Icebreaker RUSSIA (2)

In 1978, on the Northern Sea Route were four of large ore carriers of the new series 6"Dmitry Donskoy". "Dmitry Pozharsky". "Alexander Nevski". "Peter the Great", The Swedish construction. In total 13 units were built. Ac 1981 fleet Murmansk Shipping Company started to replenish a new type of court "Michael Strekalovsky"Built at the shipyard "Warnemunde" in the GDR. Vessels designed for the carriage of bulk cargoes, ores and container. The main difference between equipment cargo cranes. Overall length is 162.1 m; width of 22.86 m; 9.88 m of sediment; Power 200 hp EI 11; displacement of about 25 OOO

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What is it?

Atherosclerosis (Greek. Athera — kashitsa and multiple sclerosis) — is a chronic disease in which the inner wall of arteries deposited cholesterol and other fats in the form of calculus and plaque and the walls themselves compacted and lose their elasticity. This leads to a narrowing of the arteries, and therefore to blood flow obstruction.

Atherosclerosis usually become victims of middle-aged and elderly. However, atherosclerotic changes are found in a number of cases, children and even infants.

Why did this happen? Atherosclerosis is more common in men older than 35 years old, prone to frequent

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Do not have served any of the 1st day or tankers U.S. Navy sent for scrap

U.S. closed "one of the saddest pages" in its own shipbuilding, having written off for scrap two tankers Navy countries that have spent outfitting walls shipyards and in the reserve fleet of more than 25 years, having served or not the 1st day or in the combat-ready naval forces, wrote in a Wednesday Hampton Roads.

Fleet supply vessels, tankers T-AO-191 Benjamin Isherwood and T-AO-192 Henry Eckford ordered in 1985 Pennsylvania Shipbuilding Co shipyard and launched in 1988 and 1989, respectively. Tankers were created to fuel, dry goods and frozen foods ships of the U.S. Navy and is the fifth and

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Round ships Admiral Popov. Part 2. Bookmark Novgorod

October 12, 1870 took place the "highest" choice model Popovka, and on October 31 there was a general discussion of the project in the shipbuilding department Marine Technical Committee. November 6 project manager signed by the ministry. Not counting the money and technical judgment when choosing a round vessel diameter 29.26 meters specifically proceeded more of the abilities of the upcoming renovation of the ship in Sevastopol ROPiT boathouse.

Preparations for the construction of the first Popovka in St. Petersburg turned at full speed first in 1871. Admiralty was built in a new temporary slipway. Metal immediately for 2-ships immediately

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Navy gives up the worlds largest hovercraft

As reported by the newspaper "Sight", referring to the "News", the Navy no longer be ordered landing craft air cushion made for the project "Bison".

The representative of the Russian Navy commented: "Instead of" Bison "at the time of preparing advanced modern ships are non-dynamic and dynamic types maintain afloat. In other words, the ships will be classic and assembly, and hovercraft. "Also, the source of the military-industrial complex, said that the new "flying" boat will be completed in a least-size, in comparison with his previous and more fellow. And it is intended for amphibious landing groups with

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