Human rights activists have issued a statement about the persecution of foreign people

The reason for the adoption of the statement was the forcible deportation from Belarus for 10 years businessman Alan Pliev Russian citizen.The statement said: "Belarusian authorities illegally persecuted not only the business of the Russian Federation, and Ukraine, other states. At times it is accompanied by the confiscation of their property and the public humiliation of pluses. "The organizing committee of the Public Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression expresses strong protest against "Voluntarist action regime against foreign people." He urged governments of foreign countries and international organizations to defend the foreign people who are persecuted in

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World outraged forcible suppression of protests in M» yanme

Military Administration M» yanmy tool compresses peaceful protests going on the second week. Closed center naikrupneyshgo country town Yangon (last name — Rangoon) and blocked all roads in the city. Local inhabitants of one hundred percent do not have access to the web. Security forces took five major Buddhist monasteries in the town, hundreds of monks arrested. Specifically Buddhist monks took the lead daily demonstrations against the military junta and its economic policies.Now troops again opened fire against demonstrators in the streets of Yangon. But it did not stop the action — now out on the street about 2 Yangon

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Care that Lukashenko asks the elections

"In Belarus, the other day before the elections as not enough progress in the field of human rights and democracy," — said in a statement issued by the co-chairman of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Congressman Alcee Hastings and Senator Benjamin Cardin."The situation has recently elections in Belarus remains disappointing. Hitherto not many signals that the elections on September 28 will be significantly different from previous elections that failed to meet OSCE standards," — written policy. They express concern that the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko claimed the West to recognize the election results as a "democratic" and

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Voted early — and dig potatoes!

Polling station number 524 is placed in the educational building number 8 of the Belarusian State Technical Institute. Here students vote BSTU living in dormitories. Not many people in the morning, come to very few. And the second half, when the occupation ended — turn people on 40. At a table with a sign "observers" no one. I talk with students who are queuing up for your newsletter.Correspondent"Why are you all early voting, such a queue here — 30 people!"Vote"Home food", "To the parents leave," "I come from another town," "On Sunday, holiday, hunt to stay at home."Correspondent"And you know

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The official trade unions feared sanctions

Asked to sign an appeal not only official, and independent trade unions.So, last Friday to the chairman of the primary organization-independent trade union of the enterprise "Grodno Nitrogen" Sergei Antusevich came Deputy Chairman of the Grodno Regional Council FPB sovereign Magpie.He offered to join the company of the Federation to sign the appeal and send it to the diplomatic consulate states that voted for sanctions against Belarus.Says Sergey Antusevich:"Captivating this statement per se, so what it says about, I quote: "Our organization does not interfere with any violations by employers against union", but on the contrary, we are all within

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Igor Rynkevich requests to initiate investigation into electoral fraud

Means public statement by the head of Belarus rigged presidential elections at a press conference for Ukrainian media November 23 2006.

According to the lawyer I. Rynkevich, expressions of the Belarusian leader that he personally worked on the distortion of the voting results.

Similar to the prosecutor sent earlier and ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin.

Kozulin and I. Rynkevich insist, that prosecutors made a request to election headquarters ex-presidential candidates, Belarusian Helsinki Committee and other human rights organizations to provide information about the recorded information on violations of the electoral legislation during the presidential campaign.

Teachers fired from amicably, and is now being tried

At the beginning of the hearing Anastasia Popova said about his own innocence and claimed, that it defended in court lawyer. The petition was granted. Tribunal postponed to June 11.Anastasia Popova not so long ago worked in high school number 1 village everybody social teachers. At a protest rally on April 25 in conjunction with the employee Tatiana Dylkovoy she came in masks. A woman believes that it was the reason for the trial, as the agenda of the essence of the offense is not reported:"Working day we have up to 17 hours, and we teachers to This time. After

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Autumn call for President

"Memorial", the Alliance of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers and still almost two 10-ka human rights organizations have signed appeal to President Medvedev called for completely abandon conscription and eliminate Institute of Military Justice. Specific reason for the occurrence of this treatment was the death of soldiers of Ruslan Ayderhanova.

"We are convinced that if the appeal in its Russian variant is not possible modernization of the country," — said in a statement yesterday sent the president by 22 human rights organizations from 14 regions of Russia. The founder of the appeal was the Yekaterinburg Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. To

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Located benefit of cyberwar

The U.S. military is intensively preparing for cyber war, the generals have released special allowance by hacking operations. Abstract knows about the "anonymous vragahv", "every second assault on democracy" and gives the definition of "military operations in cyberspace."

The manual is already betrothed by some experts at sensational, for the first time speaks of the ability of the response by the military. It is reported that army can and will storm the web of other states if necessary. To do this, we already have the first special forces unit. More than a year back has started a special "kiberkomanda", headquartered

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Belarusian Republican Youth Union denies involvement in the attack on the Russian Embassy

Society Belarusian Republican Youth Union Central Committee issued a statement regarding the arson attempts of the Russian Embassy in Minsk on 31 August.

Versions of some of the media about the possible involvement of Youth Union in the incident organization regarded as a "blatant provocation with a view to contention in the centuries-old friendship of the Belarusian and Russian peoples and destabilization of good-neighborly relations between Russia and Belarus."

"We are surprised by the fact that a number of online resources that are positioning themselves as" fighters for truth, "falsifying facts about the involvement of Youth Union to the provocation,

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