is recognized as one of the most repressive countries in the world. Presentation participants forums:"Who would have waited for other expressions of the organization of the United States. Yes, we are a little hard, but conscientious and proud … and yet we are poor. So how can there be free?""Representations of all these organizations do not even need to comment on … For example, the elections in Georgia, they will present as" indiscriminately democratic ", despite the statement of the observers, who described them as" chaos in

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That it is necessary that the citizens of Belarus could freely travel to Europe?

Man: "We need to negotiate with those countries where our people go, so that those simplified visa regime."Man: "We need to simplify the visa regime and to see to it that the representation worked perfectly, so there were no queues."Lady: "Well, that they decide to go up, and I do not know. Yeah except that-nibudt is dependent on people like me? We only can that obey."Lady: "You have to change the rules, you need to meet in relations between countries, so it was mutually beneficial. If we decide this dilemma together with other countries — the result will be. Need

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Ostrovec: Lenin returned to the town square

New iron Lenin — height over 2-meters. One arm is extended to the east, in the direction of Minsk, and in the other hand — cap. It is installed on the new two-meter pastamentse.Opening began at nine o’clock in the morning, and brought the monument yesterday NIGHT MODE. Ostrovetskii activist Ivan Kruk by allowing the act to which participated About 30 people, mostly elderly people and staff executive committee."They put him flowers, and workers still continue to install. Monument brought NIGHT MODE, because just could not do it. And at whose expense it — is unclear. However, it is clear

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Identification arrow personalization firearms

Most recently in the media entered information on customization of firearms, in other words, a tool designed with the ability to think of who it shoots, the owner or a stranger, well, respectively, to make a decision — either shoot an arrow away. Virtually all information on this topic is written in the key of «that’s what we’re good,» but well done it? Remains a lot of questions, as in general need a system, as it will secure the exact features will do and most importantly, how much will it cost? Is not it a further step to what

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U.S. missile shield create PROtivokitaysky

Modernization of the strategic potential of Beijing worries Pentagon Washington is surrounded by a network of missile defense not only Russia, and China. It is planned to make the Asian system. It will include ships and land-based radars. In the Land of the Rising Sun by these plants will be increased. They may be arranged in the Philippines and other countries in Asia Pacific. So makarom Pentagon expects to neutralize the growing military power of China. Beijing does not open, which would be his answer. But it became clear that he was doing the last generation intercontinental missiles. U.S.

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Drones: War outside the laws

First 2014 U.S. public with the latest national security strategy, which will mark the next step, the goal of fighting «al-Qaeda». Development of the document comes amid growing criticism of the methods of struggle. Weight of legal and other issues is the introduction of UAVs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen. Application drones Yankees lead to anarchy and a new military conflict in the world. So consider the special rapporteurs of the UN Human Rights Ben Emmerson and Christoph Hynes. In their study, they write that the militants stormed the U.S. in other countries, justifying it by the fact that the war

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Teleportation and weapon of the future

Scientists on the verge of discoveries that dramatically change the means and methods of warfare Konstantin Sivkov The results of studies with sometimes very little to do with the army, capable of in the coming 20 years, have a significant impact on the type of weapons systems, the nature and content of hostilities. The mechanism of influence of science on the development of weapons, military and special equipment (AMSE) has two main components — the ontological and epistemological, suggesting resolution of basic and applied problems. First significant for the development of science as a whole or for a few of

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Myths about genetically modified (GM) foods

Genetically modified (GM) foods are the same — products derived from transgenic organisms. Which translated into plain language means a body carries a foreign gene or genes.

Actually, the term can refer to both the flora and the fauna. But, it just so happened historically that, speaking to the GM plant is meant. Strangely, no one even does not occur, the yeast, which is put into the dough, for the most part it genomodifitsirovanny product. Anyway, the plants so the plants …


It all comes down to a simple human weakness: I want to work less and

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