The last stronghold of the Russian Empire

She could not resist the pressure of the enemy, so as not meet modern requirementsOne reason for the defeat of Russia in the first world war was a hell of swift delivery in 1915 of Russian fortresses. Whereas in France the fortress (Verdun and others) stopped coming of the Germans in 1914.


Construction of modern fortresses on the western borders of the Russian Empire began at the behest of Nicholas I as early as 1831. After 6 decades, to December 20, 1893 at these frontiers were the fortress first and second lines (Modlin, Brest-Litovsk, Ivangorod,

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Conquest of the World — the story of the 1st sub-machine gun

Ultrasound — a submachine gun made the children of Israel, who conquered over time the hearts of many real guys, today is the perfect weapon in close combat class of its own.

As well, it was noticed: Ultrasound — it is not just an ordinary medical diagnosis, and something that will lead you to a fatal lead poisoning.History of the 1st sub-machine gun begins in the middle of the 20th century, immediately after gaining freedom and independence of Israel. Then what the Israelis were caught freedom, an instrument may be referred to only approximately.

Following the acquisition of

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Experienced submachine gun Tokarev BSA (SSSR. 1927)

Submachine gun, even by today's standards is a tool quite specific and applicable far not for widespread implementation. A small effective range of a pistol or revolver bullets seldom make it almost worthless, even at medium ranges. But on a small instrument similar shows great results, in the main, of course, due to be utilized in the munitions that possess enormous stopping power significantly compared to vserasprostranennymi crotch cartridges.

For some reason, many believe that the sub-machine gun weapon relatively young and it came after the received spread automatic rifles and automatic rifles, but it is not entirely correspond to

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OAO PO Refinery equips the Russian army with modern opto-electronic means of observation

In the framework of a state contract with the Defense Ministry before the end of the year enterprise supply more 250 laser rangefinder ballistic computer LMD 2VK, more 250 night vision monocular and PN-21K more 150 thermal imaging monoculars PT-2.

As stated in the press-service of JSC "PO" Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant "in the Russian army had long expected such devices, because in an active manner in the program of the company included a paragraph on the need rapid development of advanced optoelectronic devices, which are in their tactical Technical features correspond to a specimen of the leading global manufacturers of

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New gun for the army

In the near future we can watch the complete mess with guns that should change the PM in the army. As if there is nothing incomprehensible, there are three options for tools that can fully live together peacefully in the army, but in every interview that take people associated with the weapons the army, you can actually see the complete inconsistency in words. For example, instead of the PM Rogozin has positioned the gun "Common Swift," with all this quite often zapamyatyvaya that there are more An old versions tools that are ready to change gun Makarova in the army.

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A step to the right, a step to the left

Revision of the state armaments program in the Defense Ministry said invalid

All the more trivial becomes firm position in the Defense Ministry of Finance against attempts to revise the state armaments program, covering the period up to 2020. On the days of the first Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov said that any reduction in funds allocated under GPV-2020, the Defense Ministry does not allow it. As well as not allowed to move at a later date performance of individual jobs, the state defense order (SDO). And this despite the fact that some enterprises of the military-industrial complex apparently did

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Adrenal Tumors

Tumors of the adrenal gland — a focal proliferation of cells of adrenal glands. Most of these tumors are benign, and they occur infrequently.


The causes of adrenal tumors are unknown. Presumably, a role played by heredity.

What's going on?

The adrenal glands produce hormones that regulate metabolism, blood pressure, as well as the male and female sex hormones. The main clinical manifestations of adrenal tumors depend on what kind of hormone it produces in excess.

With tumors of the adrenal gland are the following symptoms:

1. Increased blood pressure. It is noted for:


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The Ministry of Defense has issued new requirements for weapons and one more thing, the little things

In the previous article about the end of the first tests of the AK-12, I put a swing that rejection of tenders before adopting a new standard — the phenomenon of the positive. What was great before, was suddenly a relic of the past, and even certain requirements to personal specimen of firearms Ministry of Defence put forward in the near future lenilos. But not so long ago jumped the news that the new requirements were delivered all the same. And besides the "secret" Valery Gerasimov shared information about what to expect back in a military environment. Information, of course,

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Compact machines (Article II): Tornado Shevchenko, AEK-958 Konstantinova, AG-043 Simon

In the previous article on compact machines have been described two models of guns, took part in the competition "Modern", as standard, which has become a prerequisite for this contest. In this article, propose to discern more notable options remaining competition "Modern", the more so that some of them deserve much attention. The last two versions of compact machines that took part in the competition "Modern", were developed by gunsmiths who have already had a pretty sounding names, and of other options tools, developed as part of the utilities that were made famous designers. But not many people know that

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Self-propelled guns on wheels

First sample increased operational mobility artillery by mounting guns of various caliber tracked or wheeled chassis has been made in the early XX century. In all this there was a certain inclination towards the latter, which was not the case.

Crawler tractors, and then the tanks proved not only more difficult on a technical level, and much more. The strategy is the introduction of the combat tank units in the 1920s — 1930s has not yet been worked out. The role and place of self-propelled artillery clearly were not visible, and of the most self-propelled artillery as such was

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