Revolution on the surface: the small rivers and standing water


Fish that live in small rivers, if they do not belong in size to the outstanding trophies, but his cunning and caution them quite worthy. Regular fishing trophies in the small rivers — the most that neither is a challenge for experienced anglers, real hunters who can hunt down prey, to approach her and force her to attack the bait. Any tiny twigs crunching under noisy and careless approach to fish habitat, unnatural movement on the beach or even the shadow of the fisherman, you can pick up all your hopes. If you move through the water —

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Getting on the internet

Only sophisticated ichthyologist researcher with a strong tilt towards aquarium (like H.Blehera) is able to determine beforehand, «counting morphology» and compare the results with the known data, some fish caught in his net once the Australian puddle (brook, creek, small lakes, etc. .). It is not that the inhabitants of local waters resemble each other, like Amazon hemigrammusy.

Quite the contrary: almost every creek (creek) live fish with a unique, typical only for this place, together. Copies of the headwaters of the different color of the fish from the lower reaches (especially when the population divides even small obstacles in

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Flying subs — lurking becomes apparent

In almost all textbooks can meet the mention of the event in 1963 off the coast of the U.S. state of California an unidentified flying object. This fact is impossible to refute, because it is actually the only case in the history of mankind, when the appearance of a UFO was captured on film.

But over the years remained a mystery than it was this mysterious object and for what purpose, he appeared off the coast of the United States. Now, in the era of the declassification of documents by the CIA and the KGB, it's safe to say that

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Bottomless Lake

n39 (277)

Authors: Vitaly Diachkov, Andrew Zamahin

Correspondents "Results" set off as part of a scientific expedition to the north of Buryatia to the mysterious lake Sobolho

Perhaps not in Buryatia, a person who has not heard about the lake Sobolho. A small lake is located in the district of Yeravninsky that even a child can walk around for half an hour, for some reason called "the abode of fear." Name of the water from the old Mongolian translates as "bottomless" or "through." It may seem strange, but so far the exact depth of the lake is unknown.

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The Aztecs

Ahuittsotl — a terrifying creature that can be found in the myths and legends. Representing a crying baby, he lured the victim into the water, and then brutally murdered. He strangled his victims to their flexible tail. After the death of the victim, he regales his eyes, nails and teeth, leaving other parts of the body intact.

Ahuittsotl similar to terrestrial species, but its habitat were flooded caves, where he disposes of the victims. By the way, if you want to buy fire equipment, please contact Descriptions of gruesome

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Antarctica. Icy finger of death.

As I said, Antarctica is fraught with an incredible amount of terrifying secrets and mysteries. One — Icy finger of death. This Extremely cold water with a huge salt, which kills all living things in its path!

At the end of the article, see Online Video: Antarctica. Icy finger of death.

Cameramen Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson (Hugh Miller et Doug Anderson) were pioneers of the previously unknown phenomenon during its presence in the Antarctic. Above the surface of the ocean cameramen have found ice

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Underwater landscapes oceans watch online

This is a strange world, which you have for yourself and in a terrible dream, can not imagine. This world is filled with bolshennye chain of mountains, volcanoes, unexplored by man. All this is not another planetka, and our real world. The movie is the narration of the Sea of days, which covered with a layer of water. Scientists from all states are beginning to make maps of the seabed. They once a day collecting data on it, and build a certain way, in order to build public confidence and surface water. Scientists were able to combine studies that

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China invaded the countryside Land of the Rising Sun

6 Chinese warships entered Japanese territorial waters, which Tokyo considers its own. This is the most massive in the history of the demonstrative visit China ships in waters disputed islands.

Coast guard Land of the Rising Sun said the ships appeared on September 14 at 01:20 Moscow time minutes for 22 kilometers to the north of the island of Taisho. Later, three ships have gone into international waters, others continue to patrol near the disputed territories. The Japanese coast guard said that sought to take away all the ships, but surrendered only three captains.

"Diaoyu — the Chinese territory. This

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