Newspaper Comrade police keeps under lock and key

"I ask that the Office of the police department responded to me why I am deprived of the right to use disk imaging freedom"Newspaper circulation is 30 thousand copies. Because books police complaints can be rapidly filled. In accordance with the presidential decree number 2 every citizen to own request must receive a response. The most active readers of the newspaper "Comrade" Zhlobin made notes before calling edition. In the book of complaints has four entries. Opposite records are stamps that they are taken into consideration. Nevertheless wrote that police member of the Communist Party of Belarus Valery Rybchenko?"I own

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Comrade encourages readers to write their own complaints

He recalls: September 27 as a result of a joint operation by the police department and employees Zhlobinsky police department of Minsk Leninsky district police department, was seized part of the circulation of the newspaper "Comrade" — a total of 14 thousand copies. While the legislation as outlined 10 days to verify the legitimacy of printing media, now the 12th day, but no response from law enforcement agencies revision and have not received. Sergei Wozniak, hardly what checks are carried out in general. By As the last, none of the police officers editorial did not cause, explanations or documents from

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Smolevichy: police detained nine young activists for Freedom

Police detained nine people. Among them there are minor. Detainees at the moment are in the police department Smalyavichy.Gomel: The search is related to the case "Junior Front", 5.10.2007 Courts have been arrested for distributing leaflets, 24.09.2007

Lady with a camera was handcuffed and thrown in Bobby

On the morning of his parents’ house, police detained a member of the movement "For Freedom" Andrew Sharenda. Little later forcibly taken to the police department and the district attorney Metropolitan Raman Kislyak. Both blame is evading appearance before the police."I was detained and currently make up the protocol on administrative violation — said our radio Raman Kislyak. — Previously, I was detained by this fact. Held seven o’clock. And now they say that I have found. Tipo I did not arise on the agendas and the calls are not answered. "A 15-hours delivered both of the Metropolitan District Department

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Day of solidarity in Minsk No arrests

10s youth activists yesterday came two hours a day or at the main post office and Ming have sent letters of support to political prisoners Dmitry Dashkevich, Alexander Kozulin, Artur Finkevich, Yuri Leonov and Nicholas Autukhovich. Share spent youth movement "Initiative". Also protesters sent a greeting to the political prisoner Andrei Klimov, who is now a day of birth. One of the participating shares Ekaterina Tkachenko said:"Once upon a time, maybe a year earlier, when Andrew still serving his sentence on the "chemistry" we asked him a question, he celebrates the day of birth in the slammer? He said that

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Navapolack four warnings and fines

Regular public activist, polochanin Albert Markov, fined 30 thousand rubles. The formal reason for the fine was that the emperor did not mark their seatbelts when driving a car.After, as participants in the bike ride was taken to the police station with them spent prophylactic conversation Novopolotsk city department chief Colonel Zheglanav. He said that for a group bike ride suitable respective resolution of regional and city authorities. Since there was no resolution, the action was unlawful disposition and police stopped her.As said our radio one of the participants in the planned path of Valery Shevchenko during detention violated laws

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Orsha detained nine of the Young and Ales Pushkin

Malady brought to the police station, explaining to them it must to know their personality.Artist Ales Pushkin traffic police officers detained at the approaches to the field of the Belarusian Military Glory. Painter started playing guitar and singing on the road, at the point where it stopped the police and gathered such makarom mass of people.On-site celebrations have already gathered several 10-s people. Paul Seviarynets told that near field Krapivenskaga seen leaders Vitebsk municipal and regional police.Meanwhile detained in Mogilev at the railway station public activists, police forced off the train "Mogilev — Orsha", released from the site, where they

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Police rushed to the show Free Theatre

"The play is suspended. They say We, that there Tipo passes "something illegal." By telephone discussions that lead riot police with his superiors, all can take in the region "- said by telephone Liberty Free Theatre director Nicholas Khalezin. In total, according to Nicholas Khalezin police holds about 50 people. This amateur theater actors, the audience, in including students and foreign guests. Piece by British playwright Edward Bond’s "Eleven shirts" is dedicated to the dilemma of violence in the school environment. But, according to the Free Theatre actors, "if desired, and then see the policy." Nikolai Khalezin commented present actions

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Brest detained about 40 supporters of the Christian Democrats (refreshed)

Policemen rushed to the room where the meeting was held and detained all the participants. Participants bundled into buses and paddy wagons. The detainees were taken to the police station. Midst detained in Brest — politician Paul Seviarynets. He came to the regional center for a meeting with the Brest pioneers in the creation of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy". His passport was taken.20 hours time in Minsk police department held 29 people.Under the law, police have the right keep people to identify at least 3 hours. This is not the first case when authorities disrupted the meeting of adherents

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Mogilev police again tries to disrupt the partnership meeting

For personal home after 11 hours and two police car pulled up. In one — armed men in the 2nd — police chiefs. Police probe does get into the house, in which participants partneskay closed meeting.Yesterday this house siege lasted about 3 hours. After checking the documents the incident was closed.

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