Socata Aircraft

SOCATA GY 80 Horizon and ST 10 Diplomate

The French company «So-ciete de Construction d’Avi-ons deTourisme et d’Affaires» (SOCATA) was founded in 1966 initially as a subsidiary of «Sud-Aviation», but then it came under the control of the company «Aerospatiale».

In 2000 the company became part of SOCATA group EADS, but in 2008 came under the control of French industrial conglomerate DAHER.

SOCATA manufactured under license for the company «Sud-Aviation» four cantilever low GY 80 Horizon. The plane had a wing span of 9.70 meters and poluubirayuscheesya tricycle landing gear, and was powered by a piston engine Avco Lycoming O-FRL-A

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The last bastion of paganism

As the palace of the Roman emperor became a Slavic city?

Emperor Diocletian — one of the most outstanding personalities in the history of ancient Rome. A brilliant military leader, successful reformer and statesman, finally, a person who voluntarily departed from the government and did not want to return to it. In modern Croatia Diocletian’s name is well known. This country owes him a majestic ruins of the palace, it turned into today in a unique tourist destination.

Croatia — amazingly beautiful country. Stretching along the coast, it is composed of many islands and picturesque bays, cliffs covered by

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On the night of January 19, 1730 in Moscow, the grandson of Peter the Great, died 14-year-old Emperor Peter II. The young man died suddenly from the black pox, on the eve of her wedding and coronation and, of course, did not leave a will. Supreme Privy Council decided to invite the Russian throne Dowager Duchess of Courland Anna Ivanovna, niece of Peter I, the daughter of his brother Ivan V.

Childless Anna Ivanovna for all 10 years of his reign, did nothing to formally appoint the successor, and in 1740 the greatest chance to become a Russian tsar,

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Ingenuity in the socialist countries

ORGANIZATIONAL through the introduction of new technology in HUNGARY

TOYS AND seriously

Vladimir Kirillov

In the USSR, the convergence of science and industry is shown, in addition to self-financing organizations in the form of research and production associations. Now there are about 200; in the current five-year plan is expected to create more such associations 200-250.

The CMEA countries are widely developed joint research and development activities, which involve several countries simultaneously. Over the past ten years, the volume of work has increased more than fivefold. Together innovators CMEA completed more than sixteen thousand theoretical and applied research, established

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Forbidden City, China

The palace complex in Beijing — no doubt, the most famous of the historical «forbidden sites» on the world map. And it is not the only criterion by which it can be recognized as «the most-most.» The most extensive palace complex of the world and part museum with the largest collection in the world — Forbidden City managed to retain the title, even after the civil war of the exposure was captured by soldiers of the Kuomintang government, and exported to Taiwan.

He has many names — the Forbidden City, the Purple Palace Museum in Beijing,

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October 2nd, 2008 the General Director of JSC «SCHLZ» MA Waxman turned 76 years

Dear Max Aizikovich!

The team Scherbinsky Elevator Plant congratulates you on your 76th anniversary!

We sincerely welcome the opportunity to evaluate the significance of this day of your contribution to the achievement of the elevator industry. We say thank you for having spared no effort, time, health and all the best years you have dedicated work to the benefit of our factory.

We are proud of you and love you.

History Scherbinsky Elevator Plant — the flagship of the Russian lift business — is inextricably linked with your name since the mid ’70s, when you come here to work as

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In Lukhovitsy presented the new MiG-35

In June 2013 Russian company «MiG» must sign a contract with the Ministry of Defence to supply new features of the MiG-35. For three years scheduled for release almost 30 such aircraft. New company is ready to fight funny day and NIGHT MODE immediately hunt down up to 30 targets and 6 storm of them. Recently the MiG-35 is presented in Lukhovitsy near Moscow. New multi-purpose fighter, the MiG-35 was taxiing to the runway. Small run, luxury takeoff and descent for a small climb — «loop», «barrel», aerobatics. Behind the wheel — CEO of «MiG» Sergey Korotkov, second pilot —

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Martyrology of Liberty: Sergei Nut

Nut Sergey (1912, c. Yasvily Grodno province. — 05.11.1989, Siberia), stylredaktaram. First, 1930 was trained in MBPT, coupled with L.Kalyugam, L.Marakovym (brother V.Marakova) S.Astreykam, U.Duditskim, M.Kavylem, F.Gintavtam, U.Syaduram. After graduation he worked in white. duplicate publications in Minsk. GPU arrested in BSSR 02/25/1933 "Belarusian folk Bulk. " Convicted 10.08.1933. Exiled to Siberia, where he remained after release. In the 1980s corresponded with Ya.Brylya. 08/24/1956 rehabilitated. Cr. NARB, RBIs.***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent

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When born Grodno?

"Grodno reading" took place in a new royal castle indoors Regional Library named after Academician Efim Kara. As one of the speakers, the city appeared just close — on adjacent hill where there is an old part of the king’s castle. First mention of Grodno in Hypatian preserved also in the Laurentian and Radzivilovsky chronicles. But at first, the founding date of 1128 should be considered, although the other two serve different date — 1127. Swedes: "But for some reason to present a day or in our marketing products, posters, some publications, in the views of the Grodno authorities is

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YAK-130 TROOPS FROM LATE In ENGINES. FIRST PARTY trainer aircraft will go on air LATER OF RUSSIA

Ivan Konovalov. Supply of 15 new trainer aircraft Yak-130 will end in November 2012. This «News» said the former Air Force Commander, head of the department of military aircraft programs of the United Aircraft Company (UAC), Vladimir Mikhailov. When all this first assume that the machine gets to the troops in August.   — Until September 15 enters the first batch of 6 cars until the end of November, all 15 will be delivered — promised Mikhailov «Izvestia».   According to him, the cause of delays in delivery of steel prepyadstviya with the engine identified on one of the

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