END OF YEAR RUSSIA BELARUS located in another 20 Su-27SM3

Until the end, our homeland will be located in Belarus 20 additional multi-purpose fighter Su-27SM3, defence24.pl reports citing ITAR-TASS.   About the new plans of the Russian Federation in respect of Belarus informed the commander of the Russian Air Force Viktor Bondarev. As expected before the end of the year will be deployed Fighter Aviation Regiment. New aircraft will be on the Russian air base at the airport in Baranovichi Brest.   Polk will protect the air space of Belarus and Russia. According Bondarev, in the current time in Baranovichi unchanged base are four Su-27SM3. First, on the basis

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In Brest Fortress will remain uniform Polish soldiers

Tradition of this military unit has its origins in Siberia where he was created a regiment of Polish shooters Tadeusz Kosciuszko. After the military operations in Manchuria soldiers and officers, the survivors were evacuated to Gdansk. Later, the army uchavstvovala in the Polish-Soviet war in 1920 and received the title of "82nd Siberian shelf musketeers Tadeusz Kosciuszko."From October 1921 until the beginning of the second World War I this regiment was located in Brest, that was the capital of the province Polesski. Since the beginning of the war fighters were rushed focused on the Polish-German border, where participated in hostilities.As

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Put on duty the first regiment Yarsov

In the Ivanovo region atonement for combat duty first in Russia regiment, armed with a mobile strategic missile system RS-24 "Yars". On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said the official dealer of the press service of the Ministry of Defence and disk imaging Russia Vadim Koval. According to him, the regiment included two divisions of the RS-24, which in 2010 were put on combat duty pilot. During the trial operation of the military confirmed the declared tactical and technical properties of the complex.

In the future, new missile systems have to change in service of an old SS-18 (Russian

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Pokryshkin in the sky over the huge TOKMAKOV

One day in the history of the 16th Guards Fighter Regiment

Every year more and more in the past recedes from us majestic Russian war, evenly erased the memory of the exorbitant feats of our ancestors, who saved Russia from destruction and won the victory. The current day provides a good opportunity to remember some of those who fought for their country: Alexander Pokryshkina and his pupil and brother-Victor Zherdev. Referring to one of the days of combat stories of the 16th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, which fought in the War pilots — September 21, 1943.

For Pokryshkina that day

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A trip to the 45th Airborne Regiment

It is not so long ago on the towns of the former Union otshumelo day Airborne, and many might follow former paratroopers for aqua procedures. And now is the time to look at the Marines for more sensible to exercise, what we can do through fotobloggeru martin_sqare. It is not so long since accepted the role of a blogger press trip in the 45th regiment Special Forces Airborne, which is located in Kubinka.

Since one day I slept only one hour on the train, I could not understand a lot of text disk imaging. But I will say that it

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Leonti Native feat grenadier

Fight at Leipzig. Painting VI Mashkov

Serve in the Life Guards regiment the Finland were honored by representatives of the famous Russian names. Princes and counts in the middle of the regiment's officers were not uncommon. And they all went up the front stairs to the officers' regiment saluted a monument depicting a conventional fighter. That still did grenadier Leonti root to the officers at his own expense he established the monument and started to give him the honor?

Own a feat made him famous in the 2-armies, Russian and French, grenadier Leonti Native made October 4, 1813 in

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FOURTH REGIMENT S-400 to intercede on duty in Nakhodka

4th Regiment anti-aircraft missile system S-400 on Thursday to intercede on combat duty in Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai), said to RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the official dealer of the Eastern Military Area.   So Makar, now the Russian army regiment four C-400: two — in Moscow (Elektrostal and Dmitrov), one — the Baltic Fleet, and another — in East military environment.   «The official ceremony posing on combat duty regimental kit held on August 16,» — said the agency interlocutor.   He also said that the ceremony invited journalists who will be shown in the march movement and deployment of

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First Kunar. Battle 3 battalions

By the end of February 1980 40th Army for two months was on the ground in Afghanistan and controlled all the big town, nine major airports, more than 20 provincial centers. Most of the soldiers stay in Afghanistan considered temporary and hoped for a speedy return home. 21-23 February 1980 in the streets of Kabul left more than 400 thousands of protesters under the slogans "Down with Moscow," "Leave Home".

Then the Afghan administration has appealed for help to the Russian commanders, who had to impose a curfew in the city and bring more than 2 million people and

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Victory Parade

Victory — a monument to those who did not return from the fields of battle, defending Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Sevastopol, Odessa and Stalingrad, defending every mm of his native land.

Problesknut year, and significant dates of May 9 and June 24 are not erased in the memory of mankind. They will always remember the courage and invincibility of the people.

In national newspapers June 22, 1945 was placed orders of the Supreme Commander of Stalin, which read: "To commemorate the victory over Germany in the Russian war majestically appointed June 24, 1945 in Moscow on Red Square parade

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Operation Anadyr: new details

More and more details are revealed specifically the Cuban missile crisis at the moment, half a century later. In anticipation of days the Strategic Rocket Forces mission on "Operation Anadyr" recalls the last chief of the Head of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Viktor retired ESIN.

— Viktor Ivanovich, as the beginning of a large-scale preparation of such an operation?

— June 13, 1962 a directive Defense Minister on preparations for the "teachings in a remote area" of those military units and formations which are brought to the role in "Operation Anadyr." With all of this in the

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