Sing pioneering horns.

Crimea. In the serpentine mountain road race large buses. They are driven by guys in red ties into the main summer camp of the country — «Artek».

60 years of the picturesque village of Artek, who gave the name of the world-famous children’s health resort, Pioneer trumpet horns. Here are collected from all corners of our homeland and the international shift from many countries boys and girls, restless, inquisitive, ability to surprise and amaze people.

Though many in «Artek» children and languages ​​spoken,

But the magic word «Artek» refers to any person. Because in all languages ​​This is —

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Guest on Freedom — Stanislav Shushkevich

Him 73 years. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. In 1989-1991 Deputy of the USSR, member of the Interregional Group. In 1990-1996 — deputy Supreme Council Of the 12th convocation, first Deputy Chairman, from September 1991 to January 1994 and Chairman Supreme Council Belarus. In December 1991, together with Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kravchuk signed an agreement on the abolition of Viskuly USSR and the development of the CIS. He was a deputy Supreme Council 13th convocation. Highlighted Lech Walesa to receive the Nobel Peace Prize 2007.Stanislav Shushkevich recalls: — He said that is supposed to support Belarus: you did

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Stanislav Shushkevich: Russia is vorachivaetsya position on the former USSR

Shushkevich: "Russia more vorachivaetsya position on the former Soviet Union and wants to be an empire that threatens the world with nuclear warheads. You see, once excellent Ales Adamovich said that this monster who bristled with its nuclear missiles against the rest of the world. That this goes.Who need it, I do not understand. And what Belarus is bad, and that is the greatest threat — the placement of such structures in the Belarusian countryside — it’s completely understandable. And in this hell we can only lead Lukashenko vernamaskovskae citizenship. "Reporter: "Tell me, how do Your views, must respond Belarusian

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Grodno: The main thing that all lived peacefully

Woman: "I think that very principledI problem — the globalized world. In Germany at the moment is opposed by young people from all over Europe. I joined them. "Man: "The problem of terrorism. Oddly look announcements, you will certainly post about how someone or put a bomb blew up. I myself work on the steel road and perfectly know how we enclose a bomb. And what are they doing .. . "Woman: "The problem of the lack of peace and war. Therefore that at the moment many states are in a state of enmity, and quite quite a lot to

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In Belarusian hockey psychology neperamozhtsav

Kurt Fraser one-way ticket?Although the contract with the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation in Kurt Fraser only ends in two weeks, on Friday flew to South American spec USA. Was it a one way ticket, is not yet clear. At least, before leaving for the World Championships in Moscow with Belarus Fraser said goodbye: "Agreement on my job as head coach subscribed with the proviso that it should be my main and only job in this season. The contract was only until this season. But after graduation, when I am better acquainted with Belarusian realities, I hope I will be able

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China has become the world’s fourth largest arms exporter

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released the problems of the 17th report of the bill, which states that China ranked 4th in the world in arms export reports now Chinese buyers have become tools of the 35 states, the first three places are occupied by Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Western media believe that importing countries are ‘moderate’, but China is able over time to enter the market and developed countries. China and Pakistan jointly developed a JF-17 fighter aircraft and main battle tank «Khalid.» Russian news agency RIA Announces said that in 2012-2015, Pakistan received six Chinese stealth

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In Estonia, for the first time in the world elected parliament through a web

Within 3 days of early voting in the past parliamentary elections about 30 thousand Estonians gave their votes via the Web. For a role in this form of the Estonian voters must vote have been identification latest form, which operates since 2002 and has a special microchip, and an electrical device attached to Computerra, ability to read information from it. Each voter could go to the web site of the voting system and password to verify your identity. Whereupon voice transmitted through an encrypted channel and secured electrical signature of the voter. According to the head of the CEC Estonia

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Max Mirnyi will play the 19th player in the world

Max Mirnyi — The only representative of Belarus in the men’s tournament — met with the representative of Germany Nicholas Kiferam. German Olympian occupies in the world ranking 19th place, while Belarusian is now only the third best players Sotk planet.In the women’s tournament Belarus are already four tennis. Not lucky Olga Govortsova, which immediately fell to the fifth-ranked American woman Syrynu Vilyamz. Will be even easier Victoria Azarenka, which play a Ukrainian Tatiana Perebiynis. In the women’s doubles together with Victoria Azarenka Tatiana Poutchek met with the Estonian duoMaret Ani— Kaya Kanepi. And Olga Govortsova with Darya Kustova will

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Public editor week Ryhor Baradulin: Bulls and Peace

On this week, which accounts for the anniversary of birth and death of Vasil Bykov Ryhor Baradulin as public editor instructed reporters, "Freedom" cook aimed at transmitting certain subjects, "Bulls and the world." She sounded on Friday. uncle Gregory And he will say every morning our listeners, remembered how he Vasil Bykov, the man closest to the poet on the ground after the mother.

Alexiyevich: Get out of captivity hypnosis Lukashenko

Her books are out of print publishers municipal Belarus. Her documentary prose translated over into 20 languages. Recent years writer lives and works in Sweden, but on the anniversary certainly come to Belarus.This is a phenomenon that is not understood in the civilized world: that books worldwide recognizable, universally recognized writers out millions of copies in various languages throughout, but not at home maker. That writer had a dozen popular international prizes and awards, and no Russian. Words and wishes Svetlana Aleksievich from colleagues in the literary workshop Natalka bobbin: "For me personally, Svetlana Aleksievich — is an example of

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