Poland and Australia ordered a Russian gun Saiga-12

"Izhmash" (Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant) has received new contracts, including a contract for gun "Saiga-12", which previously had shown great enthusiasm America. During held from 9 to 12 March in the German Nuremberg exhibition of sporting and hunting guns IWA & Outdoor Classics gun "Saiga-12" law enforcement agencies interested in Australia and Poland, ordered some products in different versions to conduct their own tests.

For example, the Australian police forces have suspended their own choices on modifications shotgun "Saiga-12" under traumatic cartridge. Representatives of the "Izhmash" also report that the instrument interested in Izhevsk and the countries of Central

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Conquest of the World — the story of the 1st sub-machine gun

Ultrasound — a submachine gun made the children of Israel, who conquered over time the hearts of many real guys, today is the perfect weapon in close combat class of its own.

As well, it was noticed: Ultrasound — it is not just an ordinary medical diagnosis, and something that will lead you to a fatal lead poisoning.History of the 1st sub-machine gun begins in the middle of the 20th century, immediately after gaining freedom and independence of Israel. Then what the Israelis were caught freedom, an instrument may be referred to only approximately.

Following the acquisition of

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Pneumatic submachine gun MP-661K Blackbird

About pneumatic weapon seriously talking past two decades, our previous acquaintance with him was limited opportunity to shoot at the firing range of low-power, cranky "vozdushek." But, as though any other equipment, pneumatic tool should act in a serious part of the legal field.

For example, Art. 3 of the Law "On Weapons" says that there are two types of pneumatic tools, sports (muzzle energy of less than 3 J) and hunting (muzzle energy of less than 25 joules).

It turns out that the "pneumatics" authorized for use only in 2-ways: on the sports shooting ranges and shooting galleries

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New gun for the German Army HK121

Unfortunately, even the most advanced standards of guns at some point become obsolete and are replaced by others that, and let them at least a little, but better, more convenient, more reliable. So, despite the fact that the firearm has long been stalled, and something fundamentally new invented was already a very long time, work on the new standards do not stop and existing structures are improved, if not to the arguments of reference, then picking up very close to it. Thus, the striking example can be gun NK121, which Now is the main one gun, which could replace

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Unbeknownst Kalashnikov

Gift of the inventor and designer Misha Kalashnikov showed before the war. After being drafted in 1938 in Reddish Army, where he trained as a mechanic-driver, he has developed a device to TT pistol for a more efficient delivery of fire through the gap in the turret of a tank, counters shot out of a cannon and armored vehicles engine life. The significance of the latest invention suggests that the Kalashnikov with a report called a special commander of the Kiev Military District, Army Jora Zhukov. Personalized watches became the first credit of the young designer.

Majestic Russian war

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War and weapons. MiG-15 and F-86 Sabre watch online

This cycle associates different technical properties of guns and military equipment of different periods of the 20th century, as well as study the history of its implementation in different wars. In this series, compares the technical properties of the aircraft and flight times of war cool MiG-15 and F-86 Sabre, the experience of their implementation.


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The Russian-Italian Gun Arsenal Swift / Strike One

Gun "Strike One", more recognizable in Russia as a "Swift" for the first time presented to the public in the German Nuremberg in March 2012 at the exhibition IWA-2012. Gun the company has developed a young Arsenal Firearms, whose headquarters are located in Russia, and manufacturing facilities are located in Russia, Austria and Italy. Arsenal is ruled by Dmitry Streshinskiy recognizable Russian collector of guns and Nicola Bandini Italian. The creation of "Swifts" will be out on all the production sites of the company. This will allow to supply products to different markets and different nick under the laws

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Chinese assault rifle Norinco QBZ 95

Automatic Rifle «QBZ 95" — designed for use in the Chinese armed forces as a personal tool. Assault Rifle is also known under the title "TYPE 95".

History «QBZ 95."

In the 80 years of the last century, opens the program from the War Department on the creation of the Russian cartridge has a small recoil momentum and accordingly design tools with its implementation.Cartridge Chinese spices developed 5.8h42 mm, he received the title of «DBP87».As pointed out by the developers, the cartridge is superior to the main features of firing bullets 5.56 × 45-mm-mm 5.45h39. Under cartridge designed the

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Izhmash introduced the first standard Kalashnikov fifth generation

In 2011, the completed assembly and testing of the first prototype began the standard Kalashnikov 5th generation with the working title of the AK-12. Development the new machine is in an active manner to June 2011 under the head designer of "Izhmash" Zlobina Vladimir Viktorovich. "The development of a new family of automatic weapons is a priority for Izhmash to return the global share of the market" — said Maxim V. Kuzyuk, the general director of "Izhmash".

AK-12 on the right with the regular store. Photo: NGO "Izhmash"

In the development of the AK-12, the designers managed to do

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