Herman Koch


The table talk two bourgeois families can open a dirty secret SHOULD Dutch writer’s novel, published in the publishing house «ABC»

I do not know who first complained to the Director of the school or the students parents. Be that as it may, one day, I was called on the carpet. The director, a man of the old school, was a rare instance by today’s standards: the head with a side parting, crowning brown suit «herringbone».

I’ve heard complaints about the content of the lessons of history, he said. inviting me to sit on the only chair in front

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Strategy. Verdict: Green residue.

Civilization: call to power.

First impressions.

The surprises began even in the installation phase: "minimal install" I asked the 400 MB space. Maximum — more. If you have not, it is best to the maximum, because otherwise each time the library of the sweet sounds of the African chants and other pretty good (in the first two days of play) tracks will end up with the relentless crunch. Surreptitiously wiping away a tear after watching the video (epic creation), I suddenly heard a strange sound. For monitor someone croaked clearly, openly and brazenly pohryukivaet racked bushes. Especially strange to hear

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Svyatoslav Torik

1 of June with a difference at eight o’clock held two press conferences: microsoft and sony. After the first impression that the developers xBox one decided to walk through a mine field, and after the second — that the Japanese corporation, gathered for an emergency meeting, a few hours realigned its presentation so as to destroy in the bud all the experimental beginnings of its competitors. Confirmation will serve not only the enthusiastic reaction of the audience to some announcements, but stock prices have dropped by half a percent value ms and sony lifted shares almost three. Why Steve Ballmer

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tend to develop into quality. If you start from this axiom, the SogoPa have long had to be the highest quality car in the world. However, all kinds of European and transatlantic rankings only confirm this theory.

But there is a downside: the most popular have to run faster than anyone, and at least one step ahead of the others, or not to retain leadership. Previous SogoNauzhe long become usual

The decoration on the exact format: richer, more solid than before, but no more than that average vehicle, which is not much different from all the others. A new, eleventh generation is simply obliged to change the situation.

It looks new SogoPa perhaps even defiantly, with the claim. And look how grown! She * 80 mm longer than its former self, 15 mm wider, and the base

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Heartfelt songs endoscope

Industrial Group is now receiving wider application. These cameras internal monitoring is used for Inspection and health evaluation inaccessible cavities machines and mechanisms for further repairs and maintenance. Industrial Group no less than medical, is subject to the impact of scientific and technological progress.

Take the simple and familiar car engines, ventilation and plumbing system, water pipes.

They will always be difficult for the human hand and eye space. To understand, to saw, cut? Ungrateful this occupation. And acts as the hero of the anecdote, who did not eat pickles, because the head is not crawled into the jar, too,

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Panorama of Russian art.

The current Easter Week in Moscow was sunny and warm. They all had their own concerns, their hopes, searches and discoveries. Among them unexpected joy has become a big exhibition at the Manezh, which was attended by artists from all cities and regions of Russia. So it was called officially IX All-Russian Art Exhibition, and on the facade of an arena wore festive poster with the familiar emblem of the «Russia».

The discovery was relaxed and unusual. Press conference for journalists took place right on the air — on the sun deck in front of the Arena. Chairman of

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Fall TV shipments to the US market

According to the agency IHS, results of the first quarter of 2013 are disappointing: Shipments to the US market dropped by 11% compared to the same period last year. Now, this figure does not know we were more than twenty years. Not that close — lives collide and scatter over the sides. There were «you» — he worked with all the «you», without pathos. And somehow quietly, without pathos, did the trick.

I saw and heard how it worked great concerts and the smallest anplakty. Absolutely no difference. With full involvement. According to the maximum.

Among sound engineers spread

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REVIEW: geyms COM MC Daddy!

And here we are again with a cry of «revenge for my grandfather!» Rushed to the exhibition in Cologne Gamescom, the largest gaming event in Europe. To push through the 300 000 gamers who have come here from all over the world, we had to work hard — and in fact we asked the publisher at least this time to provide our group chainsaw! But in fact, nothing special this year at Gamescom showed (even Half-Life 3 is not announced) is not surprising, because after EZ particularly high-profile announcements can not do. But the leitmotif of the exhibition were

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The climatic anomalies are not surprising

Still, many «disaster movies» in large numbers released in recent years, have had a positive impact on humanity. Not in the sense that we are careful with the outside world — and that began to quietly take him «surprises.» When the temperature in California, Nevada and southern Arizona has passed for fifty degrees Celsius (Fahrenheit and the figures are absolutely terrible — 120 and above), the local population, listened to warnings of the authorized bodies, sighed: Well could be worse! And many still do expect that will finally be broken record temperature at Earth’s surface, set July 10, 1913

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CHINA: mystery and majesty …

In this country every traveler wants to get there at least once in life. Indeed, the reasons to visit a completely different world, ancient civilizations, gave us many incredible discoveries and a lot of useful things typed enough. It seems that China destined to constantly surprise the whole world wonders.

If earlier traveled to the East to grasp the great philosopher and immerse themselves in local exoticism, but now many more want to know the secret of such a rapid progress far the vast country.

The Chinese are now everywhere in the world — always smiling and clicking cameras,

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