Five banned: Who expects resignation?

Or understand the same fate CEC chairman and Minister of the Interior? The analyst knows about it Yuri Chausov. Specialists expressed that the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko uniformly deprived in their own environment from people who like something skamprametavali. Is there really such a trend?Chausov: "In my opinion, quite the contrary. Resignation Those that have occurred, occurred much later from the moment kamprametatsyi. And to the power system, which is currently installed in Belarus uplyvovasts person inside peremptory grouping sometimes is not depending on his position. We remember how sovereign Shejman went from one position to another and took away

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A. Shydlouski became a political refugee

The solution for me is really hard

Alexei Shidlovskii sought political refuge in the Czech Republic. February 5 at noon with the opposition was able to talk on the phone. Alexei Shidlovskii time riding the bus from Prague to a refugee camp in Vishny Benefits near the Czech-Polish border. Oh, so Alex commented his decision to stay in the Czech Republic:"The decision for me really hard. But the fact, that article, in violation of which I suspect a longer term. However, there is on this article, and the statute of limitations — 10 years. Because I think if it

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Why Romney considers Russia geopolitical enemy number one? (Forbes, USA)

When it comes about the Kremlin, Mitt Romney starts to read aggressively, but during his own tour zabugornogo he deliberately looked at two of the country in which the case with Russia are of very great importance. This is Poland and Israel.

Romney's decision to visit the two countries sheds little light on the background of his statement that our homeland is "America's geopolitical enemy number one." But this does not mean that he is right in his own statement.

Poland and Israel make certain contrast which important for the significant figures of the foreign policy team

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Party life in the virtual dimension

When I hear the statements of some former presidential candidates that they almost took away the victory, then, as a political scientist and professor psychologist, first waver in the assessment. Immediately diagnose or megalomania, though, turn up here some other incentives. And I think I can even explain what.

In my opinion, the answer is simple. The rapid, often gush over the edge of the protest is nothing else, as a way of opposition. Only in this way — think, probably, the ideology of the opposition forces of all stripes — it is possible to hold in its

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The phenomenon of European democracy

At first priority was the obsession of wealth accumulation and the heat of anti-government passions

Europe and its inextricable part — the largest country in the world — Our homeland tightly woven between a historical, economic, political and cultural ties. And so all that is happening in the west of the Eurasian continent, the most concrete way affect the situation in the Russian Federation. Because editing the weekly "Military-Industrial Courier" and decided to publish this article noble Bulgarian professional.

Totality of severe transformations

The current crisis has shown that in spite of all the discussion about the solidarity that we

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The new draft resolution on Syria, Moscow does not support

Project Resolution concerning Syria, which was introduced by Morocco, ignoring Russian objections, and contains "a number of new parts that are unacceptable for the Russian Federation on a fundamentally judgments." In an interview with reporters, said Vitaly Churkin, Permanent Representative of Russian Federation to the United Nations after the Friday of the Franco-Moroccan project officially brought before the UN Security Council during its closed session.

According to Churkin, the adoption of the resolution would be a "wrong move for the UN Security Council, and the most disastrous for Syria." As the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation is a

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Moldavia. Undercover April 7

I. Moldavia

The end of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI century is not that different as a testing ground of various psycho-technologies with political overtones.

Significantly but that the actions of April 7 set Moldovan society before the issue of the existence of the country. Specify no April 7, and the post on April 7. "Children's Orange Revolution," April 7 is not as unsafe as trying to convince society. Unsafe mental processes in the masses of people post on April 7. Unsafe mental processes Moldovan political class post on April 7.

"Speed" which Union and

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Sinikka Hurskainen to inspect the PACE in Minsk

Society In Minsk, Belarus is a reporter on the Political Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Sinikka Hurskainen. In Belarus, Ms. Hurskainen will hold three days. And it came to Minsk to "gather information, meet with people and discuss what is happening in the country."

At the Mrs. Hurskainen, her interested in the situation in Belarus on three issues: human rights, democracy and the rule of law. "I would like to know what has been done in Belarus after our last visit. I know that there is bad news regarding the issuance of new

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Who will sit at the presidency in 2012? Interview

In March 2012, in Russia's presidential election. For the first time the president of the Russian Federation will be elected for a six year term. At the current time, one of the main themes of Russian policy is the question, "Who will be president? '. Most of the finds that the main intrigue of the upcoming elections will be to the one who from the ruling tandem will nominate a candidate in the elections — Putin or Medvedev. But the most common of the scenarios is not always true. Because golf is stored in our imaginations, even at the moment.

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Tell the truth

The Company's tagline of "Tell the Truth" from the beginning seemed suspicious to me. Embarrassing naivete made their populist steps adbrehvanne annoyed about the "pot", something not given to believe in the sincerity of collecting signatures for street Bykov. Too directly fed and allusions with Solzhenitsyn yes Havel. However, after, again as the voices of those who sincerely believe that the 2011everything will be in area, it was thought that the infection dissent too strongly rooted in the body of our opposition, and until recovery is still far. In addition, the company joined the people I truly respect and I,

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