Minsk region will manage Leonid Krupets

I met with Leonid Krupce in 2001, when preparing a program about Nyasvizh. While he headed Nesvizhski executive committee. Usually district vertikalschikov very reluctantly go to the contact with are independent journalists. But Leonid Krupets immediately agreed to a meeting. I called the reception executive committee and secretary of the sovereign Krupets directly tied me up with it. 1st same words were Leonid Krupets Belarusian. He read a lot about the fate Nesvizhsky Palace. Behaved very democratic, just put me in touch with the main spices in the restoration of the palace, expressed a willingness to assist. After that meeting

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Poltava Khanate descendants of Mamaia

The roots of modern Ukraine must be found not in Kievan Rus and the Golden Horde.

Mamaj heavily represented in the Ukrainian folk art XVIII-XIX centuries

Certainly, none of my recent articles is not done as much noise as "Tatar root Cossack family." But the point is too early. Steppe Turkic origins of Ukrainian ethnos require digging coming, so to speak. Instead we are being offered fiction stories, adapted to the changing political purposes. But the story — is valuable in itself. This is not the servant of politicians. This is a detective who does not get tired to unravel,

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The date of the festival Battle of Orsha

Society In This year, bard annual festival will take place not in the first weekend, which was earlier, and on September 11 — the date of the celebration that was closer to the anniversary of the Battle of Orsha, which took place on 8 September 1514.Bard festival will take place near the spot where in 1514 the forces of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania defeated the army of the Moscow principality — on the bank of the river near the village of Krapivenka Gatkovschina Orsha district.

In these places, singers and listeners are going from 1992 to the year. The

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Little-known Russian war the country: Russian-Lithuanian quixotic War of 1487-1494 years.

Ivan III in the early stages of its own government in its relations with Lithuania was trying to act very carefully, trying persuasion and promises to win over the mighty are served Duchy of Lithuania Verhovskom Russian princes, whose possessions were located in the upper reaches of the river Oka. They retain a degree of autonomy, enshrined the rights and privileges that are constantly stipulated in the contract with Lithuania. Naturally, the majestic Golden Horde, Russian and Jemoit, of which at the time included the land of modern Belarus and Lithuania, as part of Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Poland,

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Or restored Napoleon ON?


Soon to be celebrated the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, which for us was, as you know, is not the same as for Russia. Please tell me how real was the renewal under the auspices of Napoleon our state?

Casimir, a history teacher

Tth war in our history did have radically different nature than in the eastern neighbors. For Lithuania, Belarus, which has only recently hit the double-headed eagle claws, she was not domestic. However, this is the definition given by the Russian imperial historiography, to still replicated Belarusian textbooks and encyclopedias (unfortunately, is

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Academics antiquity

Society Mr. Orlov, I would like to go back to the question of "Europeanness" of Belarus. Sometimes your arguments are obtained by "lame." Well, what with the fact that some of the Belarusian lands studied at Western universities? His was not, and went there, when his father had the money …


Withpyarsha, Mr. Skeptic, those whom you call "someone from the Belarusian land." If you believe that it is single cases or, say, a few dozen young people, then, I'm sorry, "limp" starts your position.

According to the science behind the sun and drove hundreds of

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Were the Russians in the Grand Duchy?

Society In Grodno was a presentation of the collection of contemporary poetry in five languages — Belarusian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian. Authors — modern, but they live today in those countries that were once in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Book released in Vilnius, it is called «Magnus Ducatus Poesis», on the cover written in several languages as well — "overcoming borders." The presentation took place at the Museum of the History of Religion Grodno.

Lithuanian poets came to Grodno — it must be said, looked unusual.

Led the party Evaldas Ignatavichus— Deputy minister Foreign Affairs Lithuania, the

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