CHINESE Destroyers receive their «Tomahawk»

Forum Chinese portal published photos of freight ship launcher variant KR-range CJ-10, which is meant the forum participants, runs tests on the towing vehicle 891.   KR-range CJ-10 (ChangJiang-10, or Long Sword — «Long Sword») with a range of 2,200 km and placed on a self-propelled launcher, is in service with the PLA around since the mid-2000s. For the first time this missile system was demonstrated at the military parade in 2009 in honor of the 60th anniversary of a day or founding of the PRC. It is believed that the missile was developed on the basis of

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Solo on the body of the rocket tubes. Continued from Part 5

In the early fifties, the government had decided to establish a defense of Moscow. These works, as well as at the time the nuclear project, was under the personal supervision of Beria. To create a system of "Berkut" in his unit was set up a special office, soon converted into a 3rd Main Directorate of the USSR Council of Ministers. Its main designers were appointed well-known expert in the field of radio PN Kuksenko and son Sergo Beria. Design Bureau of N1, established within the Ministry of weapons, using its special position not only makes the room NII-20 with

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Experimental bomber Tu-135

In 1958, the OKB-156, under the same codes as the aircraft "135" (Tu-95C) were efforts have begun work on the strategic impact of aviation system, which by its design characteristics was similar to M-56 Myasishcheva VM

Work on "135" were carried out under the control of S. Jaeger in the Department of Technical Proposal. Work on the subject in 1960 to illumine the scope of search research did not go out prepared several preparatory projects of strategic supersonic aircraft which repeated in the main design options for B-70 developed in the United States. Since 1960 works illumine activated. October 3,

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