Summer — it’s time to take a break from the usual work or school and take a ride on the world: take a look at the beauty created by nature, admire the works of human hands, to join the other cultures, to make friends with people who otherwise would not have met if … It is to leave for some reason does not work, you can go home town — it may very well be that there awaits a lot of fantastic!

This time we will talk about some of the monuments dedicated to the heroes of fantasy and fairy

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Laboratory beauty.

Every day we use perfume and cosmetics, and the appearance on the shelves of new shampoos, masks and paint business as usual for us. Often, casting a skeptical eye product, we decide — it’s the same product, only in new package! But a tour of the center of the L’Oreal Global Hair Research allowed to look at the kitchen, where they create these products and make a lot of work is put into the development process.

To put on the market cosmetics brand new product, you need an average of seven years to check and test it! L’Oreal, each

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Belarusian elderly: daily bread, milk. Meat exclusively prazdnichkom

Most ordinary deli in East district. Neighborhood was built in the 1970s, because at the moment there lives very many the elderly.Just finished raining, and they flocked to the chain store.I appeal to the lady Incline age: "Here’s what you every day buy at the store? "Lady: "Bread, milk. Curd not every day. Meat exclusively prazdnichkom, telling the truth. Every day pashykuesh not. "Reporter: "And saw how much more expensive milk, bread?"Lady: "In general it seems that not much. Milk, for example, 60 rubles. At some places threw bread 50-80 rubles (different varieties). Amassed But when the basket of goods

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Svetlogorsk entrepreneurs decided to start from September 1 strike

After the release of August 6 to protest the marketplace to small businessmen executive committee want to hear the answer, if the fiscal authorities will end the practice of confiscation of products even for small violations. "The speeches Deputy Chairman Executive Committee Alexander Magazinshchykava and other officials had a lot of different disk imaging. But we have not heard the brain: when is discontinued shameless confiscation of our products, "- said Ira biznesmenka Sovateeva.In soon Ira, who is chairman of the personal business of shopping center "ARTIS" Tax and police seized products almost 3 million rubles. In individual traders amount

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Brest entrepreneurs sell assets

Favourite Brest branch of the national association "Perspective" Victor said Tchaikovsky "Freedom" that the owners of the shopping places that are equipped so referredand rolling shutters (cameras for the implementation and storage of products) implement this property.

private traders do not hope for a positive solution of current problems

"If the initial price of the equipment worth 5-7 thousands of dollars, at the moment it dropped to $ 03.04. Local newspapers at the moment a bunch of proposals. This indicates that private traders do not hope for a positive solution of current problems, "- says Victor Tchaikovsky.He says that

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The suffix E on the food packaging

According to the letter E on its packaging can be identified the presence of a food additive in a particular product. Index E (from Europe) within the European Community to denote the presence in food of any nutritional supplements, identified according to the International Classification System (INS).

In each of these additives have a specific person, that is, its chemical, tested for safety, composition:

E100-E182— Dyes that are used to give the products of different colors; E200-E299 — Preservatives used to extend the shelf life; E300-E399— Antioxidants, as well as acidity regulators, delays aging process (in fact,

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Iodine deficiency

According to statistics, the lack of iodine in the body have more than 1.5 billion inhabitants of the planet. And the diseases caused by deficiency of the trace element, are fairly common. They are by no means harmless. Almost 740 million people due to lack of iodine increased thyroid gland (endemic goiter), and 40 million people for the same reason — mental retardation.

In Russia, more than 35% of the population suffer from iodine deficiency, often without knowing it. Hormonal disorders arising because of iodine deficiency, first proceed quickly, and do not bother people. Later begins enlargement of the

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Trace elements: watch dose

About how micronutrients affect on our lives, and why beer in aluminum cans causes aggression, and why Emperor Nero was crazy, talks at the Finnish health centers, physician-microelementology Ramil Nazypov.

— Ramil Mazgutovich how long physicians interested in trace element metabolism?  

— Relatively recently: in the middle of the XX century. But even before the doctor paid attention to the medicinal properties of certain herbs or foods.

That's where Peter I started my day? With anisette! A anise contains a full set of trace elements. The king drank "anise" is not for drinking, but with only one purpose

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Myths about genetically modified (GM) foods

Genetically modified (GM) foods are the same — products derived from transgenic organisms. Which translated into plain language means a body carries a foreign gene or genes.

Actually, the term can refer to both the flora and the fauna. But, it just so happened historically that, speaking to the GM plant is meant. Strangely, no one even does not occur, the yeast, which is put into the dough, for the most part it genomodifitsirovanny product. Anyway, the plants so the plants …


It all comes down to a simple human weakness: I want to work less and

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The latest discovery Tevatron

It just so happened that the main nyusmeykerami in modern physics collaborations are working at the Large Hadron Collider. However, recently the American physicists in progress at the Tevatron Collider found unexplained effect. Some have suggested that this phenomenon — the birth as yet undiscovered particles. The findings of the experiment, the data were presented at the Laboratory site. Fermi.

I tverdno decided that rent an apartment in Magnitogorsk, still it is idle. And in order to make it profitable, I will place a free ad on the bulletin board

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