OSCE again criticized the lack of freedom for Belarus media

Society This week, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic gave its first report to the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna.

In the report, among the two dozen of the OSCE, to the authorities which Ms. Mijatovic addressed with different questions about the freedom of the media, is mentioned and Belarus.

Dunja Mijatovic recalls his letter to the Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus Sergei Martynov, which in May, she expressed her concern about the intimidation of Belarusian journalists Svetlana Kalinkina, Maryna Koktysh, Natalia Radina and Irina Khalip because of their interrogations and confiscation of their computers so-called "Hunters'

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Lavrov referred question about basic test of true partnership with NATO

Our home can not agree with NATO on missile defense, which is unfortunate at the official Moscow. This statement was made today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

According to him, the United States does not want to commit themselves, "limiting the potential capabilities for the creation and placement of missile defense." Lavrov added that the Russian proposals are ignored because NATO "Can not give anyone else the responsibility for ensuring the defense area of the Allies," transmit Internet media.

Sergey Lavrov referred question PRO "basic test of true partnership with NATO"." We fundamentally need for reliable, accurate and

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Russian media: continued attacks on Lukashenko

Society Belarusian theme remains one of the most sought after in the Russian media. Many of the largest TV stations and newspapers in the last few days were marked by new materials on the country and its leadership.

In the on state channel "Russia" The head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin his vision of the reasons the media war between Moscow and Minsk. Putin said that Russia, as before, from Russia wants to get cheap resources, but it ignores its commitments:

I repeat: if a bargain, signed a piece of paper — it is necessary to perform …

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Lukashenko wants to report

Society Man: "For the sake of the elections. He's always at this time passes. This self-promotion. Advertise election. They will be announced, possibly this year. In November and December."

Man: "Well, elections soon. And he wants to say something to that effect. And what exactly — I do not know. Time will tell. Pursues he, of course, some their interests."Man: "Soon will start the campaign — will treat this issue., You understand that there is not only steers Lukashenko, but also his team. She will do anything that might have a greater legitimacy to remain in power. And, most likely,

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Direct Line with Vladimir Putin (25.04.20113) watch online

"Smooth line," the Russian president Vladimir Fishing season held on April 25. This is the first teledialogue with the Russians that Putin after his election to the presidency of the country in 2012 godu.Rovnaya broadcast communication by Russian President Vladimir Fishing season with the Russians, during which head the country will answer the questions of people from different parts of the country. Segodnyaschy meeting is being held in a new format: the participants will be divided according to Prof. basis, some will have the opportunity not just to ask question Putin and engage in a discussion with the President.

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Energy audit of companies in Russia

At today's energy audit companies in the media write quite a lot. They say about this notion in some circles even more, but that's not spending his many leisure. In RF every second businessman thinking about the importance of saving energy, and therefore he has a huge number of urgent questions: what is meant by the expert survey of energy efficiency? Is there potential for energy savings in certain production facilities? Is the urgent need embezzlement of funds for this function? What are the risks you may encounter? What is the essence of the operations? All these questions are

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In Gomel created a regional organization for freedom of movement

Society In Gomel Regional Assembly passed members of the movement "For Freedom" with an invitation to activists of other organizations. The meeting was attended by leaders of the movement, Alexander Milinkevich, who in May announced his decision to participate in the upcoming presidential election.

During his speech, the politician said that the current system of government can not be reformed — "it must be removed and a new build."

According to Milinkevich, now even the officials are looking to contact him to ask the question: "What will happen to the country? What will happen to Lukashenko? And what about Russia?

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Commissioner awaiting government and opposition

Society Today, the 17-hour arrives in Minsk for the first time the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule. For two days he will meet with Alexander Lukashenko, Sergei Martynov, the opposition, civil society and the media. In his visit to Minsk called the continuation of the dialogue with Brussels, which began in February last year, when Belarus visited the then Secretary General of the Council of the European Union Javier Solana.

"Belarus and the European Union have much in common — much more so than the presence of our shared border," — said on the

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Scotland: separation from decaying UK?

The modern world in the past two years, the 10-ka is not necessarily characterized by the integration and globalization. Everyone understands that the reincarnated in the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. There are examples of the imminent disintegration and smaller Basque Country in Spain, in Benghazi, Libya or Scotland in the United Kingdom. All three examples, by the way, have something in common: Basque autonomy — one of the richest areas of Spanish (mining iron ore, metallurgical industry, agriculture — 35,000 farms, tourism); Benghazi — a secured area of Libya's oil (2/3 of Libyan oil supplies), Scotland — again as

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Shamans predicted the future

Marines will not exclude the status of the individual kinds of troops

"Airborne troops will remain an independent arm of the service, "- said yesterday Gen.-Lieutenant General Vladimir Shamanov, responding to question journalist "MK" on the fate of Navy in the "new form of the Armed Forces." It is partly denied rumors that the airborne or dissolved in the Army, or on the basis of their strength will be made frisky response.

On the prospects of reforming the army Gen. Shamans told to follow:

— On the basis of the military districts, we have formed the operational-strategic commands

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