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Today, not many actors can boast of its demand for over 45 years. Honored Artist of Russia Gennady Matveyev may, but does not brag. But it is colorful and richly tells about his friends, their village and their holiday trips to their cottages. Behind this remarkable artist dozens of theatrical works, as in many TV series, filming at the famous directors in the no less famous films. «Dark Eyes,» «A Few Days in the Life», «crew», «Do not go, girls, get married,» «The House that Swift Built», «Let sleeping dogs lie», «Shirley Myrli», «The Magician» — this is not

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Andrei Melnikov: Bards should not be for rasslabone.

(Bushlyakov) "Andrew, my first song you wrote in 1982, and that the song had such ironic and religious meaning. Currently you deep believer. What led you to believe?"(Melnikov) "Miracles led."(Bushlyakov) "And what happened last magic in your life?"(Melnikov) "For example, a few days I was walking backwards to the tomb is very dear to me, who for many years could not find. When I went to the cemetery, the only thing that happened to me, it is a prayer. This tomb has changed, near new pazyavlyalisya, something claimed — there grew a shrub, it is gone. But yet, a very

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Ukrainian musicians sing for Belarus

In Ukraine, the company begins campaign "Ukrainian music for Belarus"Within the framework of which the Ukrainian musicians sing songs on whiteRussian language on the subject of the protest.

The initiator of the campaign was NGO Centre for Regional Development "Cooperation without Borders". Belarusians sang for the first group of "Violet" from Luck. According to the leader of the "Violet" by Sergei Martyniuk idea to sing a song on the Belarusian language appeared in the group for a long time.

Martynuk: "It Belarusian-song" The place of suffering "authorship It Mauser, vocalist of the famous Belarusian alternative group" MAUZER ", who gave

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