Botanical Reference

Motherwort five-blade — a perennial herb of the family Labiatae, 50-150 cm tall. Stem erect, covered with long hairs, slightly branched. Leaves are dark green above and grayish below, soft-fiber. The flowers are small, pink, collected whorls in the axils of the upper leaves. It blooms from June to September. On loamy and sandy soils on the edges, glades and clearings in coniferous and mixed forests is increasing all over the country motherwort five-blade. There are also other views -pustyrnik heart, which is different from motherwort five-blade with bare stems and smaller size flowers. Heart grass for cattle poisonous.

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Fat Burning: a review of methods

To get rid of excess weight, only one desire is not enough — you need to make an effort. For example, move more, eat less, or use other methods of weight loss that offers the beauty industry. But how effective is it all?

We were asked to comment on the most popular methods of "fat-burning" Doctor of Medicine and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhin.

Method 1. Exercise stress

To lose weight, you need to spend calories. It is believed that the best fat

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Alcohol of any strength — drug

British scientists have found that if the sentence starts with "British scientists have found …", that 80% of people will believe any nonsense that follows it. And yet it was the British scientists last year proved by a comprehensive analysis of the alcohol can be considered much more dangerous drugs that are prohibited by law.

Let's go in order. What does the tricky "method of complex analysis"? This means the British drug experts, sociologists, psychologists and representatives of other professions have analyzed all the major harm of drugs and alcohol on several items:

the degree of addiction

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German pharmacists: do not purchase drugs via web

They urge consumers not to receive medicines unknown method, including through the web, writes German "Aerzte Zeitung".Notable in medical circles edition refers to the data of the European Commission: in Last year at EU borders were seized 2 million 700 thousand packages of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, which is 384% more than the year before. Experts believe that the 2010 turnover fake medicines will be 75 billion dollars.Writes "Aerzte Zeitung", a real paradise for farmapiratstva are young country. In Africa, according to professionals, fake any second tablet. In Latin America and South Asia — any 3rd. Unsafe are also post-Soviet countries —

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The surface of the roof as extreme place for the installation of landscaping

Planting of greenery the roof is not just to substitute pebbled growing plants, when you ventured into the repair of the roof in the spring. On the one hand, on the landing site must comply with all conditions necessary for the development of vegetation. On the other hand, the requirements for their liking and type of vegetation should be consistent with the requirements of the layered structure of the roof.

Due to the lack of real connection with the land and the resulting circulation of water and nutrients of landscaping, particularly extensive, are living in extreme conditions, and

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Burns eyes

Burn — one of the most feared and dangerous types of traumatic injuries of the eye. The consequences of these injuries can be very severe.



thermal burns caused by fire, chemical burns, resulting from the effects of acid and alkaline drugs burns from electric welding, burn laser (at discos, etc.).

Most often burn eye occurs as a result of the ingress of a variety of chemical compounds. In the world there are many professions where people have to deal with aggressive fluids. Any violation of the safety instructions can result in an accident. On the production

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Moscow Cossacks take on addicts

Moscow found the Cossacks themselves a new activity — along with representatives of the organization "Russian officers' and employees of local public Fri policing (PLEU) will take the test from the public reports of drug trafficking and content of drug houses — the newspaper" Izvestia ". In the town will be hung leaflets describing the signs of drug houses, sales outlets, illegal substances and the description of the impact on the appearance and behavior of various drugs, as phones on which you can say about the seen violators of the law.

The possibilities of the Cossacks would not allow

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What is a dietary supplement?

According to experts, people's health by 12% depending on the level of health care, 18% — from a genetic predisposition, and by 70% — from the way of life, the most important of which is the term diet.

Medical opinions, never differing stability in general, throughout all of human history were unanimous on one point: the worse the food, the more diseases. Experts say that the human diet today should contain more than 600 different substances (nutrients). Unfortunately, a balanced diet from all food substances can not afford not all. And then come to the rescue biologically active

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