Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. July 20

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Report from the opening of the exhibition "Through the centuries before Hutten-Czapski graphs"• Chat conference on literary topics, which was organized by the U.S. Embassy in Minsk• "Night siege"• Weekly video review Maxim Zhbankova• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Kasia Kamotskaya and the "new heaven"2nd part:• Interview with the Chairman Rechitskoye department BPF Valery Putitskom• Mobing — mechanisms and survival techniques of collective dissent• Survey on the streets of Minsk: For that you could survive a person from the team? • «Night rap." "Fairy tales for adults" Peter Vasyuchenko

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Beijing will have to pick up medals after Chinese

The final composition of the Belarusian State team that will travel to Beijing, will be known in a year, in July 2008. Until the first half of next year Olympic selection will be held at the World Championships, European and special qualifiers. Beijing 2008: Chinese advance triumph?Fate usually strong Belarusian gymnasts in which iconic personalities were Vitaly Scherbo and Ivan Ivankov, venture in early September in the German Stuttgart. But perhaps for the first time recent years command headquarters worries that may not reach the principal starts chatyrohgoddya. Says head coach Victor Doylidov: "In This year Ivan Ivankov graduated act,

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In Belarusian hockey psychology neperamozhtsav

Kurt Fraser one-way ticket?Although the contract with the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation in Kurt Fraser only ends in two weeks, on Friday flew to South American spec USA. Was it a one way ticket, is not yet clear. At least, before leaving for the World Championships in Moscow with Belarus Fraser said goodbye: "Agreement on my job as head coach subscribed with the proviso that it should be my main and only job in this season. The contract was only until this season. But after graduation, when I am better acquainted with Belarusian realities, I hope I will be able

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Basketball Belarus — for the first time at the Olympics

In the final match of the qualifying tournament in Madrid Olympic Belarusians in overtayme won in the Brazil team 86:79 (22:22, 13:6, 16:22, 21:22, 14:7).So makarom, for the first time the national team Belarus will presented at the Summer Olympics in the game as a sport.

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Why Romney considers Russia geopolitical enemy number one? (Forbes, USA)

When it comes about the Kremlin, Mitt Romney starts to read aggressively, but during his own tour zabugornogo he deliberately looked at two of the country in which the case with Russia are of very great importance. This is Poland and Israel.

Romney's decision to visit the two countries sheds little light on the background of his statement that our homeland is "America's geopolitical enemy number one." But this does not mean that he is right in his own statement.

Poland and Israel make certain contrast which important for the significant figures of the foreign policy team

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A decorated Olga Trofimova

After the first Chechen campaign in the Russian Interior Ministry troops (and at that time it is almost 200 thousand soldiers and officers) was only 5 ladies who were awarded battle honors. One of them — Nizhegorodka Olga Trofimova serving in a separate brigade of operational designation, stationed in the districts of Nizhny Novgorod. She is currently serving in the same military unit …

There's everything — the soldiers

— In its first combat assignment I left in May 1995, a month after the service clerk took shape in the mortar battery — recalls Olga at our first meeting, which

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Do I need Iveco in Russia?

Italian armored vehicles may prove worthless toy

Sudden and rapidly evolving "romance" of the Ministry of Defence with a wheeled armored vehicles of Italian unification Iveco c outset as a surprise for many. Apparently, the original "spring" acts that led to the unprecedented scale of the penetration of Western companies in the Russian defense market and even outright at significant scale, the public will know more later.

Now it makes sense to try to assess the practical value of wheeled armored vehicles Iveco production for the needs of, leaving aside questions about the need to import Western-made armored vehicles.


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Secrets of the Vinnytsia Dungeon

Near the town of Vinnitsa in Ukraine is a place that for many years people pass by. Locals consider this place a curse. Even a clairvoyant Vanga said that people who reside in this place is great danger lurks. She argued that there is hidden under the ground is a very dangerous disease.



Even during the Second World War in this area under the earth was created by Hitler's command post, which was called "Werewolf". It was built in a very short time, just over a

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Reward posthumously with the award …

July 13, 1942 at the platoon commander Lieutenant Konovalov KV tanks are not set. In a fight the other day, it got a few hits HF German shells, leading to disruption of fuel supply to the engine. The fault could like to clean, but on the march in the brigade fuel supply over again. Machine stood near the hamlet Nizhnemityakinskoe (Tarasovskiy district of Rostov region).

Tank KV-1 is the limit of the attack.

Expect Brigadier-15 Pushkin could not. He gave the order to Lieutenant technique Serebryakov assist with the repair crew Konovalov, has warned of the possibility of the

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Russian Defense Ministry has decided to establish the Arctic tractor

Defense Russia plans include in defense procurement on 2013 year development of the tractor to equip Arctic brigades said in a Sun journalists Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin.

"The main traffic load in the Arctic brigade will be on the uniform two-tier units because of the forthcoming development of the structure of the municipal defense order 2013 , it is planned include developmental work "Arktika", "- he said.

The Commander in Chief highlighted that the Arctic brigades are created to protect the economic interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic, given the vast amount of hydrocarbons

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