Eva Vezhnovets: Types of humor of the Belarusians and the Czechs approximated

Vezhnovets: "The current date I really liked, so people understand what it is, well react usmihayutstsa where I would wish that they were smiling, and mourn where I would wish that they missed. In other words, the contact between me and the audience felt certain. Besides, I have not pinned its hopes that there will be so many people, I thought, man is 5, and so I told someone how I see the world, how to live Belarus, and it is always nice. " Znatkevich: "You had the feeling that the people who have listened to understand everything about than

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Atlantis — puzzle time!

For more than 2,000 years of humanity does not stop arguing about the famous island of Atlantis, which was famous for the city of Atlanta. Missing Mainland worried mind of one million people.

Choose their new roller skis and you want to buy a roller skis from the manufacturer? Then, you have to know what to choose and buy a roller skis from the manufacturer can be inteternet store kleosport.ru.

The beginning of this mystery story by the philosopher Plato. In his dialogue "Timaeus" and "Critias," the

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The word Andronnikova watch online

Stories Andronicus — it is a separate layer in the Russian culture. Himself Irakli Luarsabovich very long time did not write down their stories, but only said — and each time in different ways. At the moment, all (or nearly all) and they are available in print, but shaped as letters on paper simply can not convey the appeal of that encircled Irakli Andronicus own listeners. We offer two movies of the series "The word Andronicus"Monuments of architecture of the Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg and the outstanding people who lived here.

Nevsky prospectus


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The Revolution That Was not watch online

The action of the film takes place in the year before the election of the new President of the Russian Federation. The opposition is dreaming to achieve power. The main characters of the movie, Anatoly and Andrey — revolutionaries "veteran": both consist of an illegal political organization more than 10 years. But politics in the movie — all just background. "Revolution, which was not "- this is a very personal history pride, betrayal, illness and early modern life.

Modern history

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Weapons. DShK watch online

A series of programs with the telling title "Weapon"Joined a number of documentary films that tell stories about the creation of the world-recognized firearms. Each issue is told history the creation of this or other standard tools and are curious facts. "Weapon"- A fascinating and informative program that illustrated frames of historical chronicles and tales professionals.

Weapon, weapons, Army

Stories at the Super 8 watch online

The movie rises to the origins of ecstatic music that many people know how to Balkan punk rock. Music that the world fell in love with the films of Emir Kusturica. The main characters of the film — the musicians of «The No Smoking Orchestra», made 25 years ago in Sarajevo, in an era when "everything was possible." Like a gypsy caravan, they have gone through all the catastrophes own suffering land, not looking for help and not choosing camp. Emir Kusturica knows the story is at once a hero. Stories members intertwined with music and, according to tradition

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Rage generous

The War of 1812 — the first war, which Russia was baptized Russian, so she remains forever in the minds of the Russian

Researchers in two centuries already, certainly, have opened all available documents from various points of view make out the outline of events. Hard to imagine that some previously unknown facts can structurally change the perception of the annals of war 1812 year. But modern man and the researchers have the opportunity to reflect on this period not only from a height of over two centuries of accumulated knowledge, and a more detached, more panoramic.

RF had

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Mysteries of History, Devil’s Triangle watch online

Bermudian triangle this area in the Atlantic Ocean near Florida. There are no laws of logic and common sense. In the centuries, people have different naizloveschee called this place: the fateful sea, the grave of Atlantis, the devil triangle. We have to admit the truth: there is no apparent circumstances of lost aircraft and ships


Mysteries of History, excavation, archeology

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Company 9. What was it like to watch

Our answer to Hollywood. So the press wrote a day output movie "9th company"Fyodor Bondarchuk. Everything in this band looks for Hollywood — the effects, large-scale stunts, spectacular fight scenes, entangled plot. Actions on display look so gorgeous that it seems — it never could be. But not enough people know that every the hero in my life had its own layout, and the present history , which permanently inscribed their names 15 other Russian guys, in fact, was even more unspeakable than the cinematic fantasy writer. The actual participants in the events, the true history 9 th company

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The Secret Life of a Geisha watch online

Beautiful and refined a dying tradition or prostitution? This history about Japanese geisha — the words of their clients and themselves through the mouth of the ladies. The world came under the special influence of geisha. Memoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden rank high on the lists of best-sellers, and the usual image of a geisha in a white with dark make-up and hair borrowed many of the stage action. This movie throws all the stereotypes to tell the real story of the geisha. Indescribably difficult braided into the social fabric Land of the Rising Sun, the film covers

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