A.Levkovich awarded a penalty 620 thousand rubles

Referee Lyudmila Sebastian read the verdict Anatolia Lewkowicz — 20 baselines or 620 thousand rubles. The arbitrator thus punished by a fine sovereign Lyaukovich only for the fact that he was allowed to place together with his colleagues from the street by street Surganova Failures to Bangalore Square. According to police, it was a violation of public order and the law on mass events. They referred to the fact people, column that came to Bangalore Square had for myself when flags registered M» Justus Social Democratic Party, also a banner "Freedom to Kazulin". One of the policemen, who witnessed the

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Sentence for a human shield to be announced tomorrow

The prosecutor asked the tribunal to punish police officers who did the "human shield", conditionally, while victims lawyer insists on real punishment. Arbitrator Ira Maiko went to write the verdict on "human shields", consideration is now complete in the Minsk district court. The verdict will be announced tomorrow, June 25. How did the judicial debate? They began prosecutor Nikolai Dubenok. Prosecutor considered guilty employees GAI Gennady Dorogokuptsa and Alexei Likhtarovich completely proven. For disk imaging municipal prosecutor, the police officers apparently exceeded their capabilities if contrary annotations put personal cars across the road. Stop such makarom offender on the road

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Finkevich sentence: This refraction strong nature

Chronicle of the court hearing Photo GalleryOne of the favorites of the social democratic movement Statkevich so commented sentence Artur Finkevich:"This is a criminal ruthlessness of power that tries to break Arthur and intimidate his friends. I am sure that neither one nor the other does not, and someday people who did, themselves have to be before the tribunal. "

This is the most shameful tribunal which I beheld for the rule of Lukashenka

Public figure Siuchyk was in the courtroom before the end of the process. Here are his memories:"This is the most shameful tribunal which I beheld

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Barschevsky: These people have nothing absolutely not guilty

Society The opposition politician Lavon Barshcheuski sentences of Andrei Sannikov, Elijah Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Fedor Mirzayanavu, Vladimir Eremenko:

"I would not call it even a sentence. It is illegal trapped people who are on three or five year extended period of illegal detention. These people nothing is innocent. "


prisoners, the area, the court

Marieluise Beck: Sannikov facing unprecedented penalty

Society Such a statement in connection with the sentence, which will soon be submitted to the former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, made a member of the Bundestag Marieluise Beck:   "In the months to come Minsk adventurous litigation of participants in the protests against electoral fraud in the presidential election. There are many compelling body of evidence that the violence was committed by pro-government agents provocateurs. As the candidates themselves as organizers explicitly called for peaceful protests. "   As the Marieluise Beck, now activists who had no relation to the pogroms intended absurd punishment — imprisonment up to four

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D.: The fear of the power increases …

Society Despite the demands of the international community to immediately release all those arrested, authorities still do not respond to these calls. How can we explain this? Opinions of Belarusian politicians.

Head of the organization "Human Rights Alliance", which registered in Vilnius, Lyudmila Graznova sees several reasons for the behavior of the authorities:

"Uncertainty in the power of the forces, weak legitimacy in society. So it's only one thing — to intimidate society. Due to this and there are courts reach a judgment that does not really correspond to the current legislation."

Alexander Dobrovolskyand, a member of the

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A.Bandarenka: Require compensation of judges of unjust sentences

Society The prosecutor's office issued a protest to the City Court's decision on the recognition of innocent businessman and politician Andrei Bondarenko. March 22 the court decided to acquit and release from custody UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko because of his innocence and his actions in the absence of evidence. Galina Abakunchik: About your innocence and your release from custody, it was announced on March 22. Where and what were doing all this time?

And speaking of December 19, there is an event in the colony was widely seen as tragic for Belarus

Andrei Bondarenko: All this time I have

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The Tribunal did not live in Tajikistan pilots

Tribunal Tajikistan dismissed pilots Vladimir Sadovnichy and Alexei Rudenko. It became clear from the pilots Gulom Boboeva lawyer.

Recall that the Russian and Estonian pilots and Sadovnichego Rudenko Kurgan-Tube tribunal Tajikistan sentenced to 8.5 years in prison. The pilots were charged with illegal crossing of the border, violating the rules of international traffic and smuggling. AN-72 aircraft and engine were confiscated for the benefit of the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has named this sentence "Extremely violent and politically engaged." The so-called "business flyers" has led to a severe weighed down in relations between Moscow

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Pauline Sharenda-Panasiuc fined 770,000

Society 22 basic units — the sentence Brest Lenin District Court civil activist Pauline Sharenda-Panasiuc. A fine of 20 basic units — for insubordination police officers, and 2 basic units — for unauthorized actions. The Department for Pauline amounted to two minutes.Detained her on March 26. The police have released Pauline from the site in just a few hours, despite the fact that it has a two year old son. Only after petitions relatives and human rights defenders were decision let her out of the site to the court.

Pauline says that the sentence is political.


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Why intensified repression?

Society On Thursday, Dmitry Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau endured harsh sentence. How to explain such cruelty? How can we evaluate new methods in the charges? Why punish journalists? Participants: Vladimir Labkovich rights activist and journalist of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets. Why the harsh verdict Dashkevich and head? 

Valery Karbalevich

Valery Karbalevich"It Dashkevich and Lobau little drops out of the total number of recent political trials of two reasons. Firstly, all the courts occur over the participants of shares on December 19. Dashkievich and head were arrested earlier. The second point. Recent trials of Russian citizens and Brevsam Gaponavym, employers bear ran

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