Catch the last 7 days

So imagine living a normal life, learn, work, go on dates. Rejoice in the mirror. But a week later loomed megavazhnoe event. And you jumped pimple face was dull and languid blue under the eyes. Take urgent measures.

We offer to make some targeted killings of nouveau trouble.

Dim complexion

The first thing that comes to mind to solve this problem, — massage, beauticians and agree with us. After all, the main reason for unhealthy complexion — congestion, and for the improvement of such a procedure could not be better suited. Do traditional massage courses in 10 procedures, but in

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All eyes on hands

The hands are almost always "on the front." They "assume", at times, unbearable burden, routinely perform a lot of different things. Our hands are in need of special care and attention.

Hands deserve complete care, care and nutrition. And it is well understood by the attentive and professional beauticians ON CLINIC, knowing what needs our hands to preserve their youth, grooming, health and beauty for years to come.

Injection drug-filler

Rejuvenation of the hands due to injection drug-filler — this is a painless and highly effective cosmetic procedure.

At certain points on the hands is

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Laser resurfacing — the disadvantages to advantages

Time brings experience and wisdom, but not to the benefit appearance. However, the charm of maturity and inner beauty, backed up by a perfect figure, flawless skin and glowing eyes can compete serene youth. "But what efforts?" — You ask.

More recently, this question could be answered: "Exceptional efforts of plastic surgeons, many painful procedures and endless months of rehabilitation in rehabilitation clinics." But today, thanks to the latest developments of laser technology and its application in cosmetics, it is possible to look 10-15 years younger than their true age.

Some time ago, laser skin resurfacing procedure

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Circumcision: it is necessary to you?

U.S. corn magnate John Harvey Kellogg (the manufacturer Kellogg's Corn Flakes) at the end of XIXveka decided to fight with masturbation. As an influential politician, he has created a society of "antimasturbatsionnuyu hysteria." As written by physicians of the time, enthusiastic ideas Kellogg, "the results of self-satisfaction may be orgaznizma exhaustion, stroke and heart disease. Masturbation makes one lose one's mind, others commit suicide »(Mary R. Melendy, MD, The Ideal Woman — For Maidens, Wives and Mothers, 1903).

Protect boys from the terrible consequences of Kellogg decided to surgically — cutting off the foreskin. "To achieve good results

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Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes: best practices

Wanting to make an impression on man, we, first of all, pay attention to his eyes. A value of all — the size of the pupils, the incision eye, position of the eyelids and eyebrows, the presence of wrinkles, "Ray", no red streaks on the "whites", the brightness of the color "Iris." Unfortunately, the eyes betray not only our mood, but also age.

From the point of view of a specialist cosmetic problems around the eyes are divided into:

wrinkles around the eyes decreased elasticity of the skin, pigmentation "Bags" under the eyes, swelling nasolacrimal groove Hernia

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Cleansing the Body: details

Headaches, sallow complexion, digestive problems, reduced performance and it is unclear where the undertaken allergies — all of these symptoms may indicate not only the accumulated fatigue or a hidden disease, but a banal "pollution" of the body by various toxins.

Usually when we start to feel unwell swallow medicines and vitamins, hoping for a speedy recovery. But like any beautician knows that it is useless to put even the best skin cream for crude, and in most cases no longer makes sense to stuff the body with vitamins already disturbed metabolism. He simply can not grasp it falling

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Postpartum recovery figures using VelaShape

Pregnancy — a real miracle, because of two microscopic cells is connected together there is a new man. It's the most wonderful time for every woman.

Unfortunately, our appearance during pregnancy is severely tested (blame the hormones) appear excess fat deposits where they have never been, the skin becomes less elastic, enhanced the appearance of cellulite. But, do not get upset — after the birth of a child over time to normal. However, the recovery process can be sped up: just 5 treatments on the unit VelaShape significantly improve the state of the skin, reduce the appearance of

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Epilation: experiment on himself

Frankly, TV spots next razor for women gives me a feeling of deep thought. Can someone help? Do this every other day from scratches himself lucky not germinating hair and stroking the stubble on his feet before going to bed? That's lucky, I guess.

But for some reason it seems to me that there is a substantial part of those who are not lucky: on-site shaving hair starts to grow in arithmetical progression, depilatory creams do not help, and the means to slow the growth of hair look like a joke.

All this fully applies to me.

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Four misconceptions about plasmapheresis

Ten years ago, plasmapheresis was considered exclusively a medical procedure and was prescribed only in certain diseases. Today, it is offered on every corner and is called "cleaning the blood." With plasmapheresis we promise to rejuvenate, get rid of "toxins" and, in general, to "clean up on a deep cellular level."

For what, in fact, need a plasmapheresis? As far as the procedure is universal? How safe? On those other questions are answered Yuri Kuzmin, anesthesiologist highest category, an expert on plasmapheresis Scandinavian Medical Center.

Misconception 1. Plasmapheresis — is cleaning the blood of toxins

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Hair Removal: not so smooth

There are two ways to get rid of annoying vegetation: depilation and epilation. In the first case, mechanically or chemically removed hairs sticking out on the surface, the second is an attack on the roots — the hair follicles.

When waxing enough effort from 2 days to a few weeks, then shaggy recover and may even go up (this only applies to shave). Hair removal is irrevocable guarantees gradual disappearance of the boring of the coat: no follicle — no hair.

Boots, boots …

Our grandmothers used quite a sort of "people's" way of removing hair from the

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