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"What’s to think? If I was a spy, then sold the brand to the country. "Minsk guy — the question of "Liberty" "What more interested in Belarusian spy secrets?" "Minsk configured to do good works with Georgian brothers."Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in negotiations with Georgian Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili on normalization of relations 2-states. "He seemed suspicious. Employment me this — to detain all suspicious. During the inspection, I saw in his bag and suspicious printed materials — paper" Freedom. "Senior police Asker leytenat of patrol Gomel — about the detention of youth activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka. "I myself

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"Again stress that the Belarusian side with no one is a no-trade. And it is not going to lead. Belarus — legal country. And all that what’s happening Belarus, occurs only in accordance with applicable law our country . "Ministry spokesman Foreign Affairs Belarus Andrei Popov — in answer to the question of "Freedom" or does not see it for premature release of political prisoners and the smallest sentence activists "Young Front" desire official Belarusian authorities to do better business with the West. "He wrote in a letter that a further three months extended period. Wrote that for him it

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