Powerplant modern tanks

As reported in the foreign press in recent years, the Army major NATO countries heavily equipped with tanks of the third post-war generation

(Ml, «Leopard» 2, «Challenger»), which have better mobility than previous generation tanks (M60, «Leopard» 1, «Chieftain»). It is believed that the high mobility is largely due to the use of sufficiently good power plants, is a complex that includes the engine and maintain the system.

The engine of the modern tank, according to foreign experts, should be to provide a high power density of the machine, have small size and weight, be reliable enough when working in

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The introduction of more stringent environmental standards in Russia — is already a reality. We will understand the peculiarities of operation of diesel engines with EGR and SCR

This statistic is calling for action. According to another theory, a person is able to work only 10 percent of all possible emissions that affect the state of the atmosphere. For example, the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily or any other in Iceland, Kamchatka may lead to irreparable consequences. Here fit to calm down and hope for a favorable arrangement of the stars in the sky, count on ETC …

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In «KUGE» second.

The second generation Ford Kuga just quarreled with his son Dmitry Sirotkin are presenting to your attention a fascinating account of his hatred, confusion and sleepiness.

This machine I will remember for a long time: Kuga is the first car that drove me to distraction. And all thanks to the trunk opening without using their hands. My three year old son Roma view opens with a wave of his legs back door led to such an indescribable joy that pull him from the continuous kicking rear bumper crossover was not easy: a child raised wildest op as I tried

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The American company Northrop Grumman presented the latest development, which she plans to continue to be installed on the F-35 fighters: using a laser gun South American engineers are going to protect combat aircraft missing from Libyan warehouses with portable anti-aircraft missile complexes Promising laser for fighter fifth generation F-35 received the title of «Security resource Reset risks» (Threat Nullification Defensive Resource, ThNDR), it is not a weapon of attack, and is designed for defense. It is noted that Northrop Grumman makes it at his own expense without funding the Pentagon, but the company put their trust that the U.S.


Liberty Poll: Whether it is right in Belarus pension system?

Lady: "With one side, fair, but on the other — no. Someone did not work, someone worked all my life, and similar pension. Now I have a spouse PhD, I — no, and he gets the same pension as I am. "Man: "Never. Since pension is small, walk, collect bottles. Denkov and NIGHT MODE."Reporter: "How many years of experience you have?"Man: "30 years working in hazardous environments, the tractor factory — steelworker, bricklayer. And go to the bunkers, collecting bottles. Grandparents also collected."Dzyadok: "In a certain extent is true."Man: "No, why that at the moment to old people Lukashenko’s negative

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Entrepreneurs Zhdanovichi market finished

Virtually the entire Third floor of the shopping center "World of Fashion" is not working — said, "Radio Liberty" one of the favorites Minsk businessman Alexander Macau. He does not call it a strike: Entrepreneurs way or another are required to finish the job, because they still threatens confiscation product."Most of these business no costly instruments that must have after, their April 1 was taken out of the single tax system Decree number 760. They can work on the common system of taxation or lightweight. They read: Serve inventory of product residues — and will be easier for you system.

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Upgrade U.S. Air Force F-15 and F-16

USAF plans to upgrade about 300 aircraft Lockheed Martin F-16C / D Fighting Falcon as an interim measure before the supply of the latest generation fighter Lockheed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Planes have to go through special program extension airworthiness (SLEP), and through the modernization program from the installed avionics (CAPES). The implication is that these updates will make better combat capabilities of F-16 fighters. Within applets CAPES will upgrade hardware and software. Aircraft F-16receive radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA), the newest system of electronic oppression Terma ALQ-213, an integrated system of satellite broadcasting (IBS), as the

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The Matrix Reloaded (staffing configuration to the KGB) — and

Belarusian authorities or clan?Drakakhrust: "Resignations of the KGB and sonorous clarify these resignations head of the country are forced once again to ask the question to what extent the authorities in Belarus is the clan, indeed whether nomenclature groups turned into closed clans with their goals and interests, the interests of distant countries like Belarus, so even her manager? Beating SCC chairman Lomat KGB confirmed Lukashenko at a meeting on Thursday — is not this illustration that only let someone’s eyes and bad, of state power, but there is, so to speak, separate brigades municipal and ensuring a monopoly on

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Problems F-22 fighter Rapror. Part II: Arms and equipment

In the first part of our article we spotted background high price of the new South American fighter Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. As it turns out, the program of creation of this aircraft, which looked at the time not itself too complicated, over time has acquired a mass of problems, which ultimately affected the price of research and development work, as the cost of building at least some of the aircraft taken separately. Fully understood that economic difficulties are associated with technical disposition neuvvyazkami. Development of new technologies, as correction on first glance, small imperfections may ultimately tangible increment

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Integration of the Su-35 — what is it and why?

Who Fighter 4 + + generation Su-35 — one of the most advanced and reliable in the world, very close to the specimen of the next generation. And he had no diseases of South American F-22, because of which the creation of the aircraft stopped. Our pilots have mastered flying the Su-35, two or three years in the first cabin peresyadut new aviation complex 5th generation PAK FA (T-50).

About the features of a fighter coming into service, the correspondent of «IEE» Viktor Myasnikov questioned the general director of the aggregation «United Aircraft Company» Viktor Polyakova, who previously worked

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