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They save not a country but the whole earth

MICHAEL syringe SCREENPLAY ANIME «First Squad» and the TV series «mediator»

And «First Squad» and «House of wanderers» tell about the times of the USSR What is common in these scenarios, and how they differ? AT "First Squad" I was important was Soviet mythology and the Soviet vision of the world, particularly saturated unique ideology. The «mediator» also has its own myth. but it is another, all mankind. He is not tied to any particular ideology. Anyone can be in this situation before such a choice. And modern man as well. Vector from «First Squad» and «mediator» common enemies

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At the south pole found balls — killers

After a long time scientists and forwarders could not unravel the mystery of why the South Pole died in unclear circumstances, the whole expedition travelers.

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But in February 2012, there was a big event which can only be compared with the first manned flight into space. Russian polar explorers after years of trying, broke through the ice, the thickness of which is four kilometers

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The aliens — our teachers?

We all know that our civilization is by historical standards a tiny dot on the incredibly long line. This five thousand years BC and two thousand years after the appearance of Christ.

It turns out a total of seven thousand years. This period is characterized by relatively high lifestyle, numerous government entities and the development of scientific and technical progress. But the man himself there are at least 180,000 years. The very first of its representatives appeared somewhere in the region of south-eastern Africa, and then gradually settled on the

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What to do? Live according to conscience!

Nepriznatelny have man without conscience, he should not believe. It is better to clear the enemy, if vile hypocrite and flatterer; such ugliness population of the earth.Peter first

What is happening on the planet more recalls or general craziness, or the death throes of the world's population. Operators of Western civilization, which, after the collapse of the Soviet Union were able to get almost complete control of the world, obviously nerves pass. Errors in the management of more and more, they are transformed into an avalanche, driven to a global catastrophe. "The world behind the scenes of"

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The most vile black legend of stateliness Russian War

Perhaps the most nasty "black myths" about Lofty Russian war began: the myth of the futility of victims, the myth about the identity of Stalin and Hitler, and the myth of the defeat of the real "fighters against tyranny."

The myth of the futility of victims

The various "humanists" constantly inspire the Russian people that the victims were superfluous and vain. Allegedly, the peoples of the Union of Russian still lost, it was a victory of the Stalinist regime, it strengthened the power of Stalin. Because longish war strengthened the power of the Bolsheviks, were repressed by millions of

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As disgraced America. Why deal fell apart, Strauss-Kahn?

As said, "The New York Times," Strauss-Kahn affair threatens to fall apart in court. Indications 32-year-old immigrant from Guinea who accused the former head of the IMF in an attempt to rape, causing severe doubts about the prosecution. In addition, it was found that the testimony of the so-called "victims of violence sexy" were severe flaws. "From the time it advances the initial charges against Strauss-Kahn does not once lied" — wrote "New-york Times," referring to law enforcement sources.

The newspaper also said that shortly before the appeal to the police in connection with the so-called "attempted rape," she had

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For that Stalin destroyed — the facts

For some reason, Democrats do not love Stalin and Stalin in their povinet of all sins? Generally the flow of hatred comes down to massive repression, fear of industrialization and collectivization. But the reason is different and it is obvious: sponsored by the West, the democratic forces have no interest in an economically strong RF and fair social policy in relation to the population. We offer an overview of Stalin's presidency of the Council of Ministers and the likely unfavorable prospects for a capitalist economy based on real economic achievements in facts and figures available to the Soviet Union

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