Stroganov icon.

For a contemporary artist or art lovers surname Stroganoff is best known for the title of the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art, colloquially referred to as the Art Institute, as well as the stories of the Securities icons «Stroganov school». These phenomena have arisen at different times, it is really connected to the history of Russian culture. The founder of the open in 1825, the «School of drawing in relation to the arts and crafts» (since 1868 — School of Technical Drawing), famous statesman Count Sergei G. Stroganov, collecting the best examples of painting, he paid special attention to

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Cryonics — the practice of preserving the body or the human brain in a state of deep cooling after his apparent death. yourself ‘patients’ or their relatives prefer this method to the traditional burial with one purpose — that in the future, when science and technology in an appropriate progress, to revive the person. We decided to find out how to do it — in the world and in our country.

Meeting with Danila Medvedev, Chairman of the Board of Directors’ KrioRus «advance promised surprises in an interview in 2006 he told me that around the city in the

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Deputies will Speaker, budget and language

In the preparatory order a day or about 40 questions. At least, meant to see new laws on gipatetsy, amnesty, the constitutional court proceedings, rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation. Deputies also wish to amend the laws on combating extremism, employment, pensions and others.Chairman of the Commission for Education, Culture, Science and technological progress Vladimir Zdanowicz of the most basic questions of all calls economical:"In this session, as in all the autumn, the most important and fundamental will be adopteds budget subsequent year. This applies to all fees. And we have long been working on this problem. And our commission

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What role is withdrawn prematurely voting power?

From all regions of Belarus comes the information that people are forced to vote early. Why did the authorities not afraid that people will start to resent? Why all the machine to ensure the appropriate authorities acts result without crashing? As foreign observers will be treated to a massive premature vote?Participants: a candidate in constituency Eseninskiy Valentine Svyatskaya from Minsk and past chairman of the city council Zhlobinsky, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Marat Afanasyev from Zhlobin.How do they react SOCIETY FOR VOTING Premature?

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"Apparently, in the whole country ahead of vote more than

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In elections to the greenish will be determined by the portraits of candidates

Greenish Village, near Tolochin, in my opinion, with great success could be called "Slivovae", because for nabryakshie maturity of plums and seemed houses to be seen. Areas given such a title in the 40s trained to "think boldly" Stalinist bureaucracy. "From blockhead" — such youth slang applied in communicating with me 84-year-old elder Mrs. Savic. Because she remembers the ancient title …Cavik: "Previously called Plyashovtsy., As the farm. I in the 40 th year of Mogilev came here …"

          Aunt Tatyana — gnarled 36-year-old tsyagannya for cow tits fingers. Hump on the back — had to be milked by hand.

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In the forests of Belarus activated mites

At the Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health said that only in May-June with tick bites turned more than 10 thousands of people. For comparison: in Last year for the entire warm season appealed for help 32 thousand inhabitants of Belarus. Special centers should immediately remove the tick from the body:"We regulate the time, which was a tick on the body. Less he was sitting there, the less the risk of contracting a disease of lime." Our research goal mites — that man had to be treated with prophylactic, failing get sick. "Tick can be removed from the body,

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United States refused to finance the UN Council on Human Rights

Contributions from the United States — the largest source of funding for the United Nations, these contributions represent almost a quarter of the UN budget.June 18 the UN Council on Human Rights excluded Belarus and Cuba from the list of states in what is being unchanging monitoring of human rights, have been canceled speakers Council mandates for these countries. In the list of states where the monitor human Rights will conducted on the basis of unchanged remained nine states, including North Korea, Burma, Somalia and Sudan.June 18 State Department spokesman USA Sean McCormack (Pictured) expressed disappointment with the United States

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Severin believes that the termination of his mandate — error

Severin said that this is a beautiful news for the authoritarian regime Alexander Lukashenko. At this point, said Severin, the victims of this regime will be even more vulnerable position.UN Council Human Rights not so long ago excluded Belarus from the list of states where systematically violated human rights.Chap. also:UN Council terminated the post of special rapporteur Belarus and Cuba

Human Rights Watch — against the candidacy of Belarus

In a special statement lists numerous rights violations rights in Belarus and are reminded that Belarusian authorities unwilling to cooperate with the UN. Three candidates — Belarus, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina — claim to two seats in the Council of the Eastern European regional group. • Bosnia amount konkurentnst Belarus, 16.05.2007 • Alexander Milinkevich appealed to States — members of the United Nations, 15.05.2007 • PACE Committee: Belarus has no place in the UN Council on Human Rights, 14.05.2007 • Human rights activists criticize the function of the UN vote, 14.05.2007

Putin signed an agreement on the adoption of the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia

Vladimir Putin issued an address to the Federal Assembly in connection with the annexation of Crimea to Russia. At the end of the speech the President of Russia, Head of the Crimea and Sevastopol Mayor signed the adoption of the Crimea and Sevastopol in the Russian Federation.   The main statements of the President of the Russian Federation   About Crimean referendum This question is important in principle, the historical significance. March 16 referendum was held in Crimea. More than 96% voted for reunification with Russia. These numbers are more than convincing. To understand why such a choice was

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