Grodno: Eugene Skrabutan warned the KGB

Eugene initially showed a video from shares in Soligorsk where Tipo recorded as he resists police. He was warned that if he will continue to engage in unauthorized actions in including Warsaw near Belarusian Embassy against him may bring criminal case.5 days of arrest student kalinovets served on charges of abuse in the address neprelichnoy police that he was arrested on September 25 Grodno bus station when he arrived from Minsk. Eugene believes that awaited him — he seized stickers on the European March. • Grodno was released student kalinovets, 19.04.2007

Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. September 11

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Ya.Grischeney: "Thanks to those who came to support me"• Interview with the New York Belarusians students Nikita gardener.• Poll: How, in your opinion, the world has changed since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." The "Indigo".2nd part:• Will be trained in Russia repressed Belarusian students?• A story about an exhibition of children’s works dedicated to 645-th anniversary of the Battle of Blue Waters • Poll: either change the lives of Mogilev V.Konopleva resignation?• Belarusian Web at "Night Siege" takes Dmitry Podberezskaya• «Night rap." Narration Etgar Keret Israeli writer "Hedgehog

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A day or figure: 1 million euros

The Foundation provides financial support for a bachelor’s degree or master’s institutions in the Netherlands. Education may include both research and practical training.The program is designed for those Belarusian students who for political reasons difficult to get an education at home. In This year, not counting the Belarusian students in the program will be able to take the role of citizens of Zimbabwe.As said BelaPAN control programs allocating financial aid to study in the Netherlands Daniel van Aken, foreign students can be taken virtually all of the Dutch universities, the leading language learning in the UK. Students receive a stipend

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Yuri Oleynik: I believe that victory is likely

Znatkevich: "Please tell me what stage your currently a lawsuit against the Academy of Management?"Oleinik: "As for me, at the moment the most languid stage — a stage expectations because a week back, on Mon 4 June, I filed a claim to the tribunal the October district of Minsk to this day forward some result. Though duty referee said that will be the answer for a day or three, but after eight days — and no answer is no. "Znatkevich: "According to the law — how much time you have to answer?"Oleinik, "If I am not mistaken, by lawyers and

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By that Belarusians are moving abroad?

How to find experts at yavna tendency to "vymyvanne" young elite that does not want to live in Belarus criteria.On the days of the weekly columnist "Belarusians and Market" Olga Biryukov asked for political refuge in England. At the moment, a journalist based in London and expects the verdict migration services responsible for the function of the legalization of immigrants. Before leaving Olga told friends that such a concrete step it pushed the political situation in Belarus. According to her, in Minsk there was a danger to her life. Prerequisite — Prof. activities.While Olga refuses to comment on the details

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Mogilev students forbid contacts with foreigners

Requests of this order of the rector. The Order was issued to ensure Tipo rights and interests of the people.Order of business prohibited unauthorized teachers and students with the zabugornyh organizations in the management of the institute approved educational projects. In addition, during a visit to the institute of foreign delegations, according to the order, their representatives should be fixed administration official.According to the Order prohibited implementation of educational projects at the Institute without the consent of the preparatory control.Responsible for the execution of the order appointed Deputy Rector for international relations Dmitry Rachykav. Rachykav Emperor refused to answer the

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Can a student advocate for a review of the deputy?

Campaign to recall deputies organized local representatives united democratic forces. The grounds for revocation was the abolition of social benefits, including and for students, for which voted in parliament deputy.As said Homel activist Pyotr Kuznetsov, for a review of the deputy put their signatures 60 students Gomel Medical Institute. It became clear that a copy of the list came to the Institute of Executive Committee, and March 28, students were summoned to the dean of the Faculty of Philology at the conversation."They were forced to give a written explanation why they participated in the campaign to recall of a deputy.

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In Gorki student protests against deductions from the academy

Within an hour, activists handed out to students and teachers of a particular room of the independent newspaper "Gorki choice" to the main theme — "Expulsion of Igor Pozharitsky Academy." In addition, spread student newspaper "Campus", which was edited by Igor Pozharitsky. Total distributed to about a thousand copies.As for Pozharitsky of Igor, then yesterday it familiarized with the order of dismissal. Last student will appeal the order to the Ministry of Education. With a negative decision is going to sue the administration of the Academy, seeking their own recovery.Igor Pozharitsky connects deduction from own public activity. He edited the

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Study abroad: to go — and do not come back

Society 2/3 of the contingent of the European Humanities University — Belarusians. After 12 years of work in Belarus and forced self-destruction in 2004, the school is on offer in Lithuania "prescribed" in Vilnius. Now all forms of education are about 1,500 students. How many of them eventually return home, where this level of education is simply not recognized — is difficult to predict. Says YSU student Cyril Atamanchyk, we must proceed from the fact that the political situation in another university of Belarus and would not leave:

We must proceed from the fact that the political situation in a

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5 million euros universities in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

Society The European Commission has allocated within the framework of the program "Erasmus" 5,000,000 euros University in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. In Belarus, the participants of the program — the Belarusian State University and Brest State University. 65 Belarusian students and teachers will be able to to participate in exchange programs with European countries.Belarusian State University reported that while no information on the amount of the grant and the number of seats. A representative of the international activities of the BSU Lyudmila Katka said BSU participates in the said program for three years and every year a competition is announced.

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