Vladimir Nosov, «I like to change the system»

Yvlskogo graduate and graduate student at UCLA after studying in the United States and worked for eight years, having achieved recognition and best practice in a clinic in Los Angeles, he suddenly moved to Moscow. Dr. Vladimir Nosov, head of the gynecology clinic and cancers of the European Medical Center, told why he came back, why there is no classical oncology patients than Hollywood are different from ours, and what it takes to defeat the deadly disease.

Yesterday I had an operation, which lasted seven. Women more than a year ago did not completely remove the tumor which eventually

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My illness has promoted me to be in something better

Head of the department of the Vitebsk mamalyagichnaga onkodispanser Ivan Fedorenko praaperavav weave patients. But he believes it is psychologically difficult to perceive the ladies not the operation itself remove the gland, and the moment when it was revealed the diagnosis."When you say the lady that she had a quickie disease — you need to create, as a man changed the face! Because, unfortunately, many think that the cancer — is death. But, to our delight, it is not. And Can not assist very much . If the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, we make a very excellent

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Alcohol coding

Coding for alcoholism became widespread in the 1980s, when an expert by the name of Dovzhenko first introduced to the general public the problem. Coding were successfully used for the treatment of addiction, and eventually it became clear that this method of treatment, unlike many others was the most effective. Today coding can be called even psychotherapy, often encoding combined with NLP techniques or conditional reflex actions. Currently, there latest methods of treatment of alcoholism, which leads to better results than the preexisting. It is about neyrofizicheskoy blockade.

Neyrofizicheskaya blockade

A relatively new technique that has been

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Anticytokine therapy for psoriasis

In no other disease except for psoriasis have been introduced into medical practice as many different means and methods of treatment. Preparations were tried mercury and phosphorus, iodine, arsenic, sulfur, tar, salicylic acid, carbolic, lactose and hematherapy, insulin, and antiarrhythmics.

Modern tools and techniques of a total treatment of patients with psoriasis include photochemotherapy (FHT, PUVA therapy), methotrexate, cyclosporin A, aromatic retinoids, corticosteroids.

PUVA therapy

The first reports on the application of FHT in the treatment of patients with psoriasis have appeared in the literature in 1974-75. The method of treatment is that the patient ingests or

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Aorto-coronary bypass surgery, or surgery presidents

It just so happened that the treatment of various diseases are beginning to be discussed in the press only when in the hands of doctors gets a celebrity worldwide. The next "culprit" spike genuine interest in cardiac surgery has become Ex-President United States Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton), lain 7 September 2004 on the operating table at Columbia University.

This is not exotic, but rather the bulk operation aorto-coronary bypass grafting (CABG, coronary artery bypass operation — Eng.) made such a well-known politician, instantly becoming the world number one news. And the fact that this surgery safely carry several

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Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A (infectious disease) — is an acute liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus is considered the most favorable form of hepatitis, as it can take a chronic course.

Source of infection — a man patient hepatitis A. It highlights virus the faeces, after which he — with water or food — enters the body of others. Doctors call this mechanism of infection the fecal-oral route. Hepatitis A is most often occurs in children who are being infected through dirty hands. That is why this form of hepatitis is called "disease of dirty hands."

The spread

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Hepatitis threatens everyone?

For the majority of diagnosis of "hepatitis" sounds like a death sentence. Is he really so dangerous? What if the doctors found a disappointing diagnosis? And whether or hepatitis threaten everyone?

According to statistics, millions of people die each year from complications of viral hepatitis — cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Hepatitis B virus can develop hidden

Hepatitis B and C — is dangerous diseases that require special attention to their health, not only in patients with advanced disease, but also in carriers of the virus.

The sad thing — that's what a lot

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What ended the hunger strike in Navaelnya unhealthy?

Kakih-nibud 100 meters and a concrete fence closes. Get out of the clinic in town now can only be through the gate or the gate where a policeman on duty. Unhealthy tuberculosis they say that the regime of their content in the clinic became more rigid, if something goes wrong — immediately discharged.Chief Doctor: "Journalists have made the problem of where it does not exist"In the morning I Navaelnya in front of the National Tuberculosis hospital. Policeman executed documents, called the main doctor. Mieczyslaw Dougan flatly refuses to talk and certainly not allow that I passed on the countryside. Said

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Diagnostics: Goals

The objectives of the survey for suspected coronary disease:

— identify additional risk factors: high blood pressure, blood cholesterol, symptoms of diabetes, kidney disease

— assess the condition of the heart muscle,

— evaluate the state of the coronary arteries

— choose the tactics of treatment,

— predict the need for heart surgery.

Consultation with specialists

Each patient with coronary heart disease or suspected it must be consulted cardiologist, and if necessary in the future to be observed at him. If you find the indications for surgery, heart surgeon should

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Tubercular strike in Navaelnya stopped

14 January 150 tuberculosis patients in polyclinics Diatlovo near Grodno region refused to take food. They ensure that improved conditions in the clinic. Patients complain of bad food, shortage of medicines, lack of hot water, cold and humidity.Details — later in our air and on the website.

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