Shining Path

Kemphill «Svetlana» for special people does not look like a place where people usually live with a disability.

This is a neat village in the Leningrad region with barn, bakery and cheese factory. Annual maintenance costs of the village in 4 ~ 6 million rubles — a donation from Scandinavia and Russia.

In early childhood, Sasha was in a state of clinical death for 17 minutes. Doctors advised the mother to abandon it, but she did not give him to his feet. However, raising a son with a disability on a modest pension it was very hard, and my mother

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23 rationalization proposals and one invention with a total saving of 152 thousand. Rubles created N. To Kapustyanova engineer Krukovka Carriages Poltava region. 206 thousand. Rubles saved their developments GG Voronov, head of the department of chief technologist of the plant power engineering Belgorod region Formovschitsa Precision Casting Valve Leningrad production association «Banner of Labor» AP Ivanova filed more than 300 innovation proposals, of which 112 are in place (the economic effect 62 thousand. rubles). Five inventions and 40 rationalization proposals on account of the chief department of the Mogilev cellophane artificial fiber plant NN Katsev (saving 273 thousand.

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In Tajikistan

Natural and economic conditions of the Tajik SSR favor the development of horticulture and viticulture. In 1962, orchards and vineyards in the collective and state farms of the republic occupied 48 thousand hectares.

After the September (1953) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee area of ​​orchards and vineyards in the Tajik SSR, especially in specialized farms, increased significantly. If the country as a whole from 1953 to 1962, the area of ​​the gardens increased by 2.7 times and 1.9 times in the vineyards, in sadvinsovhozah respectively — 7.1 and 5.3 times. Each year, farms produce about 10-12% of fruits

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Borisov warned participants of the meeting about the likely strike

People came to the square in front of the local executive committee, to express the protest against significant (three to six times) rise in price of rent retail locations.But that said "Freedom" Chairman of the Board for personal business market "Gerakombel" Oleg Popkov:"I did not even expected that many people will come. They realized the situation, they porazdavali new accounts. They learned how much to pay. Currently one square meter — 10 euros. Seven square meters — 210 thousand rubles. Plus for the storage chamber 150 more thousand rubles. To of people paid 100 thousand rubles . "According to Oleg

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Opposition journalist denounced in Klecka kiberzlodeya

Sergey Ponomarev said Radio Liberty, that in Last year began to receive Tipo inflated the amount of payment for services Kletsk regional communications hub. "In December 2006, when they sent me a bill for 1 million 675 thousand rubles, I appealed to the district police station. And said my name probable robber password to access the web. Reminded police that an employee of the local shops selling computer hardware Dmitry K. repaired my computer and could steal your password ", — says Sergey Ponomarev.Suspicions were justified. Police filed criminal case on the computer pirate. In July the tribunal. Dmitry K.

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The prosecutor asked for Valery Shchukin month arrest

The prosecutor claimed sovereign Shchukin month for arrest. He also requested that Shchukin paid fines totaling 171 a thousand rubles, awarded him a couple of years reversed. 4 injured 3 members of electoral commissions abandoned real compensation for the harm that they insult Tipo B. Shchukin.500 thousand rubles claimed from him only one of the victims Lyudmila Buevich.Criminal sentence Bug recognizable now in 13 hours.• Valery Shchukin is now waiting for the court verdict ", 08.06.2007

Gomel: Joint Stock Company SANTEP declared null

As acknowledged by the Director of "SANTEP" Vladimir Barber, the main products of the company — iron enamelware — not done for four months. To create dishes lacks inverse funds. Loss for the first quarter amounted to almost 400 million rubles. Dismissed 85 people. More than two-thirds of the equipment is outdated. Payables "SANTEPu" exceeded 12 billion rubles. Cash assistance, countries did not have a good result, and new projects rejected because of lack of investors.Next loan stock company executive committee refused to give. Upcoming fate of the enterprise will be resolved in the Commercial Court.

Daylight Russian ruble — when cancer whistles

Prokopovich said about the timing and criteria for imposing Russian ruble issues need to be set in primarily Government of Russian Federation, which departed from the agreements that have been approved by governments and central banks.The problem of the transition to the Russian ruble in Belarus sometimes it goes to the first plan in the Belarusian-Russian relations, it disappears from the discussion. According to the agreement on the development of Union countries, concluded in 1999, was supposed to make the transition to 2005.

A.Levkovich awarded a penalty 620 thousand rubles

Referee Lyudmila Sebastian read the verdict Anatolia Lewkowicz — 20 baselines or 620 thousand rubles. The arbitrator thus punished by a fine sovereign Lyaukovich only for the fact that he was allowed to place together with his colleagues from the street by street Surganova Failures to Bangalore Square. According to police, it was a violation of public order and the law on mass events. They referred to the fact people, column that came to Bangalore Square had for myself when flags registered M» Justus Social Democratic Party, also a banner "Freedom to Kazulin". One of the policemen, who witnessed the

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Conservationists fined

His works are recognized small hooliganism. He was fined 5 basis units — is 175 thousand rubles, as specified referee Natalia Kozel.Igor Lapeha and Hope Krapivina, not counting small hooliganism were still in the protocol "disobedience to the police." Igor was fined 30 basis (50 1000000 thousand rubles), Hope — by 25 basis or 875 thousand rubles. Tribunal found that they interfered spilovvats trees.

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