Now continue Tribunal over the party of hope

Ministry of Justice insists on eliminating women’s party — Tipo because of numerous violations of the law.Leaders "Hope" in trying to justify Supreme Court, that these accusations are groundless.• In court, "Hope" claimed municipal guarantees, 09.10.2007

A.Povelitel: fight will last, but with a predominance of orange

"The situation is absolutely with these elections will not dare. Confrontation and struggle will continuesmiling, but with the advantage on the side of the orange. A means on the side of future development and the establishment of a more or less strong democracy in Ukraine. Certainly that advantage orange and will influence the affairs of Belarus, I think that in line with the EU and with the emphasis on those 12 criteria, which put forward the European Union ", — says Alexei Lord.• "Lukashenko is very interested in the orange power in Ukraine.", 01.10.2007

Detention Ivashkevich Ukhnalev — political order

Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka said authorities sought to discredit the chairman of the committee "Euro march" Ivashkevich and co "Public march" Valeria Ukhnalev."There was a political order. Notwithstanding prymityvnasts and poverty this step intimidation and attempted to discredit, we wish to state exactly the Belarusian public opinion and the international community, authorities go step by step in the wrong direction.In front of them in black and white issue, the candidate: either they respond to European offers concrete steps to return to Belarus freedom, democracy and trust, or they give birth and country, and themselves to a standstill, "- said Vecherko.In

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The conflict between Georgia and Russia deepens

The Georgian Foreign Ministry now again reiterated his accusations of in the address that its aircraft violated Georgian August 6 airy space and fired a rocket. The missile did not explode, but left a deep crater on the field. Yesterday the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili personally visited the scene of the incident near the village Tsytelubani that a few kilometers from South Ossetia. He urged the international community to support:"This incident is a link of a chain of events: cyber attack on Estonia, the bombing of the Georgian countryside in March — which are not met fierce reaction from

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United Democrats require the EU to complete the list of banned

Oh, so this decision has commented for Radio Liberty party secretary Lena Skrigan:"The same referee stopped the pair not only Communists, but also eliminated the Labor Party, as auto union of agricultural engineering. And it is not even certain judges. Fact, that such decisions not legal, but political. Because I believe that the members of the council had every reason to refer this proposal to the EU countries . "• PKB not allowed use their accounts, 2.08.2004

S.Sudnik Friends SLM — trusting and greenish

This decision was taken on September 21 at the joint meeting of the Political Council and SLM candidates one list of SLM. What thoughts cause this decision to those politicians who refused to continue the struggle for deputatstvo? Reads the last MP candidate by Lida district number 54, a member of the BPF Stanislav Sudnik:"On my eyes, UDF members showed themselves on this point completely trusting and greenish. I am not afraid, if offended, but to embellish them a little, they may be red and green.Absolute naivety reflected in the fact that they rely, as if a few people of

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Tribunal over Yury Zenkovich postponed

Zenkovich now owed come to the Russian district tribunal Minsk to referee Oksana Relyava graduated consideration excited yesterday administrative case. Zenkovich applicant as "Chernobyl Way" blamed for breaking the law on mass events. Yesterday referee heard testimony from all the witnesses — from the police and from the Zenkovich — and adjourned until May 18. Now Yuri Zenkovich the tribunal was not, because byfelt bad. He said Radio Liberty, that has sick leave on May 21. May 21 will be held as a continuation of the court in another applicant "Chernobyl Way" UCP activist Valentina Polevikova.

Is it possible to disrupt the elections?

15 candidates, representing the Party of the BPF, challenge the decision of the party Sojma to withdraw from the election campaign. What caused this decision management BNF? How can the opposition delegitymizavats elections? Feasible or calls for withdrawal from the election of all the opposition candidates?Participants: Deputy Chairman of BPF Viktor Ivashkevich Chairman of Minsk and Mogilev branch of the BPF Grigory Kostusev of Shklow. Why BPF management decided to withdraw from the election campaign?Valery Karbalevich: "What is closer to the election date, the sharper among the opposition is a discussion about the upcoming election campaign strategy. September 30 Diet

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The new status of Palestine

From occupied areas to the occupied state Marina Sapronova Actions «Arab Spring» and its quite diverse effects overshadowed the situation developing in the Palestinian state autonomy (PNA), usually considered as a constant threat to the stability of the entire Arab region. Meanwhile, in the near future there is enough important actions took place in November 2012 there was a real threat to the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip (eventually implement operation «Cloud Pillar»), which was preceded by the elimination of the control of the military wing of Hamas, Ahmed Jabari. Immediately took first quite successful performance of the

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SU-35 DAN «green light» to the Chinese market

  Russian delegation, which included representatives of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC RF), Rosoboronexport, the company «Sukhoi», discussed at the talks in Beijing, China procurement issue new functional Russian Su-35 fighter.   The meeting resulted in the signing of a joint document authorizing virtually «green light» to promote the Su-35 to the Chinese market. China has long been showing enthusiasm for the brand new Russian fighter, but the parties could not agree on the way the planned volumes of purchases. Beijing announced its intention to purchase the first step of a small batch of 4 — 6 cars,

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