Week holidays

A reflection film about the vocation, the fate of the younger generation, which tomorrow will enter into independent life. It raised questions about happiness, about loneliness, about the destiny of man, about kindness.

The film takes place today in the French city of Lyon. Laurent Kyuer young teacher, taught in schools French language and literature, always worried and frightened that students are passive in class, they are spiritually devastated. The children have not awakened the germs of those moral maturity that shape human-hating cruelty and violence that can sacrifice his own well-being for the sake of the happiness of

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«So, I’m an actress»

The series «Mad Men,» made the whole world to sigh for the days when the whiskey flowed a river in all offices, even the smokers smoked on board the aircraft, and the girls wore dresses beating in the eyes of flowers. And at the same time he made the stars before obscure Dzhenyueri Jones, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss and Jessica Pare. Their heroine for six consecutive seasons proves that behind every successful man is a clever woman.

Sex Bomb «Mad Men,» the redhead Miss extract Christina Hendricks, in real life, a natural blonde, preferring provocative dresses jeans and shirts,

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Published the final results of the International Aviation and Space Show ILA 2012

BERLIN, Sept. 17. (ARMS-TASS). The organizers of the International Aviation and Space Show ILA 2012, which was held in a new venue «Berlin Fairgrounds Airport» (Berlin ExpoCenter Airport) from 11 to 16 September, released its final results. Inside, assumed the role in 1243 exhibitors from 46 countries (for comparison, in 2010 — 1153 of 47 states), submitted sverhtehnologichny products all sectors aerospace industry. Salon attended by about 230 thousand professionals and aviation enthusiasts, including 125 thousand business visitors. Summer programm salon in general difficulties lasted 36 hours. Interior work covered 3,600 journalists from 65 countries in the world, predstavlyalvshih

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Minister Vladimir Naumov flew to New-york

On last week representatives of several public organizations Belarus sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for to prevent sovereign Naumova role in the conference. The creators of letters identified that according to the report and the resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Naumov "suspected of involvement in the kidnappings" recognizable public figures and is one of Belarusian officials on whom the prohibition on arrival in EU countries and U.S..But the press service of the UN explained that the UN Secretary-General does not have the ability to allow or prohibit anyone role in the conference.

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V.Orlov: No lady would not have today’s Belarus

On the days of the award named after he was handed Bykov "For the freedom of thought."He graduated from the History Faculty of BSU, worked as a teacher, journalist, editor of "Fiction", where in 1997 was fired "for the release of historical and second Baffling literature."Everyday debut collection "Hello, my briar" published in 1986, then left more 30 books of prose, essays and poetry, including "Undercover Polotsk History" and "From our family," "Order of the snow-white mice," "Time of Plague", "fancy man of her greatness," "Hannibal’s elephants," "Bite the head crow", "Fauna of Dreams," "Ferry across La English Channel. ""Undercover

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Expelled students became less

This year, for the institutions of the Belarusian opposition activities expelled about 10 ka students. This almost 50 times less than in the past two years. In the list are only those against whom criminal cases filed, also favorites of youth organizations. In Polotsk municipal institute expelled Catherine Solovyov. As against the girls opened a criminal investigation for his role in an unregistered organization "Young Front", she was summoned to the department of foreign languages and said that expelled for omissions and underachievement. Minor Mozyr activist "Young Front" Fyodor Cherenkov expelled from Mozyrskogo Pedagogical University after him were administrative reports

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Yu Podobed: Best way somewhat in the history of stock

Head of special purpose militia regiment also noted the role of activists in shares sexy minorities and the factor that protesters a couple of minutes overlapped traffic on the street Surganova.The very crowded "Chernobyl Way" was held in Belarus in 1996, when it assumed the role of a few 10’s of thousands of people. The action was then followed by violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces.

Grodno Regional Tribunal refused Mostovskih activist

When Ales Zarembyuk fined 15 basic units, or 525 thousand rubles, he wrote a complaint to the regional tribunal. The complaint noted in the 1-x, that the meeting with the role A.Milinkevich he did not hold, and was only on it. In-2-same trial in Mosty happened without his role. But from the regional court came the reply that a decision on the left penalty eligible. Activist believes that unsubscribing and wants to apply to subsequent instance — Supreme Tribunal.

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Secrets of Soviet cinema. Go to fight some old people watch online

He once played a pilot Darkie in the movie "In the fight Are Going "Old people". After the premiere of the picture actor Sergei Podgorny bathed in nation-wide fame. But more starring roles he was not — he worked undertaker, was treated for alcoholism, and in 2011, died of a sudden heart deficiency. Ira played a stellar Cherichenko role in the movie "Tomorrow Was the War." But her fame was short-lived, and the long years of the actress no one remembered …

Art movie, theater

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The will of the universe watch online

What to do if for you, 13 years old, you in love with the most beautiful girl in the school and you predicted that you have left to live for a day or 3? If Destiny is written in the books that you perish in the tragedy in the coming Sunday, and your grandmother recently had a terrible prophetic dream? If you do not believe the fate and fatal destiny — you just laugh. But the seventh-grader Dima Konoplyev believed, and then at another, and so to think seriously about the imminent death, and made the decision

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